Moon – Pluto: the Gathering Storm

Recently I wrote an extensive article on the key tenets of Sun-Pluto contacts. Today I would like to discuss in similar depth, the themes of Moon’s application to the Lord Hades, its effects being less outwardly manifest, but absolutely as far-reaching and powerful. The same quality of course will permeate the astrology of anyone born with Moon in Scorpio or with Moon in the 8th house. Also, it should not be forgotten that Moon in parallel or contraparallel to Pluto will evince a similar influence upon the life of the native.

The key understanding here is that Plutonic energies are brought to bear on lunar qualities in the life; which can have a number of dramatic effects, dependent as ever upon the evolvement of the subject and to some extent too the house and sign of the contacts. Our understanding of aspects especially leads us to an understanding of first principles: the conjunction is the most innate and in some sense therefore the most seemingly intrinsic blend and here most especially the sign and house become of paramount consideration. The Pluto in Scorpio generation will no doubt create a slew of individuals with this effect in serious overdrive, in Libra relationship themes will predominate, and Virgo might display extreme pragmatism as an obvious outlet for this combination. The particular nature of the aspect however is not especially key in my view, since in reality, all aspects are squares with the most marked difference between them being for the most part subjective. Moon square Pluto individuals might struggle more in themselves with the discomfort of the aspect, and their expression of it will therefore be more apparently stressed, but the impetus is just the same as it is for the trine or the conjunction.


Moon Pluto creates anything but milk and water types, their best qualities are self-sufficiency and an ability to stand alone, these natives are tough, resilient to the nth degree and too they are tough on themselves, as we shall see during the course of this discussion.

Let us begin with the simple observation that Pluto is murderous and implacable. This has to do of course with the birth-death-rebirth archetype of the Scorpio principle, one that is engendered in Persephone (Proserpina) the maiden-wife of her uncle who raped and stole her away to Tartarus thus incurring the wrath of Ceres. Every 6 months Proserpina is reborn and reunited with her mother and the crops grow again until harvest and winter whereupon she descends once more into the underworld to be with her husband. Similarly then, there is a cyclic quality to anything that Pluto touches and holds in his power; a thing must be killed before it can be reborn. The rebirth allows an evolvement too, so, perhaps in an ongoing facsimile of the karmic cycle, the killing is enacted in order that something improved might take its place, very much like the phoenix rising from the ashes of what went before. The phoenix too is blind, hinting at the compulsive quality of the cycle, we are very often blind to these same compulsive effects, and it takes a rare honesty and courage to face up to the Plutonic heart which beats life into our darker motives. Here though, the Moon, an already fluctuating and oft-times obscured energy in the psyche is combined with this dark impetus: the emotions must be killed too, especially at times of great distress and this occurs simply because – supercharged as they are by Hadean force – they would otherwise be overwhelming. The double edged sword of Pluto combinations is again revealed, the very power that generates such intensity becomes itself a source of threat and menace, it is as though the force is too great to be integrated, so it is partially absorbed and then one must shy away at the last so as not to be burned in the ensuing conflagration.

This creates a facility for emotional amputation that is the dark-side of a habitually intense, passionate and rich emotional life. For the most part, the native with Moon-Pluto contacts can experience even the minutiae of life in a strangely profound manner, but when there is serious anguish or confrontation, most especially within close or family relationships, the manner which once seemed remarkable for its passion and connectedness becomes suddenly cold, distant and aloof. This is simply the drowning point of Plutonic feeling where the native cannot allow the emotions to run any higher, so a facility has developed to forgo them completely. In almost every case this relates back to the mother, in keeping with the lunar quality and usually there is a sense that the mother in some way used a subtle form of emotional manipulation to try and control the child, perhaps by withholding affection to ensure compliance. The problem however is that the child, learning in a more fundamental manner than any adult can hope to emulate becomes even better at sealing off the emotional side of their nature than the parent; in any case, the relationship with the mother is always likely to be difficult. This might manifest in a number of ways. It could be the case that the mother is seen as being unusually powerful or intense or even cruel, or in some other way she embodies a Plutonic principle; often she may have survived some difficulty in her own life and herein lies a further observation about Moon-Pluto, issues of survival become manifest. Most often this can be seen to operate at a number of levels, and it may be experienced through outside agents (most especially with the opposition) or it could even be self-inflicted.

Consider the themes of Moon and create from them a sense of struggle for survival, and a propensity to Spartanism (a key tenet of Pluto) the mother therefore might not be especially nurturing. The same can be said for those with Moon in Pluto’s domicile, Scorpio and also his house, the 8th. Very often children with these placements are made to ‘make do’ or suffer some form of privation that sets them apart from others. One friend of mine with a strong Moon-Pluto configuration was always forced to make do with the cheapest school shoes and soccer boots, such that they hurt his feet because they were so cheap and poorly made. His mother saw the cost of good shoes as a waste of money since he would only grow out of them anyway. This seemingly trivial economy belies the normal priorities for a mother at least in the eyes of the child: the mother is supposed to consider the welfare, happiness and comfort of the child as being of paramount importance and yet here is a subtle message that the child is undervalued, not worth the expense and not very well nurtured.

This lesson is often taken to heart too.

The Moon-Pluto child might become painfully awkward when attending to their own nurturing as a result. As adults they may develop compulsions about food and dietary issues and this is why Moon-Pluto more than any other contact seems to associate with eating disorders, although in general terms there will invariably be several other supporting factors in the astrology too. As an example, consider the fascinating and tragic case of Karen Carpenter who died aged only 32 from complications relating to anorexia:

Karen Carpenter, musician. 2 Mar 1950 11:45 (+5:00) New Haven CT, USA
Karen Carpenter, musician. 2 Mar 1950 11:45 (+5:00) New Haven CT, USA

Moon Pluto is not even the standout feature here, Uranus peregrine and rising but ruled by the Moon which is conjunct Pluto of course is the key factor. Ebertin ascribes to Uranus the manifestation of rhythm and Carpenter was considered to be a virtuoso drummer and indeed played the drums on every studio track she recorded. Uranus in Cancer of course can create a number of effects, most commonly wanderlust and ofttimes a sudden break from the home environment, but here, consider the conjunction to Ascendant which really creates enormous nervous tension and with the lunar rulership (and on the Aries point too!) a genuine issue with nurturing that might well have a physical manifestation.

mo_pl02There are a number of supporting factors.

