Sun conjunct Pluto: Minimalist or Megalomaniac?

Sun Pluto creates intense self-focus and a tendency to overpower others.
Sun Pluto creates intense self-focus and a tendency to overpower others.

One of the key functions of the solar principle in the astrology is to provide a facility by which we dignify ourselves, it creates an ideal self-awareness, an aspiration or desirable benchmark of selfhood and thus, we are given cause to strive to attain that sense of ourselves. A badly placed, stressed or underpowered Sun creates a difficulty with realising our self-ideal, or a great psychological tension in the apprehension of it. At worst it creates arrogance, hubris, conceit and confidence dysfunctions. Sun related to Jupiter and in bad aspect will give a tendency to ostentation and pretentiousness, to Saturn, pessimism and self-doubt, to Uranus, abruptness and crankiness and to Neptune self-deception and a tendency to vagueness. Where Pluto is configured to the Sun, all bets are off.

Traditional wisdom has it that the conjunction more than any contact is governed in its tone by the nature of the combining powers. For this reason, Venus-Jupiter is considered powerfully fortunate, while Saturn Pluto, and to a lesser extent Mars Saturn are considered to be among the most difficult of all conjunctive blends. The reality though is that it is extremely rare to find an outright positive combination with Pluto, regardless of aspect type. I have written about this before, wherein the key understanding of the impetus of Pluto which is to transform that within our nature that is most compulsive and is therefore by definition the most difficult aspect of being to transform, was extrapolated. Thus, for example, and rather mundanely, Pluto in the 2nd creates compulsion around financial issues and possessions, wherever Pluto is configured, and as the natural ruler of Scorpio and the 8th, the fundamental pressure is one to give up, to let go, to dig down to the bare minimum and the very essence of things in order to discover the underlying structures of true value; thus in the 2nd there is an enormous compulsion to realise the finances tangibly and without much awareness of any alternative, and yet, the native with Pluto in the 2nd must learn to give up on money if they are ever to evolve and be free of it. To some extent, wherever Pluto is found there is a Spartan ethic, a calling to minimalism, and thus, true wealth might be found. The difficulty is ever the insidious and compulsive nature of Pluto however; as Hades wore a mask of invisibility when he visited the human world, so Plutonic force operates unseen and unremarked in our lives. We are unaware for the most part that he is even there, even if – to others – his effects are blatantly obvious. We cannot look into the mirror of self-reflection and see Pluto, for he is completely disguised to us.

It is this blind and compulsive quality to Plutonic force which creates the great difficulty, for it effectively creates a profoundly subtle and insidious well of motivation; one that we are not at all aware of experientially, and wherever Hades is configured, that overbearing energy will leak out. Thus any contact to Pluto will have an undertone of dark, insidious compulsion to it.

Now consider that insight in relation to the Sun.

What it relates is the reality that the quality and condition of the Sun will be compulsively supercharged by the combination with Pluto. The innateness and obsession of the Pluto blend is however nowehere more pronounced than in the conjunction: the conjunction is by its very nature a blend, it is not – as with a square – a jarring, uncomfortable awareness of strain, nor is it – as with the trine – an easy and fluid frisson of ease, thus Plutonic force is nowhere more disguised than in the conjunction. If the Sun is an ideal then we look to the sign and house to understand the nature of the ideal self-image, and if Pluto is configured by conjunction, then immediately that ideal is given enormous, insidious and compulsive power.

Consider then Sun in Libra, conjunct Pluto. The ideal of marriage becomes paramount, compulsive and overwhelming. With Capricorn (and any children being born within the next couple of weeks will be the first for nearly 300 years to evince this combination) natives will be obsessed with the ideal of worldly achievement and career success. Thus, the Sun sign and house placement as well as any other aspects to Sun will be of primary condition in gauging the overall quality of the configuration to which Pluto will retrospectively add compulsion, power and subtle force.

Sun conjunct Pluto people are typically difficult to reconcile within relationships, their ideals are so insidious that it creates a very real difficulty for them to compromise within those bounds and because the solar principle is in effect a dominating and leading principle, it rarely allows itself to be controlled in any meaningful way. Conversely, it creates a genuine – if subtle – craving for rulership in the native. At worst it creates a martyr to one’s own ideas, somebody for whom there is simply no alternative to their vision. At best it can create an extremely powerful and forceful individual who is driven to achieve their objectives, if not always ruthlessly, certainly with unceasing drive and focus.

But there is another key observation about the Sun-Pluto conjunction.

The solar principle is also, in essence, a male principle. It is the husband in relation to the wife, therefore, in a very real way, the Sun-Pluto blend is easier to handle in a male nativity (and I have written about both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Charlie Sheen in this exact regard previously) simply because in a male chart the ideal male principle can be found within, whereas in a female astrology it must, by definition, be sourced elsewhere.

Usually through the husband, lover or other significant males within the life.

Women with Sun conjunct Pluto are often therefore drawn to seek partners who are in some way powerful, mysterious and very often wealthy in their own right. The nature of Pluto though creates a compulsion which very often seeks to test the ideal, mostly because they cannot control it directly. For the Sun Pluto wife therefore, the husband will be subtly and continually tested for weaknesses and flaws to ensure that he is still maintaining the ideal and because Plutonic force is so insidious and compulsive, this process will continue very probably for years with fairly predictable results. Eventually, a flaw or weakness is found and then it is exposed, worried at, widened and denigrated until eventually the confidence is undermined and the great fear of the Sun Pluto wife, that their chosen mate might not be able to maintain their infallible ideal, is realised. In this way, the Sun Pluto blend creates its greatest calamity, a self-fulfilling prophecy with two mostly innocent victims.

