Anatomy of the Kite

This week we take a deep dive into the Kite pattern, and really get underneath the glittering outer promise of so many trines and sextiles, to understand that the Kite is not entirely a balm to the soul, even if it offers great benefits to the initiated. The Kite begins...
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2 thoughts on “Anatomy of the Kite

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  1. I have no exact trines let alone grand ones unless I count asteroid trines which I have w Psyche Gem 2; Chiron n other asteroids 0-1 Libra 1 Icarus 1Aquarius and that does not count. House 0 Sag would make it a kite. Or Apollo n Child n Astrea 0-2 Leo. Maybe that is why I avoid flying……No one in la famille has a grind trine. We tend towards sextiles n conjunctions…..I have a friend 1959 w the same pattern as Matt Damon but w Jupiter in Scorpio, Moon in Taurus, Saturn in Capricorn n Sun in Virgo. Her mum was a secular Jewish communist in her youth, very enviro n community minded in her later years, n as frugal as possible w no concept of self indulgence or luxury. My friend has huge work ethic which has led her to do jobs way below her intelligence level. Maybe her Jupiter outlet is discovering Judaism after her mum died. Which has led to both a sense of belonging and disillusionment n confusion over Israel question. Very lovable.

    1. Hey Ange,
      Yes I think asteroid Grand Trines count, but they have to be very close and they will be more subtle. Nonetheless they will operate as a minor or rather low key comfort zone. So, with something like Psyche-Chiron-Icarus, there something about escaping from psychological wounds.

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