First of all consider the presence of Saturn in Virgo. Here there is a test of diet and assimilation as much as anything else. One friend of mine with Saturn in Virgo is a lifelong vegetarian and has at various times been vegan and fruitarian and indeed is quite fixated on diet such that – whilst he explains his interest as a concern for good, clean living – it resembles something closer to a grim and onerous duty to the onlooker. This is common enough with Saturn in Virgo and indeed, Karen Carpenter was notorious for her dieting. Indeed, malnutrition was cited as a major factor in her death which technically occurred when she was putting on weight during her recovery from anorexia: the extra bulk put strain on her heart which failed as a result (and Pluto is on the degree for the right auricle of the heart in her astrology.)

Sun opposes Saturn too and here there is often a genetic or congenital difficulty. Sun with Saturn, because of Sun’s rulership of Leo, can very often create a heart difficulty of some form. Here though, with Saturn in Virgo there is an imbalance triggered through diet and with Saturn in the 4th, thus ruled by the Moon, which rules the chart, there is enormous emphasis placed on food and nurturance in general.

Not shown in the nativity is a tee-square from Su – Sa to both Ceres and Hygeia conjunct in Sagittarius and the 6th. Here are further food issues, with Ceres in Virgo’s house and Hygeia too, quite possibly at home there, but profoundly stressed. There is no real doubt however that she was in recovery from her eating disorder and had she survived at the very last she may have gone on to live out the rest of her life comfortably. That is the nature of the early difficulty implied by Saturn and the general tenor of the tee-square itself, which must trine out eventually.

Pluto too rules the 6th, so the small matters of maintaining one’s good health in a prudent and balanced Hygeian manner is a life and death issue for her, and with Pluto conjunct Moon? Nurturance and food are bound to figure.

Memories too can be a rich source of feeling for those with Moon – Pluto contacts and they may have access to powerful emotional recollections from early childhood, a time which might hold a store of rich and often difficult experiences. The Moon of course corresponds most closely with the earliest childhood as well as the final days of life, so the theme of the beginnings of life will undoubtedly be played out at the end of life too for those with this configuration. All of these disparate elements though are connected with the cascade effect of the astrology wherein – like a fountain where the water moves with gravity from one tier to the next – the strength and intensity of the emotional life plays out in all the various interrelated factors and contacts in the inner and outer life. Pluto supercharges the lunar qualities and lends an imperative to transformation, usually through intense, difficult and uncomfortable experience. The emotions therefore are over-powered, which is unquestionably pleasant when the emotions are themselves pleasant, but as soon as anger, jealousy or some other difficult feeling is experienced it becomes overly intense resulting in hard lessons. The Moon-Pluto individual must therefore learn to moderate these outbursts of negative feeling, otherwise like the Scorpion that corresponds to Pluto at his most unevolved, he will even sting himself to death when attacking his enemy. The only possible and lasting solution is true transformation. This creates a necessity to develop self-awareness, so that the snake might be realised from the scorpion, the eagle from the snake, and ultimately, the indestructible phoenix from the eagle. It is only with evolvement therefore that the richness and profundity of emotional experience and feeling promised by this configuration can be realised and its damaging excesses left behind. As ever with Pluto, absolute honesty and a willingness to confront the darkness within are of paramount importance.

Help with your own Moon – Pluto problems can be found here.

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  1. I have Pluto in the 8th in Scorpio Oppose Moon in 2nd/3rd House in Taurus.

    Your post resonates with me and just yesterday I’ve posted something that I feel encapsulates your phoenix/eagle/scorpion archetypes of Pluto.
    “I wish to shed off my skin, engulf myself in flames and be reborn stronger, fiercer and become a different entity. ”

    Overwhelming emotions. The urge to kill off those emotions. Passion then coldness. Mother troubles. It’s beyond mere coincidence.

    It’s well worth the wait for your posts if one can find such connection with yours words. Thanks.

  2. Your insight is really quite astonishing.

    I have both sun conjunct pluto and moon trine pluto. Moon in Cap anyway so harsh, harsh emotional periods of struggle amplified by Pluto probably…

    Only child, issues with mother (mental illness, raised by grandparents)…food issues (I don’t eat red meat or pork)..lots of tranformative blood and guts emotional stuff.

    Thank you for this. It’s truly helpful.

  3. Superb article. I adore this aspect in my chart (Moon sq Pluto 4/7th houses like Obama in Gemini/Virgo). Being a Scorpio also heightens the intensity of it. Intense feelings, powerful, like the undertow of a strong rip, pulling you deep into dark places. Intense r/ship with mother, we were very similar people (she a Pisces, where my Asc is) who died at 44 of a heart attack. Have a huge Need to Care, compulsive, and to fix things, work things out, the emotional detective. I like the effect of Pluto on my moon as poor moon in Gemini always gets that shallow rap and so I feel there’s more depth to that.

    1. As another natal moon in Gemini and square Pluto…this is somewhat pleasantly surprising. …I haven’t ever had the opportunity to delve into whether or not astrology works by evaluating aspects with other people…which more closely resembles real science.

      No one has ever called me ‘shallow’ that I know of.

      1. Hi Miriam,
        Moon square Pluto doesn’t make for shallow characters, but there is a great deal of security anxiety in the aspect, which is why you react (Moon) intensely (Pluto), especially if you feel that your needs or environment are threatened in some way. Good luck with the journey, I know a great many astrology sceptics, but not one who has determined to test the theory with their own study. Which itself conveys a certain truth.

    2. Like you found the article fascinating my square comes from
      the 1st pluto moon in the 10th i to have this need Have a huge Need
      to Care, compulsive, and to fix things, work things out, the
      emotional detective. I like the effect of Pluto on my moon as poor
      moon in Gemini always gets that shallow rap and so I feel there’s
      more depth to that.

  4. Thanks for this. I’ve Moon trine Pluto and the stuff you say about childhood really resonates. Lots to think about. Thank you.

  5. I am just curious…when I do a composite chart of my partner and I, I find a Moon/Pluto conjunction. Can the information that you offer here pertain to our relationship, as well?

  6. I felt my heart sinking as I read your wise explication on Moon-Pluto aspects. I not only have the Moon and Pluto conjunct in Leo, but they are natally also in the 8th house. I have Uranus in Cancer in the 7th and a Sun in Gemini in the 6th. I have undergone the Plutonian transformation more than once, rising from the ashes. With the added Saturn in Leo (finally in Virgo thank God) transit across my moon-pluto natal conjunction in the 8th and the Pluto transit in my Sagittarius/Capricorn intercepted first house opposite 5 planets in Cancer in my 7th house, I’m just plain tired. Don’t know if I can rise once more…Thanks for the insight. It’s very accurate.

