Orcus in Leo and the 5th house – a beginning

ImageHere, among other effects, Orcus complicates issues of identity and creativity. Rudyard Kipling, with Orcus conjunct Sun in Capricorn and the 5th house, squaring Neptune, was perplexed by who he was, where he came from, and what he would become, from the age of 7 and on. It became an obsession to him after he was sent away to England for schooling, leaving his parents behind in India. The woman of the boarding house was a merciless bully who determined that the young Rudyard be “made to read without explanation, under the usual fear of punishment. And on a day that I remember it came to me that ‘reading’ was not ‘the Cat lay on the Mat,’ but a means to everything that would make me happy. So I read all that came within my reach. As soon as my pleasure in this was known, deprivation from reading was added to my punishments.” The simple enjoyment of reading (5th) became a means of punishment (Orcus). For Thomas Hardy, who shared this placement, demonstrating his erudition in his novels became something of an obsession for a man who was not considered to be of the right class to require a university place. Mary Shelley, another famous writer with Orcus in the 5th wrote of Frankenstein’s monster, a true rendering of Orcus if ever one existed in all literature. But these examples aside, Orcus in the 5th is not an easy placement for this uncompromising entity. The all-or-nothing nature of Orcus creates great artists and writers for sure (Leo Tolstoy, Henri Matisse and Vincent van Gogh all share Orcus in the 5th), but that obsession with self-expression and too, with leadership can become a great burden to those whose motives are at all egotistical.

Ted Kennedy, Barack Obama, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman all share Orcus in the 5th. There is this difficult potential that an obsession with being in the spotlight, taking the king role is in the DNA somehow, but with sufficient deepening and authenticity, it is possible for this placement to come good. Leo and the 5th are not the easiest places for solitary Orcus to operate, Orcus transformed needs no audience after all.

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6 thoughts on “Orcus in Leo and the 5th house – a beginning

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  1. I do have opposition of Orcus to my Sun in 5th House in Aquarius -9,51’… it’s serious isnt’t it?

  2. I don’t know a lot about astrology but I do have orcus in my 5th house in leo. And from what I can tell for me it is really difficult at times. I have a desire to be acknowledged that is very strong and I have to keep in check, and I have been trying to figure out where it comes from so I can manage it better, but it is difficult to say. On the other hand from when I was younger I had never wanted to just have an ordinary occupation but something that would somehow redeem me in life and prove my self worth to my family. But not necessarily that talented, lol, so it has been challenging at times. Trying to learn how to be my own audience, but as I said not always easy.

  3. What about Orcus conjunct moon in natal chart? Orcus approaches my m.c. in Virgo and I am a liitle unhappy about that. It seems my moon in cancer is very sensitve, too much so. I am quite impressed with asteroids! Amazing!

  4. As of today, I’m new to the whole subject of asteroids and their meanings in a horoscope. I found this article on Orcus very informative and interesting. For this reason I would like to nominate you for the Blogger Recognition Award.
    I have posted a link on my blog to this article:

  5. My Orcus in Leo is in the 12th house squaring my Taurus Moon and MC and squaring my 4th house Pluto in Scorpio. It also trines my Venus in Sagittarius. What I find most peculiar and amusing is that Libra Sun is in exact Quintile with Orcus. I hope there will be an article or a tit bit of information regarding the more ˝quirky˝ aspects with Orcus. Quintiles and biquintiles are difficult to interpret to begin with, much less in aspect with Orcus…

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