Celestial Forecast June 6th – 12th

Overall, a tricky week, Saturn stationed yesterday – Saturn retrograde is like the teacher walking out of the classroom. You can take a nap or study but when she comes back you’re gonna have to take the test (thanks for this great analogy Sarah) – just as the Moon makes in the direction of discomfiting transits to Orcus and Neptune and gets into a close Kite with Mercury and Pluto. This provokes some difficult emotion, but you have the power of self-control right now, so the theme is about finding a balance between speaking with control vs. speaking from hurt feelings. Awareness of undercurrents is everything.


The Moon moves into Virgo today, it’s a good day then for getting organised, and adopting health, cleaning, and self-care routines. The powerful Golden Yod from Mars-Pluto to the Moon perfects at 13:47 UK time, that’s 08:47 EDT. This is a golden opportunity to make your mark by showing determination and willpower in your home and family plans. Maybe there’s something you’ve been putting off because you just haven’t had the energy for it, well, today’s the day! Sun is also quintile Jupiter and square Orcus, so here’s a challenge to be optimistic even if you’re feeling a little isolated. Remember that this feeling will pass in the next few days and try to stay positive. Sun is conjunct Hephaistos, so this adds to the sense of feeling trapped, don’t believe it, you’re resourceful enough to find a solution and set yourself free. Sometimes it’s enough to take refuge into your own private world and just focus on what you need.

              In My World – Linsey Buckingham, Christine McVie


Virgo Moon falls conjunct Orcus today at 7am, so it’s a private time, but the sense of oppression will ease as the day goes on, but Moon will move into her first quarter today, so it’s a discontented, slightly tense feeling that is challenging you to speak more authentically in your workplace or to those people you spend time with from day to day. It’s okay to be honest. The danger here is that as Moon approaches Neptune opposition, you can feel very sensitive and unappreciated. Just try to make your point and move on. It pays to be pragmatic today. Your best outlet is to do something different and unusual; you need a change of scene and maybe some excitement, whatever that means for you, but it’s best not to take refuge in drink or drugs today.

              Prison Walls – Nino SLG


Today starts with a major Kite pattern as Moon perfects in a Grand Trine with Mercury and Pluto. A transiting Kite is an invitation to retreat into a comfort zone, but that Mercury is square Saturn, so it’s a day of slightly difficult communications. It feels easiest to just take refuge in keeping your mouth shut, but the spine of the Kite is Moon-Neptune, so the danger is that your sensitivity can stoke your feelings. Try to rise above. But it’s a difficult day no doubt, Sun opposes the Hadean Huya, and Moon squares Terpsichore, so you might feel pushed into an angry outburst, even if reluctantly. This won’t help anything though, so, walk away, and you can demonstrate great self-control if you don’t allow people to get to you. Sometimes a shrug works wonders.

            In the Wake of Poseidon – King Crimson


Yesterday’s Kite persists into the afternoon, and Moon transits asteroid Ophelia, so there’s a temptation to collapse into drama if you’re not careful. Ophelia was the young lover of Prince Hamlet, whose behaviour drove her crazy. Hang in there, this will pass today but Moon’s afternoon square to Ixion, might involve what you would call ‘selfish women’. Venus’ trine to Orcus finds relaxation in solitude, so therein lies the solution to all the week’s aggravations. Mars falls conjunct asteroid Hestia, so put your energy into chores and obligations in the afternoon. Clean the fireplace or stove. Bake some bread. Keep it simple, all will be well. The Moon moves into Libra at 16:23. This will make life a bit more sociable but beware of those aforementioned selfish women.

              Ophelia – Natalie Merchant


Today’s Libra Moon moves out of opposition with Neptune and into opposition with Jupiter and Mars. It’s like the gloves are off and you’re free to express yourself now, but this can be an argumentative energy, so beware of that, and with Moon conjunct asteroid Hera, wives are in the spotlight. So, try not to start a fight with your partner. There’s nothing wrong with banter of course, and it can even lead to some spontaneous physical affection and that’s the best use of this transit. Take it to the bedroom. As the evening draws on, Moon moves into trine with Sun, so harmonious relations are on the cards, pour the gin and put some soft jazz on the turntable and ease into the weekend.

              Jazz Music – De-Phazz


A really interesting day, dominated by two important aspect patterns. Moon forms a Grand Trine with Sun and Saturn, so this is a really grounding time for your important relationships. Parents are signified, as are marriages, and this pattern brings stability. Next a powerful Golden Yod is formed as Moon approaches quintile with Ixion at 4:44 am (approaching midnight on Friday EDT). This stays critical until 7:35 am, but the effects will last the whole morning. This is a great opportunity to talk about your feelings and express some things that you’ve struggled to articulate recently. Sometimes we just hesitate to put our feelings ‘out there’ because it makes us vulnerable, but this armours your soul somewhat. You can say the thing now. But difficult conversations need to be done in the morning because Moon moves into square with Pluto by the evening, and this involves the long-term Pluto-Eris square. When Moon and Eris are in play, there’s always the temptation to say something provocative, but when Pluto is in the mix, it can cut too close.

              Symphony No. 5 in C Sharp Minor – Gustav Mahler


The Moon moved into Scorpio late last night, so there is an energy shift from breezy and bright Libra into a more brooding and introspective space that is only a continuation of Moon’s Pluto square. Moon also moves out of the Pluto square and into a quintile, which forms another Golden Yod late at night (in the afternoon EDT). Venus also falls conjunct Uranus just before midnight and Moon will trigger this in the early hours of Monday. This is a powerful opportunity to express yourself creatively, and there is a spontaneity to your actions if you go with it, that can give pleasing results. It’s also a good time to spend with friends, who can make you feel at peace with yourself. Unless you have those kinds of friends who are, you know, a bit too crazy. Don’t invite that friend, okay?

              Rooting for You – London Grammar

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