Too Much Pluto…

Join me for a relaxed half hour of discussion on the phenomenon of having too much, or too little Pluto. How to tell if you have just enough (or too much / too little) Pluto and what the likely effects will be in either case. We also take a view...
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  1. I had never heard that venus was about reasoning, but that makes a lot of sense and puts venus into place so much more in my mind. I know that was just an aside but that’s conceptually a big deal and reorients everything. Your very good at having asides that are actually a big deal and mean a lot! I am glad you have found a way to set up making more content workable for you have been enjoying everything so far.

    1. Thanks David, yes it’s true. It is always good to see a Mercury-Venus conjunction in a compatible sign (Libra is good for example) because it does give a very measured and balanced style of thinking. You often see it in the charts of writers, thinkers and teachers.

    1. Not on its own, no, but you will be ‘seen’ for some style of your Plutonic expression with Pluto here. This can be as good or bad as you make it. There are a raft of factors that are involved, the sign of, and aspects to Pluto will have a major influence, as will the rising sign. Even a very strong Pluto does not mean that you will necessarily suffer (others might!), as ever the key to working with Pluto is your commitment to integrity and spiritual values.

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