The Rising Sun of the Montmarte

As we have seen from our recent study of US President, Donald Trump, issues of paternity are of supreme import in understanding matters of identity. Identity is an ever-evolving and ever-elusive construct that has to be understood by the astrologer in order that they can help an individual refine...
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  1. Very interesting. The Saturn/ structure look of his work had always made me think he came from a strict conservative home but it seems not at all. Maybe creating structure for himself. I am a dowser n the pendulum tells me his biodad was a famous German poet. I wonder if that is so……

    1. I think you’re right Ange, there is a calm and consistency to his art that must have been lacking in his life. And of course, I did look at the possible fathers and I think he shares a reproachful aspect to his bearing with Degas. And he looks not at all like Renoir.

  2. If the square is out of sign but same element does this affect the same way? Can you speak to Moon conjoining another planet and square Pluto? How does this play out? PS my Pluto is same sign and degree as my daughter’s Moon in Leo. We love each other deeply but both need a LOT of space and have had to work out intense emotions due to crazy upbringng with her dad being very oppressive.controlling and alcoholic (Sun square Neptune, Mars on ASC in Virgo, Aries moon).

    1. To which square are you referring, I am struggling to put it in context? A square to Pluto intensifies and adds a strong dose of anxiety to the mix. Any Pluto square to the Moon in the female chart makes emotions difficult to handle, makes the home feel sometimes unsafe and creates a fraught relationship with food. In a male chart especially it can create a distrust of women.

      Incidentally, My Moon is at the same degree as my son Teddy’s Pluto (2 Capricorn). I can attest to the intensity of the connection this brings which I think has a strong bearing on issues around safety and protection. Teddy has autism, so his independence is quite limited and it feels as though it is my job to keep him safe in a world in which he is not at all well-equipped to navigate.

      1. Jem – Woops – interface not working too well. My errhor – I meant to ask on the Pluto square Moon page. I am also trying to get through Pay Pal so I can read the articles. I was only able to read the comments. I love your work. Such a pleasure to be here. Will try again today to get my end sorted out so I can access sight articles. I have a H 12 Pluto square moon/saturn conjunction H4 out of sign (Leo to Sag). Some day I will commission a report. Most interesting about the Pluto on child’s Moon. I always felt I had to keep my daughter safe from her dad’s abuse. We both felt unsafe and oppressed in our home. We are now all three apart. His Saturn on my Jupiter H 12 and conjunct my Pluto square Venus,trine Mars etc.Intense relationship. Codependent etc. In my childhood home there was abuse from the father and brother. Weirdly, I always felt safer staying than leaving my ex for a very long time, until reason finally outweighed irrational emotion, deep seated feeling of insecurity. How lucky your son is to have you. PS Everything you say entirely resonates. Can’t wait to have a proper reading.

  3. I see now where it is your Moon and your son’s Pluto. The reverse for me. Still, with Pluto, intense either way. I wonder if there is a karmic implication as well. I am not an evolutionary astrologer – cannot entirely subscribe to Pluto being the center of the Universe so to speak. It is my understanding the Evos link Pluto to karmic legacy of past trauma and family trauma too. Reminds me of the field of Epigenetics.

    1. I must say that I am not aware of that as a rule for Pluto, but it most certainly could be. I think I just work things out in my own way. I would absolutely look at connections to the South Node as an indicator of karmic propensity, and very often there will be some connection to Pluto, either through rulership, aspect, or aspect to the ruler. With respect to family, one interesting connection is Pluto as grandmothers. I am not sure where I heard that, but it does often seem to have some validity.

      1. Sorry for all the confusion. I am now a patron and can see the page I am posting to. My original question about the Pluto Moon square was intended for that article and I ended up here somehow. I can go there now.

  4. For the record – My Pluto is in Leo (yes – have to admit that) and my grandmother was Leo Sun ! I think you might be onto something here. With it being in H12 not much direction from her really but to me she was very positive person, always happy to see me. I am a closet Leo. This is why I love my daughters Leo Moon – look there – Leo great grandmother for her.

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