Wherever Sun conjunct Pluto is found there is an astonishing need to transform the self-image and most particularly the image of the ideal-self. For the woman with Sun in Libra conjunct Pluto she must recognise the burden she is placing upon her husband to be the perfect marriage partner for what it is: insupportable. For the wife with Sun in Capricorn conjunct Pluto likewise, her husband’s career success and status must not be the be all and end all of his purpose in her life, otherwise when he fails to live up to those inhuman expectations (as he inevitably will eventually) the marriage will suffer a real crisis and the husband will be driven away or simply broken by it. Pluto is not a sympathetic force.


Leona Helmsley was a billionaire New York City hotel operator and real estate investor. She was a flamboyant personality and had a reputation for tyrannical behavior that earned her the nickname “Queen of Mean”. That image of Helmsley was sealed when a former housekeeper testified that she had heard Helmsley say: “We don’t pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes …“, a saying that became notorious and identified with her for the rest of her life. She was later convicted of federal income tax evasion and other crimes in 1989 and served 19 months in prison (and two more months under house arrest), after receiving an initial sentence of 16 years.

00) Marbletown, NY USA
Leona Helmsley, hotelier. 4 July 1920 06:00 (+4:00) Marbletown, NY USA

Helmsley evinced a cazimi Venus conjunct Pluto. Sun Venus alone creates a popular and charming disposition and in the sign of Cancer a decided interest in the home, but here Pluto adds compulsion and insidious force and a real element of fanaticism in the concerns of the solar principle, so here is someone who can be fanatically charming. Venus too rules the personal finances, so an element of idealism about wealth is given a Plutonic charge and becomes an overwhelming concern. In such ways are billionaires made no doubt. Hygeia rising gives a clean-living look and feel and manner of relating too, which must have added to her charms and helped her to disguise the Hadean need for control to some extent, which, with cazimi Venus conjunct Pluto in the 12th would have manifested in a more generally unconscious fashion than usual since 12th house placements are very often suppressed and unrecognised.

So consider, an ideal of wealth (Sun conjunct Venus) realised through property and providing hotel roomsΒ  (Cancer) which eventually devolved into imprisonment (Pluto/12th) and ultimately house arrest (Pluto in Cancer untransformed).

Had she devoted her enormous energy to a transformative Plutonic ideal: perhaps by providing shelter to the homeless then her name would be revered more than reviled, but that is the great difficulty with Pluto, if it were simple to transform, the world would be a whole lot less crazy than it is.

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  1. i was wondering if you might talk a bit about mercury-pluto since the aspect just happened a few days ago. i knew a person with merc-pluto in her natal chart and, well, there’s a reason why i used the past tense there.

    1. In the worst case, Mercury – Pluto, most especially the conjunction, creates a compulsive talker. This is someone who can just talk and talk with little or no awareness of the concept of conversation. Conjunctions more than any other aspect type are coloured by the sign and house, thus the blend in Virgo is not so bad since mutable earth is practical, flexible and none too assertive. In Leo it’s going to be much more dominating and in Libra very charming with it, if not a little too smooth. I’ve not met anyone with the conjunction in Scorpio yet, but I wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of them.
      The opposition is interesting. George Patton had it (I believe) and it explains why he was called ‘blood and guts’, since he had a tendency to just tell it like it is, unadorned and rather brutally.
      I have a mutual reception of Mercury – Pluto which I believe gives a propensity for deep thinking and all Me/Pl combinations evince some tendency to getting underneath the surface level of thought and communication, that can be very uncomfortable for others if Pluto is not remotely transformed.

      1. Hello Chirotic.
        I want to ask you a question, because I read you wrote you’ve not met someone with a conjunction in scorpio, does that mean Sun-Conjunct Pluto, both in scorpio. My sun and pluto are in scorpio in 4th house and I wonder what this means for me and for other people.
        I realize this post is six years old, but I still want to see if you can answer back.
        Thank you.

      2. Hello! Loved to read your post about pluto-sun conjunct.
        I’m a sun-pluto conjunct scorpio house 6! πŸ˜€
        I’m not that bad, I feel like im a lot of my Taurus ascendant! πŸ™‚

      3. What is striking for me is that you combine old techniques (receptions!!) with modern planets (ok,astrologers have associated Pluto with Scorpio as its own domicile and we still try to figure out whats the matter as we don’t have yet repetition to confirm our hypothesis, we haven’t had physical time to observe this, but can we talk about other essential dignities of Pluto? where can possibly be the exaltation or the fall of Pluto? what reception do you have?)

