Goddess Power!

Every day begins with ritual. And yet, in these confused times our rituals have lost their wonder, their heart. Hygeia, Ceres, Vesta, we can honour the Goddesses in the simple rituals of awakening, washing, breaking fast and then, before we begin attending to our livelihood, we attend to the hearth, especially upon these cold winter... Continue Reading →

The Astrology of Breaking Down

Today’s article is a story. Not a made-up story, it’s a real-life story, a part of my own story, and it demonstrates, I believe, just how astonishingly powerful astrology is when you are open to its most fundamental principles, when you are fluent (and that’s a potent word in this context) in its language, and... Continue Reading →

Hygeia, the Virgoan Principle?

In about 400BC, a Sicyonian poet named Ariphron composed a paean to Hygeia, underlining the profound importance - to the Greeks - of this deity, an importance on a scale which is  not remotely mirrored by the astrologer of today: Hygeia, best of the Blessed Ones to men, May I dwell with you for the... Continue Reading →

Hygeia, Virgo and the 6th: sheer perfection!

Ceres, Pallas and Vesta are somewhat understood in the astrology, and all seem worthy of attention based upon size alone (for those who consider such factors significant!), but far less is understood about Hygeia, the fourth largest asteroid in the belt between Mars and Saturn. It is not a great deal smaller than either Vesta... Continue Reading →

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