  7. I have Gemini Moon (in 11th) square Virgo Pluto (in 3rd) but never had a traumatic childhood as mentioned above. I have read many articles that say the same thing, but don’t understand why I have this aspect when I don’t have the “signs”. I got along with both parents, and was very well taken care of. Just wondering what other meanings for this aspect?

    1. There is a moon-pluto contact that is very emotionally adept due to early conditioning and can encourage others to be very emotionally adept, self-reliant, and independent.

  8. Very interesting, I’d be curious to know your thoughts on moon/pluto conjuntion (leo) in the relocated chart in the 6th house…

    I recently (1 1/2 years) moved from my birth city of Cleveland, OH to San Diego, CA…since then, last year near the birthdate (jun 24) I fell down a flight of stairs and broke my nose, just a few days ago (again near the birth date) I was rushed to ER with Bells Palsy…am I to expect continuing drama in the health arena with the moon/pluto conjunction…or is my lesson to nurture the self more and avoid all this health drama?

  9. I was born with My moon in Scorpio, Virgo Sun and Sagg Ascendant. My moon Conjunct Pluto in Libra, I’ve always felt so deep and broody like there’s a dark side I’m never exposing. I read recently on the Moon in Scorpio have more understanding now.

    I have a great relationship with my mom she has a pisces sun we get along really well just our beliefs are a bit different. I’ve always had this thing about rebirth and trying to reinvent myself constantly.

    1. I am glad you posted this because Moon-Pluto does not always have to be negative. Your mother probably encourages you in some of the positive ways that Moon-Pluto contact mothers can do that is not discussed enough in the analysis of the Moon-Pluto contacts. Some mothers of children with these aspects do a great job of encouraging emotional balance to those with this aspect in their charts.

  10. wow i too have a moon trine pluto aspect
    my moon is in Pisces and pluto in scorpio and to add to that a Cancer ascendant talk about a bundle of water !

  11. Moon square Pluto, Sun opposition Pluto, Moon in Scorpio. Yecchhh.

    Everything in the article is true. I seethe inside at certain provocations, and struggle to maintain an outwardly calm appearance while inwardly fantasizing about hurting anyone who has slighted me.

    Over time I have learned to develop an extremely long fuse, and am often complimented on my patience, but if I am pushed beyond my limits, I can lose control and–well, consequences be damned.

    Many of my emotions went cold years ago because they would too often get out of control and I would get burned. Sometimes I reminisce about how I used to excited and exuberant about things, and try to recreate those feelings or at least remember what they were like, but it’s not there anymore.

    My mother disowned me over 20 years ago because she wished to over-control me as an adult and I refused to submit. I let her know my thoughts on the subject, and that was that.

    The article ends with a broad discussion of the need to grow out of these malevolent and extreme emotions, but it doesn’t say how. I wonder how one does that?

    1. Wow. I empathize. Currently trying to control my inner ‘rage’ as well as work on my patience. Still trying to find my voice with my mother who too also likes to control aspects of my life. Even though she would say she doesn’t.

    2. omg , MY moon (4th) square pluto(1) I was ADOPTED my mom did the same thing 14

      yrs ago to me , my childhood was a NIGHTMARE

  12. Thank you for helping me understand what has been going on internally. I have moon conjunct pluto in virgo, ninth house placement. I moved to New York from Los Angeles for grad school almost 3 years ago, and I finish in December. Being away from everyone from my past helped me transform into a totally different person. I return to California in December, for the first time since I left, but only to visit. Whoever I have become, can’t return to the life I left.

  13. Moon/neptune Scorpio 5th, squaring Mars/Saturn Capricorn 8th,Mercury,Sun 1 Aquarius all 8th house. BUT,I do have Venus/Jupiter Sagg trine Uranus Leo. Going through 2nd hit of Chiron Aquarius this forms a 150 to my North node in Virgo 4th., Yes this article is very spot on and very true emotionally, hard lessons to learn with the Moon in Scorpio,150 Gemini ascendant. Yes lots of deaths.,unrequited love, doctor was drunk at my birth and cord round neck2x(nursing sister saved my life), hope this isnt how i will also die,, hmm?? learning to handle Jealousy,insecurity,fears of dying etc..yes we can all relate to what you have written, its a very dark secretive moon, sexually intense,but got to raise from it all:) thanksyou for the article. Desiree.

  14. I have a Scorpio in Moon and Pluto in the 8th house. I can say that it was dead on accurate when it mentioned the whole food problem thing.

    Then going on to read about the other stuff, it hit home hard. I sometimes have to leave behind certain people or walk away because it’s the only way I can evolve and heal altogether. It’s hard to do, but you have to so you don’t suffer anymore. And when someone like myself has this 8th house in moon and pluto of scorpio, you feel everything, because you lock it up and only release in a negative way that affects everyone around you. It’s like the Earthquake in Haiti and Chile is the best way I can describe the rippled effects of a bottled up pluto-moon 8th house scorpio placement.

    1. I have the exact same aspects with cancer sun and Aries rising and my name is Rhiannah! Named after the fleet wood Mac song just changed a bit!! How crazy?!

  15. I really appreciated this entry. I’m new to astrology but have been soaking it up like a sponge since I found out that there was more to it than just sun signs. With my moon square pluto (which is in scorpio), I now understand where these insanely intense hurricane emotions come from. I’m in the middle of reading a book called “Healing Pluto Problems” by Donna Cunningham. It’s very insightful so far and it has lots of information on healing problems pluto causes. People with strong pluto influences aka: Plutonians might find this book to be very helpful.

    1. Thanks this is very helpful because Pluto is written about as if you are helpless to it and there is nothing that you can do about it. But Pluto has some of the most healing energy…nothing else like it. Plutonians can heal people when they learn to work with their energy. In fact many people come around healing Plutonians because they are tough people capable of assisting others with solving some of the most entrenching emotional issues and also sorting these issues out. If you can work through the challenging energy that Pluto brings…a great reward awaits you.

  16. Hi, please write about Pluto opp natal Moon transit. I am going thro’ this right now and would really like to know about this.