        What orb do you consider for this conjunction? Its said 10 for luminaries are still fine, others only 7. I have the Sun at 2,56 Scorpio and Pluto at 9,37.
        The thing is that this Pluto of mine makes a damn square to my Asc (yes i know what i did with those detailed details, but its okay) and is not that subtle as you want to make it seem in your article, its actually more obvious than you would expect. Place also Mercury in between that is conjunct with that Pluto, if i add also the Sun in this equation, i feel already lost in figuring out what is coming out of what. How much creep can one display? I dont even know how to control it. I feel like probing and testing a lot of things, i cant trust so easily (and particularly in romantic relationships). And i truly want to, its affecting my life, my relationships with people (although they find me very trustworthy, i never had problems the other way round, on the contrary)

        I am not sure if i can see in people more negative stuff than others do or more than even they themselves would admit they have (cause its though a hard thing to be able to honestly deal with your own trash, particularly if there is no Scorpio mark on you) or if i have sick mind that sees in people’s innocent or meaningless acts or words a totally different scenario (not always but it happens to me to have this dilemma, with particular persons or at particular moments and not with everybody but when the impulse comes to believe that they arent the angels that they want to seem and that they hide something is really acute and i feel honestly that this is my demon. The Demon. Getting lost in your own paranoia or being blessed with a very sharp skill where you could figure out before evidence occurs? I wouldnt know. And i would give anything to know)

      4. Okay and yes, old post this, 12 years and counting, but I’ll stand by it. I do think that receptions with outer planets are valid. With respect to Pluto it works best in the more subtle signs. This is why Scorpio is the ruler, yes? But it also works well in Virgo, perhaps Capricorn and Pisces? It’s hard to talk about exaltations and perhaps we never will. There are too many new points to chart and my own theories are around the scope of Hadean points in general, not just Pluto. So, with the rulership of Pluto in Scorpio, why is Taurus the detriment of Pluto? This is the interesting question. Philosophically I am aware of the idea that Neptune is the antidote to Pluto, so, in the Buddhist sense the need to let go. This is not the style of a very dogmatic and stubborn Taurus, who would undoubtedly argue with a signpost if they felt aggrieved. But is that “worse” than Pluto in Sagittarius? They are both likely to be tricky but for different reasons.

        With respect to Pluto/Asc, it can indicate a kind of horror of expression or appearance. I am not syaing that is you, but it is one of the less “subtle” conditions, as you suggest. I remember a child of my acquaintance who spent her Pluto – Asc squares screaming. Seemingly just for the need to do so, and she remained quite unaffected when done. Everyone else started to get PTSD!

  2. Very interesting post. I’m curious: How would you compare/contrast a 1st House Pluto with the Sun conj. Pluto aspect you discuss here? The first house and ascendant is often interpreted as ‘the face you show to the world’ (i.e., your identity, much like the Sun). So how would 1st house Pluto manifest?

    I’ve known a few people with this placement, who also seem to have an ‘intense self-focus and a tendency to overpower others.’

    1. Pluto rising is not very easy, but no way as overwhelmingly self-focused as the Solar conjunction. I think it’s more incidental, perhaps more obviously and outwardly Plutonic too, and it’s the one placement where the Pluto factor is not as subtle as it would normally be. This is important actually because the big difficulty with Sun-Pluto is that it is so subjectively intrinsic, others don’t see it, but whatever touches the Ascendant really does have a profound effect on others’ perceptions.
      The Ascendant is also concerned very much with first impressions, rather than lasting ones too, so that has to be relevant. Worst case, first house Pluto has to be careful that they don’t interact too intensely because it can sometimes be a bit freaky for others to deal with and very often, Pluto rising can get projected onto by others if they’re not careful. I see that happen a lot, not sure of Jeff concurs, but it’s a common experience.

      1. I have Sun conjunct Pluto conjunct Lilith on Libra 1. house square Moon on Capricorn 4. house. It’ s amazing how well your description of Pluto fits me. I’m really so intense in my expressions that I have to disguise myself in conversations for not being perceived as too freaky/strange. When I joke (mostly ironically) people misunderstand it and think I’m telling the truth. And I always feel that powerful strain inside me to develop myself and people close to me psychologically/professionally.

  3. Tim Burton has a Sun-Pluto conjunction in Virgo. (chart)

    Although I don’t know much about his personal life (beyond his marriage to HBCarter) or directing style, he seems to have done a pretty outstanding job of channeling the darkness and compulsivity of Pluto into his filmmaking.

    1. @ Jeff: RE Tim Burton: A profoundly interesting chart actually, most especially because Pluto is Cazimi (and how!), which completely exalts the Plutonic force. Somehow, Hades just ceases to be uncomfortable in those cases (same with Alicia Silverstone). Pluto purified, and that’s a chart I shall definitely be adding to my files πŸ™‚

      1. Glad you posted this so I could use Burton’s chart as a reference. I have this (Pluto cazimi) aspect as well, and Pluto sq. Moon to boot. I’ve lived many lifetimes thus far. I hope I’m just about done shedding my skin.

  4. CoolBlue, I have a First House Pluto (Virgo Rising), and have for a long-time recognize that I’m self-obsessed. I think I come across as pretty Scorpionic in my own way.

    I don’t think I overpower others, but I have been known to be pretty stuck in having certain people doing things the way I want them to, which doesn’t necessarily improve my life circumstances πŸ™‚

  5. Jeffrey, thanks — I’m trying to understand the nuance of these influences so it helps to look at examples.

    For instance: I had a former manager who had Aquarius Sun and Pluto in the 1st (which I learned after a few years working together). Over time he revealed himself to be a very CONTROLLING, and fairly ruthless, competitive person, insistent on his way of doing things, and clever (Sun conj. Mercury) at trying to conceal this. We would hear him relate entertaining stories (Leo ascendant) about power struggles between him and his 2 teenage sons, and while it wasn’t my place to comment, I was always shocked at how controlling he was. It wasn’t good enough that they mowed the lawn; they HAD to do it the way HE wanted it done.

