A Sea Change on the Horizon?

For many months now I have been watching the future. Inevitably this is a key concern of the astrologer, the Uranian, the Aquarian, the 11th house individual, but actually, this coming month there is an astrological event of staggering magnitude in the making. So far as I can work out, 27th of May will be… Read More

Pluto and the Personal Planets Revisited

Today, I will begin to summarise the various insights relating to Pluto’s contacts with the personal planets that I have written over the last few weeks: they represent the sum total of my experience of the combinations with Pluto and their various manifestations into the life. I intend to look at case studies for each… Read More

On Blame…

My apologies, in passing, for not posting an article here for quite some time; for not, if you like, fulfilling my contract on this journal, but here I am, and I intend to discuss contracts today, in a round-about manner. In large part I am writing this simply because I have Pluto in the 12th… Read More