    Pluto is opposing my natal Moon (in house 5, in Cancer) and conjuncting my natal Venus (in house 11, in Capricorn). I have a Moon opp Venus in my natal chart.

  17. Perfect description. Moon square pluto. Mother troubles…exactly what you described in the article. Mother always gave me hand me downs from my older brother (i am a girl) despite the fact that we were an upper middle class family….the feeling of not ever having enough or being emotionally nurtured (never hugged or kissed me)I developed an eating disorder. I am horrible at taking care of my own emotional needs and tend to ignore them. My mother claims she came from a harsh background(always talked about struggling) I don’t know if this was made up in her head or true. Her parents were university professors and her sisters described their childhood as normal???? I just think she’s crazy and have cut off all ties and moved to a different country…

    1. WOOOOW holy molly, hit right at home. i have moon square pluto. my mom came from a bad childhood. when I try to be kind to her almost as if she pushes me away. i feel as though she is competing with me sometimes and wooow, I don’t really feel as though she loves me BUT I still want to take care of her because I feel sorry for her. πŸ™‚

  18. Moon/Saturn conj square Pluto. Sincere thanks for your description. I also am grateful for honest feedback from others. Yes disowned by mother. Difficulty learning how to emotionally nurture myself whilst always being aware that the rug can be pulled out from under me at anytime. Eg: Employee of the Month then fired shortly thereafter because the Boss felt undermined by my attention received from Executive as a result of employee award. This has happened at three different companies. I behave as the “perfect” employee / daughter/ friend/ partner, receive recognition from third party and sure enough the person close to me is the one who sticks in the knife. Eg: mother/ older sibling/ boss/ friend/ partner. All the time having to maintain a cool exterior. Considering new life as a hermit as way forward.

    1. No, don’t be a hermit. I am not a jealous person but have had to learn the hard way how to identify this in others. I think that you may be experiencing the same thing. This happens to me a lot. I have learned to let my light shine regardless. These things may happen to teach you some balance because its not exactly easy to maintain a cool exterior when someone is twisting a knife in your back. Turn on your x-ray and try to find some healthy ways to confront people who do these types of things before they have a negative effect on you. You must try to find ways to effectively deal with these kinds of things. What is the lesson in all of these things for you? Are there some things that could have happened differently? Different responses? Sometimes I have seen these vipers coming but just couldn’t believe someone would stoop so low until they actually stooped, pooped on my face, and then rubbed it in. Looking back on some of these things, I really feel sorry for some of the people because Karma is real. Let your light shine and you may be a great entrepreneur. You sure sound like it.

  19. I sympathize with what happened to Jane, and the other women.

    Quite frankly I am not even clear on how I am affected as a “moon square natal pluto” person, but pluto is also trine my natal sun making simultaneously great yet horrible: this is awesome but it sucks! Persephone gets to be a real Queen – but she got raped and kidnapped by an older relative – her uncle: her parents love her so much they rescued her…ultimately, she ends up involved in a highly nonconformist compromise where she stays married to the god of the Underworld, but gets to have the actual Adonis as her lover as well – but she has to share him with the goddess of love.


  20. hello,

    thank you for this article, it really helped to clarify and bring to light some of the things i’ve experienced. Always felt like i was walking on a tight rope growing up. never felt safe enough to trust my mother and never knew how to handle my own emotions. I have moon in scorpio conjunct pluto in the eighth house but with an aquarius rising and libra sun i think my own depth scares me. the way i cope with intense feelings is thru an eating disorder and self injury, it feels like i’m able to control myself this way but in reality i’m just avoiding all the ‘stuff”. the part about “sealing off the emotions” rings very true to me.

  21. Moon square Pluto. Moon in Leo/6H square Pluto in Scorpio/8H.

    I directly relate that aspect to my eating disorder. I had anorexia and bulimia for 5 years, off and on. I was hospitalized for 6 weeks the first time I had anorexia and later relapsed a year ago. I did not go to the hospital but started having really bad chest pains.

    Saturn is in Capricorn, but it does not make any relation to Moon or Pluto.Saturn is in the 11H.

    My mom was mentally unstable, but I knew she loved me. However, I was still pretty much raised by my grandmother who passed away right before my 18th birthday in November 2006. My mom was never “there” but she was far from being controlling and stuff.

    However, during my childhood, I always felt like I was not good enough, and I had issues with my body. I went through puberty very young, which I believe lead to my eating disorder later on.

    Food issues certainly.

    Emotions, I try to control. I have passionate feelings, but then I feel cold, indifferent and aloof.

    1. Holy molly. whaaaat so I guess this aspect means the person’s mother had troubles. very interesting.

  22. As a person with a moon square pluto and a moon square
    uranus, venus inconj pluto i can totally relate to almost every
    story i read on this page, after reading the article it all become
    very clear to me, why i have difficulities in relating to others,
    family, friends, partners, i’m best described as an intensly
    emotional, detatached individual, with no friends as people find it
    difficult to know me this article finally filled in the missing
    blanks thank you!!

  23. Having Moon and Pluto in Scorpio, both in 8th House, and Moon/Pluto conjunction I can relate to everything you wrote here; I’m a rather detached person and most people find it difficult to get to know me better. I’ve always longed to have someone who knew everything about me, whom I could tell all my secrets and thoughts, a real friend; but I feel as if I didn’t belong with the people I know. That’s why I prefer to be alone.
    As for the emotions, I think I’ve experienced only two states: it’s either this complete *blank* feeling, or, less frequently, brief burst of anger, jealousy, hate, grief or other negative emotion – but so strong that sometimes I’m literally shaking from the sheer pressure of it.
    It’s a shame that I can’t recall ever experiencing any positive emotions in similar manner. They just appear briefly and die the same way.
    As for my family and childhood; my dad was a Scorpio and he loved me immensely, treating me way better than my older brother. I had a great relationship with him, but he was an alcoholic and sometimes was abusive towards my mother. He spoiled me, though. When I was 9, he committed suicide.
    My mom (Pisces) is a very emotional and loving woman, who can be unconsciously manipulative, and I suppose her depressions and tears affected me in some ways.
    I want to thank you for this article as it is first I’ve ever read about the Moon/Pluto/Scorpio relations. I’ll certainly pursue this topic because I feel this is very important matter.
    Thanks for posting this. πŸ™‚

    1. That’s a very intense combination, and being the first generation to even be available for such experience (the last time it happened Pluto did not “exist”), so you’re something of a cosmic experiment, and a pioneer. You have the honour of being able to explore new emotional territory, but I am sure it is (and will continue to be) scary, also very purifying.
      Good luck.