    Also, with that 1st h Pluto, it seemed like his identity always involved transforming his situation, which I read as Aquarius=bucking tradition plus Pluto=destroying existing structures and placing himself at the center of the new. More than once, he worked to engineer a reorganization in our office that put him in charge. His chart also had a dose of Capricorn (Mars and Venus) so that added an energy of determined force.

    Not sure what explains it in MY chart, but I actively and passively resisted most of his efforts to control me and my work. It eventually led to being quite disillusioned with him as a friend and an authority figure, and we parted ways professionally.

  6. Just a clarification: The manager I mentioned had Sun conj. Merc in Aquarius in the 6th house, not the 1st. (The way I wrote it in the original post, it sounded like both Sun and Pluto were in the 1st – no.)

  7. I have sun conjunct pluto + sun conjunct uranus in the 10th in Virgo. It’s like being a beast among men and having to reign in your true nature all the time.

    Quote: For the Sun Pluto wife therefore, the husband will be subtly and continually tested for weaknesses and flaws to ensure that he is still maintaining the ideal and because Plutonic force is so insidious and compulsive, this process will continue very probably for years with fairly predictable results.

    No one has quite hit the nail on the head to describe me like that before. It’s a very difficult energy to have bubbling under the surface and it’s a bitch on relationships.

    1. @Togi: it is tough, but the key to transformation is, as ever, self-awareness. Actually you have the exact same combination as Charlie Sheen I believe, and his relationships appear to be quite hard work. I wish you all the best πŸ™‚

  8. Oh no! A comparison to Charlie Sheen…the horror! I have progressed sun in Scorpio and Scorpio rising which I think mixes up the Virgo energies somewhat. I ‘feel’ more like a Scorpio anyway. Thanks for your response.

  9. Thanks, Jeremy for the added explanations — this is fascinating! BTW, I can relate to General Patton, as I have Merc. opposed Pluto, too….

  10. i have sun conjunct pluto in the 8th house libra. what are yr thoughts on that since the 8th house is pluto’s playground? thanks!

  11. I have my Sun conjunct Pluto with a 0 degree orb in Scorpio you said a lot about Pluto in Libra but isn’t Pluto weak in Libra and perfect in Scorpio? Can you tell me more about Pluto in Scorpio combusted the sun?

  12. Ann, I have the same question, lol. I have sun conj Pluto (closer to 1 degree orb) in Scorpio as well, and I can’t seem to find much on this. The aspect is in the 5th house.

  13. Ann/Nikki,
    Pluto is not ‘weak’ anywhere, but there are signs in which his essential nature is harder to express. If we understand that Pluto is fundamentally transformative but inaccessible then what is more important are the contacts he makes to personal planets. These become opportunities to access and transform the themes and energies involved.

    Therefore, what is important in your cases is the Sun conjunction.

    In my view this conjunction because it is in Pluto’s domicile will be especially difficult, when we talk about dignity and debility we are really talking about ease of expression (see my recent article of dignity and debility for more insight) so Pluto here is easier to express, not stronger or weaker, but he can only be expressed through aspects to personla planets or the angles.

    This means that the fixity and control-instinct of Scorpio will be supercharged by the conjunction with Pluto in his sign, this creates an enormous impetus to control, through subtle and mostly unconscious means, situations, environments and people with whom you are configured. As women you will furthermore tend to project – through the solar principle – this energy onto men in your life. No doubt you seek mysterious, powerful males with whom to share your life and all might be well with that unless the transformation does not stick, in which case, and over the long term (more likely in mid-life therefore) you might run into serious relationship difficulties as a result.

    The pattern is formed in childhood, no doubt father was either remote and autocratic or in some way flawed and seemingly uncontrolled as a result.

    The key therefore is a great anxiety about not being in control which ought to be especially urgent in Scorpio, but for the same reason, especially difficult to get hold of, often because it is projected. You no doubt will feel as though everything is very neatly and easily controlled and it could be that others seem to you to be ‘out of control’ by comparison but actually (and this is so often the case that it bears analysis) for Sun-Pluto people, when things go wrong, the wheels can really come off for them and all of this unconscious fear just erupts.

    Usually for Sun-Pluto women it follows a classic pattern. They find their ideal mate, a mysterious, controlled and often actually sinister type (he may even have a somewhat criminal aura!) and they settle down for the long-haul. Several years in, they start to notice his weaknesses and flaws to the extent that he becomes defensive. The dynamics play out until he feels completely undermined and you wonder what happened to the controlled and powerful persona you were so attracted to. Then he leaves.

    That’s when the storm hits, and it’s a real crisis if Sun-Pluto isn’t faced and transformed.

    How do you do that? Honesty, meditation, and an absolute refusal to allow yourself to dominate others. It takes a real self-discipline to make it work though.

    Of course, this is a gross generalisation, and your entire astrology will give a much clearer picture overall.

