Continued: Who is Donald Trump?

If you are reading this, then thank you, sincerely, for your support. To understand this chart, or any chart for that matter, we need to understand the relative strengths and weaknesses of the placements. Just as a matter of process, these can be calculated by hand but it is...
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11 thoughts on “Continued: Who is Donald Trump?

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  1. About one year ago, trying to understand the Asteroids, look at the President’s natal chart with the Asteroid #4031, Mueller, and was not surprised to find it at 13 degrees 8′ of Aries – opposite the President’s natal Chiron and Jupiter, trine his natal Pluto and square his natal Mercury. Of course, I have no idea what that all means except found it very interesting. Would that be, like the energy of a nemesis, or potential one who acts in that manner?

    Having studied the ideas that we create our own reality, and in reading this two part study on the Trump astrology, perhaps what we are witnessing is that concept in play, the idea that in order for him to succeed he must win at all costs, a Pluto compulsion that requires an ‘enemy that needs to be defeated’ in order to succeed? Is that how these astrological energies work, as indicators on how one proceeds to fulfill their incarnational intent?

    1. The Mueller opposition is a fascinating observation. What is Jupiter – Chiron if not wounded by the law, by due process, by the courts? Of course it has other connotations, such as a kind of “flawed crusade” and Jupiter’s natural 9th House association brings to mind a limiting belief system, a distrust of other cultures. All of these are relevant.

      I think your apprehension of his Pluto style is very cogent. He simply cannot accept defeat, but as we know, that unequivocality is Pluto’s playground! Whatever you simply cannot accept is his most sincere delight. So I think Trump will go down fighting, but he will go all the way down and it won’t be pleasant viewing.

  2. Off the top here – I see repressed anger emotionally driven by that moon. Moon happy in H 4 with weak dignity (by face) but she herself distant from the father. Indirect relevance to the father as her ruler in money house in male air ( detached) Libra serves the father. That Moon ruler out of sect but has dignity by terms sandwiched in between Saturn triplicity and Saturn Face for what that is worth. She ended up w money is the story I see, and was a free spirit. Sag Moon needs a sunny outlook. If we see Results of Moon’s emotional need to be unbounded in House 2 or even H3 somehow her being in the home was an expense of sorts? Someone, ironically, to be kept? She wanted her freedom. She was not happy. Am I getting this right?

    1. Yes absolutely. I would say that since this is Donald’s chart, Moon ruled by Jupiter in the 2nd suggests that mother was ‘working for’ Donald’s improving self-worth. But her domain is intercepted in the 11th house, so it is as though her efforts to support his ambitions went unrecognised. It would be interesting to look at her chart in isolation.

  3. Because of this post out of curiosity I looked up Richard Nixons planetary strengths and it was very fascinating, his uranus got 29 points and his mercury got 27, and his venus and mars got low 20s scores as well. I assumed he would have more prominent saturn or pluto then he did, but his saturn was not weak or strong and his pluto was weak. For some reason I would have thought presidents would have very very strong sun, but maybe instead they mostly have strong inner planets which makes me think differently about things.

    1. I agree that is fascinating. I wonder if weak Sun and Pluto contributed to his lack of survival instinct and actually, his eventual ‘annihilation’ as a president. My sense (not especially ruminated upon) is that too much Sun probably comes across as a bit full on, possibly even borderline narcissistic, in the sense that the persona would be quite powerful. I get the idea of a bit of a schmooze. Like a used-car salesman! We are going to have to have further investigations!

      1. His sun was not weak, but it wasn’t strong. My thoughts are perhaps all the narrative surrounding him was backwards. He might have been merely very uranian and insisting on doing things himself which caused reactions that made him paranoid. I am not sure if weak pluto would explain it too, but for example there was pentagon spy ring within his white house (they were upset he was trying to open china and that he never kept them in the loop about anything) that was very extreme. The FBI spied on his campaign plane for LBJ but when he wanted to do the same thing they wouldn’t do it for him anymore, had to do it in house with random people the CIA gave him. I could easily imagine a Nixon who won in 1960 not being so paranoid in the way he has become famous for. When the pentagon spy ring was revealed to him he actually could not believe and had a hard time processing the gravity of the situation and the danger he was in and he didnt see it coming, even though he is always envisioned as paranoid of everyone he was almost willfully blind to main things going on in his white house. The idea he was driven to be paranoid instead of being extremely plutonian by nature would change how I see him.

      2. Looking now I see a very close Mercury – Pluto opposition suggests that paranoia would be an issue, but as the old saying goes, ‘just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you!’ And also that Sun – Neptune opposition says that he was unrealistic about himself. And then that makes the Orcus tee-square, so I guess he really couldn’t see it coming, but if he’d just played by the rules – and that fits with your Uranian hypothesis!

  4. Yes – always good not to over read the parent from the child’s chart but having said that, the relationship is there – pulling in the native chart dynamic and consequent internalized parent as well. The Moon Sun opposition coupled with the Saturn Venus conjunction leaves him cut off from emotions and also,objectifying women, limiting love. I wonder too if the Jupiter with the hard aspects will cause him legal problems specific to his personal finance and not necessarily the presidency. Career ruler Mercury square to the money house, he gets exposed because of his prominence but the legal issue is with personal finance – and foreign money part of the story perhaps. I keep seeing legal, foreign and trouble with the Jupiter in House 2.

  5. 1. I wonder if the whole Trump’s bravado is just to protect a very weak Achilles heel?

    2. Another thing that it would be interesting to figure out is what is whole in history? Why is his presidency needed by history? If he wasn’t needed, the Universe would not have allowed him to rise. That is enforced by the rise of ultra-nationalist elected presidents in several countries all over the World.

    1. My personal view is that he is here to enact the US Orcus and Pluto returns. Expect big changes, not all of them easy!

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