  24. Having Moon opposite Pluto I had a very traumatic childhood as my mother was on drugs and my father was not only not present, but my mother lied to me about who my father was until I was around 13 years old. I was a very emotionally intense person when younger and through the years I have learned to let go of many things. I allow myself to experience my emotions but know that they key to handling how I feel is balance. I used to have angry outburst and be mad as hell at my mother. I have learned that she did the best that she could with what she had. I am greatful that I befriended many women her age who helped me understand the mindset of women in her times. I won’t say that our relationship is perfect because I do require my space and will take my space whenever necessary. I realize that I have to take responsibility for how I feel and be aware of myself and love myself. I am still working on all of this but hope that this helps someone. You don’t have to not deal or have negative ramifications from your Plutonian energy your whole life.

  25. Do you belive that Moon Pluto conjunctions plays out differently for men and woman? Would you find any accuracy in this statement: In woman, it’s characterized by emotional intensity, compulsiveness, sensuality, and sometimes entanglement with control issues. An unresolved and almost obsessive-compulsive connection with your mother is possible. Man with this aspect attract woman who want to explore the psychological depths and exhibit their power issues in a dynamic and open way.

  26. Moon-Pluto conj in Libra in the 12th house. This sucks… I can never describe my feelings. I simply do not know how I ‘feel’ most days. And lately I will burst into tears for no apparent reason. I have an extreme tendency to hide my emotions as my sun and venus are conj in Aquarius in the 4th House. I have looked into the charts of my Mother and she has Pluto opposed her moon (I do not have her time of birth so no house info there). But I can see this mother-daughter inheritence in my family line. My mother definitely has a temultuous relationship with her mother and I honestly think she has stopped the patterns of an ‘unloving, unaffectionate’ mother… however she is extremely manipulative without even realizing it. I’m in the middle of reading Liz Greene’s Astrology of fate… it’s a frightening read considering all my pluto activity (also have Uranus in Scorpio in the 1st house). The family karmic inheritance I find extremely fascinating as I was born missing my right hand and often wonder.

  27. Moon Pluto square for me. My mother is subtly manipulative, but moving far away from her has made it easier to escape her reach. I am still working on this issue as, well, I am always working on issues. I am an emotional detective, not only sorting through my feelings but also digging the feelings of others (Pluto is in 10th house).
    Sometimes I feel like an obsessive emotional sponge, it is difficult to stop dissecting people.
    On the positive side, Pluto has given me a depth of character and emotional intensity, has turned on my erotic side and I feel very Scorpionic at times:-) The hypersensitivity helps me look behind the curtains of the outer character of other people and I enjoy spotting the manipulative cues. However, I am very attentive on not getting manipulative, because this would make me just like my mother and I want to be a better person.
    I’ve noticed that I attract other plutonian people, more often the synastry aspects are to my pluto than to my moon and I get to employ the plutonian power for showing the light at the end of the tunnel of change.

    1. I think I can get your point. My natal chart has a T-Cross between the 2nd house Moon/Mercury in Gemini square the 6th house Pluto in Virgo square the 8th house Mars in Sagittarius.

      Besides having an ambivalent relationship to my mother (she left baby-me to be nursed by others when concentrating on her career), I have also realized the power of this aspect in the everyday life. As I got unemployed, I had to adjust the way of life budget-wise and start a psychoanalysis, since the level of anxiety rose too high.

      My mother grew up on a farm in the East of Finland during the war (the air-raids of the Soviets). She was always forced to pull aside the emotions like anger, shame, inferiority, fear or grief when making her way out of the rural society to the more urban way of life. I think I have inherited the way of dealing with emotions, that is avoiding them, and the hidden insecurity preventing me from living.

      Instead of encountering the challenging emotions here and now, I have stored them in the underworld of my subconsciousness and now as an adult have to dive deep down like a sea bird to get a connection to an emotion and then back to the surface to digest it (I borrowed the metaphor from Sue Tompkins).

  28. I have moon conjunct pluto in scorpio in the first house and this article is very, ohhh what’s that one word…..jeez I’ve been sitting here for about 5 minutes trying to think of that word. Anyways it’s true, I’m never relaxed, I always have to be feeling something and it HAS to be intense, I have many many fears phobias and paranoias that consume me. I went through a lot of childhood trauma, my mom is very controlling and nosy, recently I got on meds because I was depressed. The transformations, birth death and rebirth, I have experienced many times, where a part of me dies and something new is made out of it. Sometimes I believe that I can feel others thoughts and what they’re thinking about the current situation, I’m also a triple scorpio. Being is triple scorpio is…hard. My feelings overwhelm me so many times and I do my best to hide them from everybody and keep my cool.

    1. Omg I know what you mean ! but i have moon square Pluto and moon opp Chiron, moon in Pisces and Pluto in Scorpio in 8th house …it really sucks, I love mother but she is like a Hitler γ…‘(. Also is said that having Saturn in the 12th house means dad problems. I feel can’t trust anyone( I’m so paranoid, even my cousin notices), I hide my feelings alot too, I get constantly depressed. Often feel like nobody understands me .U. And going to a pay googled or psychiatrist for me is like going to the dentist. (I just went so many times when I was little and I hate questions) and I’m extremely sensible. Mostly everything about this aspects suck…

    2. Hi Cas,
      I’m Venus/Neptune/moon 8th house scorpio sextile both Pluto 7th & Jupiter 1st Pisces/ascendant.

      My sextile/trines seem to keep me foraging optimism for consumption (like a bear for wild berries) but what resonates with me is the perception of stuff that IS horrid & frightening.

      Modernity is rife with suffering (which, it seems, booze/drugs/violence/cruelty are defaults for people’s coping).

      My Scorpio heart goes out to all whose squares & oppositions intersected moms who abused or neglected. Letting go is so easier said than done: but so worthwhile!

  29. I have moon/pluto conjunction in Leo with moon squared by saturn in scorpio. conjunction in 2nd house, saturn in 5th. My mother is a capricorn and she has always made my life a misery. She has always wanted to control and dominate me (and others). She has also delighted in stopping me from having any kind of fun. This is a feature of my life – there is always someone around trying to rain on my parade! My mother is old now and still as evil as ever and I have to admt that I cannot wait for her to pass as only then will I be free of her.