  14. You just described my last relationship to an exact T. The only reason it lasted so long was that he had strong pluto also and I found him somewhat impenetrable. Once I did finally wear him down he left. Still. A relationship with a ‘regular’ person is scarier than anything. What’s so compelling about someone if you can figure them out in two seconds flat? It’s a damned if you do and damned if you don’t life I figure. I also have pluto conjunct MC. How does this play out?

  15. Wow, thank you chirotic for the reply! Interesting, you accurately describe the sort of men I’m attracted to for the most part, but yes it really does vary – other parts of the chart are responsible for that I’m sure. It’s difficult to comment on how this aspect plays out with regards to relationships. I’ve only had one semi-serious relationship and from that one alone I notice that the power-plays are very subdued. I find that the control/obsessive/compulsive tendencies are played out much more within myself than to the other person; he was very scorpio and I’m not even sure he felt this aspect. Perhaps it’s because I’m still very young? I’m 20. Anyhow, I feel the biggest obstacle with this aspect is with it’s placement in my 5th house, it seems to really inhibit me. I’m terrified of personal expression until I’m completely comfortable, which doesn’t always happen or takes a long time. I feel I’m scared of my myself sometimes.

    Thanks again for the insight!

  16. I have sun and mercury square pluto. My gf has venus and moon square pluto. Our composite chart has mars opposite pluto. Her mars conjuncts my venus, and my mars quincuxs her venus.
    We have found each other after many setbacks in relationships. And decided, from start, to be absolute sincere to each other, and talk openly about any sort of problem. We have been growing a lot since then. My last relationship also had a pluto-venus square and I left after she wore me off. I don’t want this to happen now, so I don’t pretend to be “the sun” of the relationship and try to not dominate my new gf. I try to have a very balanced relationship with her, we share the duties and everything.
    Finally I am feeling that I love and I am being loved. Its not easy anyway.
    hope this helps.
    Sometimes I feel like I am no-one, quite unsafe, and she helps me either in a soft or demanding way. I often reasure her that she knows how to love and that she is perfectly loved just by being what she is – a fantastic woman like any other. And I have a lot of patience when she seems to not love anything but her work (moon in capricorn square pluto in libra).
    We talked about the good thing in our relationship and what came first was how we are being transformed to the best, even knowing that we started as lovers with a huge deal of sexual compulsion.
    Now we feel each time more peaceful with each other, and our dream is to create a home that we can feel safe and at ease with each other.
    Our composite north node is in taurus, so I think that is the goal of the relationship – a nurturing and peaceful place so we can grow, finally.
    ps: both of us were sexually abused as children and she had a manipulative mother while I had a demanding father.

  17. I work in a company and quickly I gained a lot of power. The sun-pluto conjunction has helped me a lot.
    I believe that in relationships it doesn’t help much because you tend to focus too much on yourself and not on the significant other.

  18. I have a Sun Pluto Lilith conjunction in Libra, the 5th house. I do try to find flaws in my partner but only because he is abusive to me in every way but I dont find any strength to leave him. I feel the need to find something so wrong that would overcome my low self esteem and constant guilt and push me to leave him once for all. He is toxic. Why do I experience all this? Why do I feel the need to punish myself? I could be carefree and happy with someone who would treat me right.

  19. Can you please give me some insight into what a sun/pluto conj in the 5th house is like? I have a general idea but there’s nothing too specific online.

    Thank you!

  20. I have Pluto conjunct Sun 1 degree from Scorpio
    Pluto conjuct mercury 1 degree from scorpio
    Pluto conjunct saturn in Scorpio
    All in the fourth house
    Moon in Taurus opp saturn scorpio
    I am the epitomy of Unrestrained explosion.

    1. Mine is an almostpainful existance. I am howver content that I have conj. and not square. I feel it gives a little wiggle room to work with πŸ™‚

  21. A Very interesting blog. The Will is indeed extremely evident the manifestations of my life. I am a 5 planet Scorpio stellium, of which includes 4 planets (Mars) in the 8th House. I have recently turned 36. My progressive Sun is now 2 degrees Capricorn, in the 10th, conjunct Pluto 5 degrees in the 10th that also conjuncts my Jupiter Midhevean.

    I was born with volcanic intensity and a deep psychological depth. I have experienced tremendous pains and learend from my misdeeds. My life has evolved with life changing meaning because of such intense deaths and awakenings of ego and emotions.

    I have learned what the abuse of social power is. I see the deception of this darkness in people very rapidly… because this same unconscious deception ravaged my inner-worlds, my behavior, my deeds and motivations that now my consciousness is aware of liberating such dark evil wickedness and transforming such energies into soulful goodness and virtue.

    Mars, Mercury and Uranus in Scorpio and in my 8th House re-birth tremendous greater levels of being.

    If anybody could imagine the God of War- Mars, in Scorpio AND IN the 8th, you could imagine the catastrophic war going inside one-self. These life lessons are nothing pretty or casual.

    I have literally changed from a deep Core Identity and from the Inside-Out. The outside “reality of things” is now understood to slight, trick and manipulate those who are blind and weak to see such intentions. My existence is to unveil such evil and bring it to light and to give every breath and moment a Meaning.

    I am now receptive to life, not wanting to control the Source of life (God) but to work within him, his energy and to continue to grow as a man.


