Apollo, Cassandra and the Archetypally Dysfunctional Marriage

Possibly, of all the many deities described within the pantheons of mythology, Apollo had the broadest remit. He was known as Apollo by both the Romans and the Greeks, which in itself was rather unusual, traditionally the Greek nomenclature was invariably altered, Romanised (although some later Roman poets did refer to him as Phoebus.) He… Read More

Venus in the 12th

Be with me, My prison-guard, whose smile the only light In this oubliette of mine; no darkness, Only a forgetting of what is bright, A rich smear, a Monet in my mind’s eye, Of you, only you. And at last, With your glittering soul I shall hold still, With hands on hips and sweet Athena’s… Read More

The True Spirit of Opposition

Today I would like to present you with one of the most challenging hypotheses you will likely hear in the entire spectrum of astrological debate. I contend that the best possible aspect that you can have at your disposal out of the entire array of angular connections between celestial bodies is the opposition. Of course,… Read More

What do you want?

Here is a list of all the topics I want to write about but just don’t have the time, so, if you have a view then vote for one and I’ll write up the most popular choice. How to work out what will most likely happen under any given transit. The process is a lot… Read More