  30. Mine is a Moon/Pluto conjunction in Libra in the 6th house. I do subscribe to the emotional intensity here described. The main feature of this aspect is an almost compulsive need “to be liked” (very Libra indeed) which has for many years led me to hide my most obscure feelings not only to others, but even to myself!. Overtime all this emotional repressed material would emerge like a vulcano (typical plutonian outlet), often in the form of self-destruction. I could not stand rejection either, even when this would come from people I didn’t like myself! (I presume that my Aries Sun in the 12th house opposite Moon afflicting my self-esteem didn’t help too much in that respect). The struggle was between obsession with what others thought of me (Libra-Moon) and not giving a damn about others’ opinion (Aries-Sun). I used to engage in compulsive behaviours (eating disorders, smoking, coffee, nail-biting…) as a devious outlet to handle this contradictions, to punish myself for not being “good enough” and to avoid any real connection with my real sense of pain. Only recently I have come to face my own contradictions and I have naturally turned towards healthier habits, relationships…I feel more nurtured (a theme of the 6th house that with such an aspect provides an insatiable appetite) and feel that I can nurture others through my job (I work as a complementary medicine therapist). I strongly feel that managing this aspect has provided me with a driving force to work in the service to others seeking the path of wellbeing, and in doing so I have found out that this is extremely therapeutic to me too. I would sum up my Moon/Pluto conjunction in the say that what doesn’t manage to kill me makes me stronger and let yourself be nurtured by life.

    1. Love the article. I too have a pluto/moon conjunction in Libra… 12th house for me. I too have an insatiable desire to be liked, so that I can completely understand. I learned a long time ago that people could just take me for what I am and that I had little ‘control’ over that… another Plutonian aspect. Guess I have my south node in Aries to thank for that one.

    2. Mon, as a woman with a 12th house sun (Aqua) opposite 6th house Moon (Leo) and a Pluto Venus opposition I identify with every wise word in your beautifully honest description. Perhaps the Pluto/Venus opposition and conjunction play out in a very similar ways. I especially relate to not being able to stand rejection even from folks I don’t really like or respect! Also the compulsive behaviours to provide a smoke-screen for pain and uncomfortable feelings.I also work in complementary medicine and have had healthy relationships by facing my own contradictions… until falling off the wagon by having a relationship with a man with Puto opposite Mars amongst many other Plutonian issues, Talk about karma. Ha!

      1. Mari, thanks for your cpmpliment. My Moon (in the 6th) oposses my Sun (in the 12th), so that is probably why you ressonate with my description. Sun in the 12th seems to be very common among therapists. Yet I tend to find many of them who “rescue” other “suns” in an attempt to rescue their own. Unfortunately it doesn’t work and is another smoke-screen to avoid facing your own Hades. I am in the process of rescue mine a Plutonian trip which happens to be the most fascinating of all the trips that one can possibly do. Funny that you mispell Pluto by “Puto” (in my mother tongue is the masculine for bitch, whore)…seem like your subconscious speaks Spanish! πŸ˜‰ I hope that fall off the wagon was not too painful and that you’re back on track with most of your Plutonian issues resolved, conciled, forgiven, accepted…

  31. Great article! My Moon, pluto & ascendant are all conjunct in Libra (12th house). I can definitely relate to strong emotions! However, I don’t shy away from intense negative emotions & have appeared “psychotic” or “crazy” to others when fiercely angry or hurt. Maybe my Mars in Cancer helps with that! However, people will think I’m on drugs or drunk, when I don’t do either. I’m just so intense with every emotion & find emotion in every little thing. However, I get along very well with my Mom & she has always nurtured me to the point where I call myself a “mama’s girl”. Could there be other aspects neutralizing the effect of having a bad mother/child relationship that is caused by the Moon-Pluto aspect?

  32. I have moon square pluto and i have great difficulty controlling my negative emotions, such as hatred and rage. (Also, Pluto is my strongest planet) I have a strong neptune too, i think she’s what has kept me out of getting into jail for murder!
    And my mother was like a dictator. She wanted to control EVERYTHING about me and my life. I’ve always hated her and there were times I actually wanted to kill her. She herself had moon opposite pluto in her chart and always over-valued money, status, etc., things that would guarantee people would think she had power over them. (Also she had venus conj. sun, and she was the goddess of superficiality.) She was only interested in powerful people, and would look down on the poor, the uneducated, normal people with normal jobs… Those kind of people were scum to her. Of course, inside, she was dying to be accepted. She probably married my father only because he had a high status occupation.

  33. Fantastic article, once I realised the effects of these aspects it was so much easier to begin to understand and accept the sometimes very cruel and self destructive nature of myself. I have Moon square Pluto and Pluto conjunct my ascendant. My Pluto is also in Scorpio in the 12th house! A combination for jealousy, moodiness and rage if ever I saw one. My mother left when I was 3 and I had a very cruel and unloving step-mother in her place. But, by the same token I am also learning that my spirituality and my deep interest in esoteric matters and inner knowing may just be the key to my unfolding and overcoming these issues. And these are matters related to both Scorpio and the 12th house, so in my pain may lie my transformation. I certainly feel that to be the case!

  34. I have Moon-Pluto in Scorpio in the 9th house, and this conjunction is close to my MC. My mother, who has the Moon-Pluto conj in early Virgo, has been quite violent to me and other family members. I always had to conceal the abuse I endured and picture my family as ideal. If I noticed something weird, she would tell me I was crazy, yet she was all too proud of my achievements since she thought they would flatter her ‘status’. I had to defend myself more than once (the Moon-Pluto conj square me Venus-Mars in Leo 7th house conj), especially 2 years ago when she pulled a knife on me. I have to remain to my parents’ house for financial reasons and my resentment has got the better of me. Thank God my Moon-Pluto trines my Mercury in Cancer and sextiles my Saturn and Neptune. Due to the lies and secrets in my family, I have a compulsive need to shed anyone’s ‘mask’ and have the tendency to diet in order to be good-looking, because I have been taught that it’s the only way to feel loved, along with my career achievements, otherwise I am not even worth living.

    I am still trying to deal with the effects of manipulation and the trauma is still healing. I know I will manage to do it as time goes by, since I have been aware of the fact that I’m still struggling because of some choices I made out of fear.