  22. Pluto Puppy,
    thanks for sharing. That was very interesting. So, you’re saying that you were a rather bad and wicked person but you managed to realize it and transform although it caused you great pain? I never thought that people entrenched in power abuse and manipulations could change to such an extent. My observation is that people actually never truly change, they just find work-arounds. So what you’re saying is really exciting. If you ever happen to come back to that site and care to share details, it’d be great. I’m curious at what age your transformation started, what events triggered it, and how long it took to transform. Thanks

  23. WOW!Pluto Puppy I really relate to your experience! I was born in the Chinese year of The Tiger. I Have my Sun, Venus and Mercury all in Cap (4th House) Squaring Pluto in Libra in the First, My Mars sextiles Pluto and Saturn Squares Pluto. Right now Transiting Pluto is Conjunct my Sun!!! I ordered the book Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of The Soul by Jeff Green. This book was recommended to me from another blog and it has been very helpful!!! Oh I almost forgot My moon is also trine to this Pluto. My Life is an interesting Volcanic, Turmultuous Beautiful Journey. I have a genuine desire to penetrate and deeply connect and relieve the pain of others. I wonder if people are having fullfilled sex lives and will even ask them! I tend to attract partners though that reflect my early parental environment of Shame around sex. I have attracted partners who are possessive and domineering and reinforce a lack of trust around me and sex. I believe that my own lack of approval with respect to my sex and touch needs have kept this cycle in place.I am Healer and deeply empathic and empathetic and intuitive by nature. I am a liscenced massage therapist. But my vocation has not thrived because of my inner turmoil around whatever intimate relationship i may be in. Venus in Cap int he Fourth opposing Saturn in Cancer in the 10th and both Sqaring Pluto!!!!! Once i embrace my nature my vocation will line up and my relationship will then embrace them both…scary though….cuz with Sun Square Pluto I don’t want to upset the Man, but i must liberate myself and purposes to make the kind of difference i came to make!!!The Man I’m with right now btw is a Sun, Venus Scorpio with a Cancer Moon conjunct Cancer Rising…

  24. Hi πŸ™‚ mine’s a sun pluto conj. In partile/or exact conjunction in the fourth house scorpio , may you tell me what this can mean please?, I do f***ing struggle! i love this article by the way ! πŸ˜‰

  25. This blog is so very insightful about the Pluto influence. It is almost hidden, but oh, so powerful. Thank you too for the reflection of the differentials in values culturally, vis a vis women and men. I, a woman, have a relatively tight stellium, all in Virgo: Ur/Pl/Sun/Merc. Since I do not have my time of birth, I do not know in which house. My guess is that it might be related to the world, since my allurement, and work (and purpose), is all about the transformation of consciousness. Any feedback on, or experience with that stellium would be sincerely appreciated.

  26. Thanks for the post. Born with Sun in Leo conjunct Pluto, and Pluto also conjunct Mars and Mercury.(also Venus, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter conjunct my Sun) I don’t think it means things are hopeless if you have this in your chart. Rather, you bring your darkness to light and transform yourself. You make the unconscious victim/perpetrator pattern conscious so you don’t have to live it out in the world. Also, it’s important to find something you’re passionate about, something that gives your life transcendent meaning. For me, that’w writing. I’ve also done lots of therapy, twelve step work(hello codependence/relationship addiction)shamanism,and self defense training, plumbing the depths, music, journaling. If you don’t deal with your darkness, it seeks you out.

  27. I have pluto conjunct sun in libra 29 degrees conjunct saturn and mercury in scorpio all 4th house….

  28. Fascinating – if slightly scary – stuff. I just drew up my lunar return (tomorrow) and found Sun conjunct Pluto on the ascendant. I don;t usually take much notice of lunar returns, but this one is so intense, it’s got me trawling the net looking for answers. πŸ™‚

  29. I have a Pluto | Sun conjunction in Libra with my Sun trine to my moon in Aquarius. I also have Saturn in Libra. For me, what I see consciously, is the Libran tendency to subordinate the needs of self to the harmony of relationship but also, an intense and definitely obsessive focus on my relationships. I tend to develop very strong feelings early on and struggle to keep this from overwhelming the other person. There is also a tendency, as I have read elsewhere, for victim scenarios to surface in my relationships, where I cast myself as victim and use guilt for control. Recognizing that I am only one half of a relationship and therefore can never fully control my relationships is what I’m working on now. Knowing my own needs and boundaries in relationship and living true to those is the most control I can hope to have. Letting the chips fall where they may is liberating!

  30. I’m a female also & have Sun conj ASC & Pluto in Libra all in 1st, Mars in 8th and Moon conj Venus in Scorpio. cuppa Pluto anyone? lol. Sometimes it is just too much!! Honestly, I think I am less intense than during my youth when there was so much energy boiling and bubbling, I drew conflict, attack & power struggles like a magnet. Scary. Maybe things have smoothed out due to progression? But I have been told resentfully more than once that I’m pretty darn “self-focused.” Sigh.

