Celestial Forecast May 30th – June 6th

This week starts with a new Moon in Gemini, good for starting new writing, communication, or school projects. Moon trines Saturn on Tuesday, concentrate on building firm foundations in your local community. Go for a kickabout in the park with the kids. From Wednesday the Moon comes home to the sign of Cancer, it’s a good idea from then to stay home for the next couple of days, and do research, or carry on writing the novel. Mercury stations direct on Friday at 9am, and trines Pluto. You’ll be able to get deep focus and powerful insights if you get into this groove. Don’t be surprised as the week goes on if tensions rise, especially with older family members, Moon opposes Pluto in Capricorn during Friday afternoon. There might be responsibilities around home matters to take care of, which are difficult or anxiety inducing. The opposition also makes a tee-square with apex Eris. Somebody is causing a schism or upset, or spouting conspiracy theories. You can alleviate this by escaping, Neptune helps out here. Go for a walk by the sea or listen to music to drift away from the drama. On Friday evening, Moon moves into Leo. Time to get creative, but don’t expect it to be easy to get the creative juices flowing by the 5th as the Moon moves into a Saturn opposition. You can use this energy to get the creative chores done. Clean your paintbrushes and tidy the workbench. And pay the bills for the studio or restock your materials. But you know, be frugal. On the 6th, Mars and Pluto form a powerfully creative Golden Yod to Moon who will move into Virgo in the morning. So next Monday, with Moon approaching Orcus is a good opportunity to spend some alone time, with a focus on your health and wellbeing. A long walk, gym session, or just a quiet contemplative coffee, but it’s better to spend time quietly and reflectively. You can bring meditation and introspection into the small activities of the day to good effect and set yourself up for a rewarding week.

Here’s this week’s playlist to get you in the groove, I’ve added a song for each day of the week that feels right to me for the astrological weather… Feel free to share your own songs to the list, this is a community of the similarly afflicted!

Next week’s forecast is going to be bigger and better with a day by day explanation and new forecasts go up on Sunday night UK time, that’s Sunday, early afternoon US.

Until next week,

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