  35. I have Pluto Conjunct Moon less than than 3 degrees and ascendant, less than 1 degree. Sure I’m intense in most ways but not in any aggressive way… I’m passive and a sweet person, and described as a coward by my wife.. I get panic attacks easily. I’m fearful of doctors, fearful of physical danger… I fear high altitudes. I fear lonely places. I don’t sleep alone out of the fear of ghosts. I’m wussy on the whole. Plutonian? Bah! This whole Pluto stuff seems to be total bullshit.

    1. Somewhat, but not quite. It’s unlikely to result in eating disorder, but it certainly creates a difficult family of origin dynamic. The opposite gender parent is tricky, sometimes manipulative, or otherwise struggles to maintain him or herself in conflicts. There is usually a wish to cut oneself off from the family of origin because of long-standing trust issues, and betrayal may be a strong feature of parent-child relationships (where you are the child). The other scenario (as parent) tends to occur more with Pluto in the 5th.

  36. Thanks for clarifying that, as always I relate to your detailed description Jeremy πŸ™‚ I would just add that both of my parents had their share of power struggles with me – I’m guessing because my moon is in the tenth house which represents the other parent and because the moon itself is connencted to the fourth house via its symbolism, it all adds up. And I have a pluto moon opposition of course πŸ™‚ I’m really glad I discovered astrology in my life, it really sheds light on why a person has had a life that he had πŸ™‚ I’m still a newbie though, so I have much to learn. Please, continue to keep up the marvelous work, Jeremy, I always learn A LOT from your site.

    I apologise for any English mistakes, it’s not my mother tounge.

  37. All say that the mother is overpowering or strict, too dominating, even a bit evilish, but in my case my mom is just quite unemotional. Unemotional to an extent that I remember crying a lot when I was a child and then forgetting it or just ignoring it as if I know that I won’t be pampered or asked if something is wrong. I remember as a kid dad used to say that mom didn’t give much love when we were kids. Ya maybe, and other things mentioned above seem very true. In my case I remember myself being a little awkward as a child because I was bullied. But now I am instinctively secretive though I have no bad intentions at heart, but being secretive is always doubted for no good reasons. And yes I tend to remember most bad experiences of my life but not the matter I need to remember to pass my semesters Lol!
    I am Moon and Pluto in Scorpio, Moon conjunct pluto, 8th house = moon, mars and Pluto, and Sagittarius Sun.

  38. Pluto- Moon day for me, without having the actual transit today. LOL

    Have Pluto in Libra at 21* just barely out of aspect with my Pluto in Scorpio at 2*. So… this was the unluckiest way I could be born. I feel since Pluto is always “baring down” on my Moon– and did in early childhood, It feels like something is always “coming”. Which makes me not trust things or people. I have found a lot of things that really are coming, and do come. Making others puzzled over my “just saw a ghost look”. This moon placement REALLY leaves no stone unturned.

    You can find some pretty creepy creatures under the rocks.

    Im also an Aquarian / have a Leo Ascendant, so people think I’m funny and light hearted, most time I am. I just dislike when people are sitting around like everything is soo serious. Or that simple rules have to be followed about such mundane matters. I will always crack a joke just to make things less heavy. Makes sense then, as emotions are best spent on people I love and am fighting for.

    When it comes to relationships I am intense. All of my serious partners are few and far between. Funny, they’ve all had Pluto signatures somewhere! Right now I’m with a guy with Pluto in the 7th. He is one of the humane signs but has Mars Opposite Sun. He can get a little beastly at times. I also have a-lot of Virgo, and spatter of Pisces, so I really do love animals. Being I have the king of the Beasts Ascendant, I think it’s safe to assume I’m into guys that have less than civil ways of doing things.

    I have had a few dangerous encounters but never backed down.

    So all tends to make my emotional life quite volatile, one minute I’m happy as a rooster’s tail., the next.. sad that me and my little woodland friends are not getting along. lol. I can go skipping meals, feeling full with emotion, just mulling over them. At the end the day – I’ll eat once. Today is one of those days. Come to think of it, Ive always broken up with people. Which makes me feel a little more in control. A sure plus for this moon sign / conjunction.

  39. Pluto (along with venus – my chart ruler) in 1st house square my moon in 4th house. Everything you wrote is unfortunately so true. My parents left me when I was 8, I was raised by my extremely manipulative and cold grandmother (scorpio) that didn’t really care about me. As a kid I knew I was just some unwanted burden. I didn’t have nice clothes, toys, etc. I was malnutritioned and suffered from severe anemia (I still have anemia actually). And of course I’m a loner, almost all of my childhood friends have died or committed suicide. I’ve also lost my brother. It took me a lot of efforts and time to learn how to control my anger, but I still fight with sadness. I’m an artist so at least I can channel all those negative emotions into my work, which really helps. It is really hard to understand some lessons but it’s also necessary. Without transformation there is no progression.

  40. New to astrology, but i’ve got

    Sun conjunct moon & pluto, pluto conjunct mercury, all in scorpio (9th house). Ouch! also pisces rising.

    Your article is very compelling. One for the bookmark πŸ™‚

  41. Moon opposite pluto, sun and pluto in the 1st house, sun squares neptune, saturn in the 3rd house, venus and mars in the 12th house. Venus and mars square uranus, etc..what does that can mean?

  42. All I hear is “My mother did this and that” not one word about the fact that you youself are the owner of this aspect.
    My son has Pluto Scorp sq Moon AQ.
    I disowned him finally.
    He is strong willed and expects me to pay for his massive mistakes.
    He is selfish, entitled and insistent. He was the hardest child to raise
    right from day one.
    I have Pluto/Sun fixed, so I am done. I disowned my entire family along the way
    as well. I did it for my own sanity and a Pluto/Sun square that needs to cut out
    that which is diseased in myself and others.
    Own your aspects, otherwise this is a wasted life.