    I am not dominating over friends or socially but at home or a vocation I am passionate about, it’s a different matter. It is TOUGH on relationships – most men are emasculated and strong men, I notice I tend to spar with. I’m self made and also rose fast career-wise but require lots of freedom and autonomy at work or I go crazy! It is really hard for me to partner – not many folks have the same drive. I’ve had lots of relationships (Jup in 5th) but so far not married & very much enjoy my own space. I’ve had some sweet guys that eventually I overpowered & lost respect for. My husband/life partner will have to be strong but NOT sinister. I’ve attracted the bad boy thing and just…Yuck! (I have Jupiter in 5th trine Sun/ASC/Pluto and Neptune sext. Sun and Jupiter so I like positive, upstanding, creative folk. Immorality or general creepiness is a huge turn off.) I am fairly live and let live but if someone really crosses me or I find they are cheating or abusing others – watch out!!!

    Seems I am going through a more Uranian phase lately and it is all about freedom. In my progressed, Uranus recently crossed my ASC, I have Mercury conj. Uranus also in 1st natally and Uranus is currently opposing my Sun and transiting my 7th.

    However, I think the natal pluto oomph will always be with you and it does lend regenerative power and distinct life phases of death and rebirth – particularly in 1st. Folks often comments that my physical looks have changed completely – they don’t even often recognize me. ;}

  31. hello chirotic, would you be able to write about sun conjunct pluto and venus in scorpio fourth house?…. I basically feel it as a powerful sexual undertone but also good for healing, transformation and music. thank you. how would you make this energy not scary..and instead, just powerful and fearless? thank you

  32. I have Sun conjunct Pluto in the libra/1st house. How does the influence of the 1st house play out here please?
    Ps: I also have mercury in libra/2nd house conjunction both the Sun and Pluto.

    1. Hello, Chirotic, I’m sorry for swearing on my last post… but it’s so true, I have so much intense energy surrounding power issues in the home that I simply cannot handle it sometimes…It occasionally erupts and does me damage. Right now for example, it has just totally come under the roof and blown it off. I don’t mean in a normal ‘have an argument’ way either…I mean it is like it is really massively destructive energy, that I simply do not know how to deal with…I really honistly, genuinely need your help with your writing work, I have sun conjunct pluto conjunct venus in scorpio fourth house. I realise this energy will always be there, so HOW on EARTH, do I get an insight into what the energies are about and why they are so dangerously explosive at times. I cannot stop them. They just erupt. usually in the form of me self-imploding so that I don’t hurt others. Themes are.. scorpio stuff, brotherhood, desire to heal. frustration with lack of open communication on ‘hidden issues’
      thank you. it actually does make me feel crazy. please help. i also have mercury in this house. thank you

  33. Excellent write up. I just detached from a relationship with a woman with Venus square Neptune, and a Sun Pluto conjunction in Libra. I was able to learn a lot from it…. as a child my mother projected a saviour archetype upon me given my abusive father. I grew up a protector of women, and often have drawn women with hard neptune aspects that saw me as a source of light and otherworldly love. This woman had a very rough childhood, but the beginnings of the relationship was some of my best experiences with a women ever… very blissful and loving.. but I felt the tests coming and it built very quickly, until I found myself in a sea of our collective unconscious being ripped apart by her, as if she had to prove that not only was I NOT what she originally projected, but dualistically sabotaging the relationship out of her own feelings of unworthiness, and also now projecting the human side onto me, and destroying the mirror of her humanness by attempting to destroy me. I saw it for what it was pretty early and bailed pretty quick.

    1. Thanks what a great post. The shadow is no joke, and the withdrawal of those “ideal mate” projections can get rough if someone can’t handle your/ their own humanity. Neptune is a tricky little bastard too, sublime or in need of a reality check.
      I have Sun conjunct Pluto(majoring in Pluto) and I still believe we have a choice to go unconscious(play out the victim/perp script) or to bring our own darkness to light.

    2. Wooow, I have both of those aspects, Im a female and that is soo true. I do this and I really hate it, but I often feel like Im blind after I finaly come to see who the person really is. I also have my neptune and uranus in 7th both are square to venus. It is hard, because its okay to be victim of this for once, but to live with this forever knowing you are doomed. Wish there was a cure for this problem

  34. I know this is a old post, but can you say more about the aspect i have. Scorpio sun, conjunct a scorpio pluto in the first house, is this compulsion directed to me and my ego?

    1. To really understand this, you need to appreciate the sign the conjunction falls in and the condition of its ruler.

  35. I have Sun conj. Pluto Leo n am a minimalist and sometime (mild) env activist which I find common w Sun conj. Pluto. I met a man playing in a small band in a cheap bistro -who had inherited many millions- he was in my life for 3 uncommitted years – but he did not tell me -but I did not like his nightclub n A list party lifestyle as I preferred mooching about in jeans and watching good tv….He married a model n owns even more now..Ten years later I met another man -I loved so much- in a coffee shop -in same arts career n from same country as the first one who also inherited much $$$$ -after we stopped seeing each other -he went home to his birth home. He was known for being a very difficult grumpy person but kind and hilariously funny. I had a treasured on line unpossessive friendship w him later for years from our respective countries til he died unexpectedly recently -which is a great source of sorrow. The other men in my life have been average income but I do like charisma and magnetism – but since I now live in a small town and am not young such folk are in short supply……My lack of long term is more from other chart factors I think such as Jupiter//Chiron/Neptune in 5th and ruling 7th for starters…..

