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A standard report is minimum 2000 words, while extra is minimum 4000 words.
There is a similar amount of preparatory work for either report which is reflected in the cost.
Please use this space to explain anything that is important to your situation, or any special requests or questions that you have.

What if I have questions or require a different service?

Just discuss your requirements in the form above and I will get back to you with an answer, right away. Or very soon at least!

Aside from general astrology readings, I can offer you:

  • Chart rectification, so you get an exact birth time
  • Electional astrology, so you can maximise the chances of success for your marriage, for moving into your new home, or for making the best of any major life transitions.
  • A Hades report, for those seeking a deep understanding of their more profound spiritual challenges.
  • Composite astrology to help you navigate your relationship difficulties and find harmony together.

And if there is some other study or issue that you need addressed then just ask. We can work out what is possible and go from there.

What about references?

I have hundreds of satisfied customers over the years, here are a few more recent testimonials.

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