  43. Please, remember that your chart is your own. So is your Moon-Pluto and every other aspect. Our mothers and fathers are REPRESENTATIONS and unfortunately, sometimes they must do the dirty job for us. So it is working… When you really understand this, your love is jumping to another level…

    Have a nice day, Thomas

  44. I’m coming very late to this conversation, and want still to share what I think is a fundamental Moon Pluto energy. I’m looking at the chart of a boy just born 5 days ago. He has Moon Pluto conj. in Capricorn in the 4th house. I don’t know yet the extent of how he has been damaged or if he will even survive. He and his mother were in labor for about 36 hours. I don’t yet understand why it took so long to discover he was in a breech position. But this little boy was struggling mightily to be born, but this violent struggle to separate himself from his mother, who was struggling just as mightily to help him, was doomed by being pointed in the wrong direction. He needed help to turn, the struggle was successful then.
    When we’re grown and still struggling to separate from our mothers, blaming her for everything, maybe we just need to make a 90 degree turn. It is possible our mothers have been doing the best they can and are in a lot of pain too. It is possible she loves you and knows you need to be separate.
    While you tell the story of how awful your mother is, remember the Moon Pluto aspect your dealing with is in your chart and soul. You would still have the pattern if you were born to the lady in the next bed over.
    The fight to separate, the fight to survive is as real for you as for this little boy. It’s just fair to take some responsibility, by reading Moon/Pluto in your chart, it’s your intention to gain some more experience around this, maybe your mother’s soul agreed to help for her own reasons. But it’s your chart.
    If our little boy survives, grows into a man, has forgotten his birth process,
    will he think his mother, his women, his family, try to block him, suffocate him, overpower him at every turn?

  45. iΒ΄ve got a Moon Pluto square, mmoon Taurus 12th pluto 3 rd Leo m, mother has been controlling and manivpulative whole life, still is , im 59! im secretive, secret love affair, been phobic with agoraphobia and obsessive with studing….

    1. I have this aspect with Pluto in 11 and Moon in 2 house and what you said about your mother a can say for my grandmother. My mother left her home at age of 17 to find a job and her mother were affraid about separation. Not manipulative but controlling person.This aspect is definitely connected with genetics.
      This aspect brings to me very destructive friendships and fears about friendships (sociophobia in my teens). You have or had secret love affairs I had secret friend “affairs”. I had secret friend who was very manipulative and when my mother revealed that she said me her opinion but it was difficult for me to break up. This is aspect of jealousy in some way. For me aspect of friendship jelaousy for you probably love jealousy (you or your partner). Too much destruction for me in past but not at all (I have mars sextile pluto trine sun and it brings to me a lot of man friends). You should look at better aspects because that is the “key” of problem. πŸ™‚

      1. nice, i enjoyed your comments about similarities in our Moon Pluto aspects. Jealousy is the only one thing missing…really i never found jealousy in relationships but could say i encounter plenty envyness….which is quite close, some people were traitors, i must say…and better aspects too, with Jupiter and Venus in a Grand Trine, and about that, i couldnt ask for anything better.
        I hope you do find a lot of loyal friends…..

  46. moon square pluto, with controlling mom , agoraphobic , brother in jail for underage driving,…obssessed by reading books….

  47. Mars/Pluto conjunct (56′) in Leo 3rd trine Moon in Sag 6th, though it’s a 6-7 degree orb. My late mother fought to control me; I fought to escape! Serious motorcycle accident at 30, permanently paralysed, rose from the ashes to become fiercely independent; another devastating injury 3 years ago ((shoulder), still working my way back from that – yet still independent and holding down the same full-time job. The emotional extremes have flattened somewhat over time (although use of painkillers accentuate that process). I _refuse_ to let my life fall apart any further; control of my emotions has always been the key – however, intimate relationships disintegrate when trust is broken and I turn cold, although cautious arms-length friendship is then the usual pattern. Tough as old boots, under the hood. So much of this article resonates, well done nailing this one.

  48. Everything fits. Everything. I have Taurus Moon (11th house) opposite Scorpio Pluto (5th House). Troubles with my cold, non-nurturing mother, her manipulations and lies and in turn she accuses me of being indifferent to her. Always have been the most rejected ever since my birth (was expected to be a boy). Eating problems as soon as I was born; my mother says I refused to breastfeed. Have always problems with diet, an on and off anorexic and very selective in food choice. I am very obsessive-compulsive by nature, nearly always know people’s emotions and intentions (pride myself to read minds correctly). I cut people off those who hurt or insult me. Want to do the same with my family because they have been doing it forever. I want to have that phoenix transformation. Tough time. Want to die desperately. Always wanted to figure out what was wrong with me; got a pretty good answer. Thank you.

  49. Reblogged this on irOk Woo and commented:
    ” there is a cyclic quality to anything that Pluto touches and holds in his power; a thing must be killed before it can be reborn. The rebirth allows an evolvement too, so, perhaps in an ongoing facsimile of the karmic cycle, the killing is enacted in order that something improved might take its place, very much like the phoenix rising from the ashes of what went before. The phoenix too is blind, hinting at the compulsive quality of the cycle, we are very often blind to these same compulsive effects, and it takes a rare honesty and courage to face up to the Plutonic heart which beats life into our darker motives. Here though, the Moon, an already fluctuating and oft-times obscured energy in the psyche is combined with this dark impetus: the emotions must be killed too, especially at times of great distress and this occurs simply because – supercharged as they are by Hadean force – they would otherwise be overwhelming. The double edged sword of Pluto combinations is again revealed, the very power that generates such intensity becomes itself a source of threat and menace, it is as though the force is too great to be integrated, so it is partially absorbed and then one must shy away at the last so as not to be burned in the ensuing conflagration.”

  50. My Mom has a Scorpio Moon. I have Aquarius moon trine Pluto. My daughter has an exact degree Capricorn moon Pluto conjunction. We come from a long line of tight mother daughter bonds. I hope the trend continues. It would be wonderful to hear some positive Mother Daughter experiences that perhaps defy the “Hades moon”.

    1. I wrote a comment awhile ago about the difficult breach birth of a child, finally born as the moon conjuncted Pluto. Pluto is about life and death, the struggle to survive, like both this child and its mother. The mother adores this child, loves him with all her heart, as mothers do. As time goes on, the child may start acting out, struggling against the restrictions he feels in his bones and memory cells, the restricting that his mother represents to him. Or. The mother and child shared this intense passionate trauma together, and they are bonded with the love of it. I don’t mean to say this is the exact experience of every moon/pluto, but it can be used as a metaphor for the need to breathe, to survive. Evolutionary astrologers like Steven Forrest and Mark Jones describe this in terms of reincarnation. Shared traumatic experiences of life or death struggles can come from deep in the unremembered past. I’d guess that the women of your family share a history, and fought together, rather than against each other to survive and hold a very deep bond from that very plutonian shared experience. The connections you all share with moon/pluto/aquarius can describe that and looking at it in terms of the past helps with a different perspective. Well, it helps me with perspective, I hope it does you too.

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