  36. Thank you for your article, it’s wonderful. I’m a woman with Sun-Pluto in Libra (house 4) and it’s right what you said : “Consider then Sun in Libra, conjunct Pluto. The ideal of marriage becomes paramount, compulsive and overwhelming.” It’s great that I realise myself in the relationship and it improves. Is there any advise for the positive use of this conjunction in the enlightenment ?
    Thank you very much and have a beautiful day !!!

  37. Let’s say it isn’t the symbology of Pluto that’s to fear but the essence of the receiving planet. The sun as Leo is bombastic, Pluto as Scorpio reveals this. A haggard ego is not a pretty sight and loses all sense of who and what is important. If this were an out of sign conjunction then the planet or luminary in critical degrees function at Best in a creative way but outside of that have no identification with others. Drag me underground why don’t you is probably an apt observation dealing with this type although it’s meant to keep others imprisoned. This imprisonment of others makes a sun/Pluto person believe they’ve found their escape into the light but this is bombastic. Others act as Pluto to reveal their need for artificial light to blot out all they’ve accumulated in their dark void and their power too becomes a lonely place. It’s a difficult realization that when the light dims down no one is there but the shadow versions of your conceit. Appearance wise I’ve noticed this type has serpent like qualities as though sharp teeth and red eyes come out at night, rattling for prey. They prefer angry, hard case mentalities as friends who act without consideration and also have friends/families that are either incapacitated in some way or leave them in the corner. This type is not helpless and best to leave them to their struggles while providing a highly structured and principled environment with consequences lest they help themselves destroying others dignity.

  38. I have Pluto 12 and Sun 10 lurking at the v end of 3rd. I love dowsing n earth energy stuff so guess it is operating in 4th. Living in WA Oz now the conj is in 1st where it is isolating and a traumatic non relationship thing occurred that I find hard to think of let alone talk of. . But the earth energy stuff has been great here. I left for some years to Melbourne which is a huge relief n lovely energy but a gson to mind has brought me back. It is clean and quiet here but I prefer UK NSW n Melbourne…….anywhere!!!!

    1. Yes Angie, I think you’ve found a healthy channel for that Plutonic energy, riches under the earth and all that good Hadean material.

  39. I have a sun in Libra conjunct Pluto in the 5th house with an Aquarian moon and a Cancer ascendant. I find that Scorpios are intrigued with me. I am a very driven person and own my own business. I am into holistic health and enjoy helping people. I tend to be direct and penetrating, size up the truth of situations quickly and can be fairly intuitive. People have told me that I am nice but that I can come off a little intimidating until they get to know me. I have long ago had to deal with the fact that I have a strong transformative energy and the power to change people’s lives. That fact was difficult to accept when I was young especially when I kept having people come up to me after upheaval and change in their lives and say that something I did or said made them reexamine their situation and turn their lives around. I am constantly connecting people and have a lot of odd synchronicity surrounding me. I liken it to the tower paired with the wheel of fortune archetypes in tarot. I seem to help people recognize the truth of whatever situation they are in and figure out what direction they want to take and act as a conduit for people and resources to help them get where they need to go. While I have many great personal and professional relationships, my romantic life suffers as I have been caught up in more than few relationships with men who have emotionally abusive and narcissistic traits. I actually find myself on the other side of the dynamic mentioned in the article and have a history of dating men who will put me on a pedestal then systematically tear me down. I have come to realize that it is my caring nature and poor boundary setting that has put me in those situations and have since gotten into more positive romantic relationships but it has definitely been a pattern in the past. Hopefully, this gives someone out there more insight into this aspect.

    1. This is a great insight, we can only become slaves of Pluto if we are unconscious of his influence.

    2. It is same for me in relationships. Pluto sun, neptune in 7th square mzy venus in 4th. That is why I am alone until I find a way to change this somehow. Pluto and saturn are coming together over my DSC soon and will be squaring my venus so I hope things are going to change and hope for the best.

  40. I find it so interesting how astrologers so so often vilify the Sun-Pluto native. How does this help the client? I have seen many with this conjunction and they have the potential to be so incredibly self-sacrificing and have the ability to truly become pure consciousness.

    1. You have seen this so often? That’s a shame, vilification is senseless and so unnecessary, I simply cannot fathom it. Why would any astrologer vilify a person? It makes no sense.

      The business of astrology is the cultivation and pursuit of self-awareness, and that necessarily means determining the negative potentials of an aspect. This is the only means by which one might avoid those potentials and this is the only way to help a client. But not by vilification, and we cannot personalise an aspect, as it is not an person of course!

      With respect to Sun-Pluto being self-sacrificing, I am not going to say that it is impossible, but it is not the style one associates with this combination. Sun – Neptune, perhaps. It might be that a Sun-Pluto in Pisces could evince some of these qualities, but usually it would not be in a healthy way. And it has been a couple of hundred years since we had any cases to examine. A person of pure consciousness, which you allude to, would I suspect, be immune to the negative potentials of all their astrology, conjunctions of Sun – Pluto included!

      The key dynamic of Pluto on the Sun is existential anxiety. If self-sacrifice might feasibly alleviate that anxiety then it could be the preferred tactic employed by that suffering soul, but most typically the response is to attempt to dominate and control when the anxiety nature is invoked. But in a subtle way! The Sun Pluto person does not directly challenge, usually they would undermine rather than confront.

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