Three Dimensional Astrology: Part 4

This is the final instalment of my series on spiritual astrology, discussing in some depth the midlife transits, the Pluto and Neptune squares, and the Uranus half-return, among others. Thanks to everyone for their support and encouragement; I aim to record material on new topics later in the year, I am under some pressure to... Continue Reading →

Three Dimensional Astrology: Part Three

Another day, another discussion. Continuing from where I left off last time, today I discuss Orcus as a key component of spiritual integrity and the implications this has for finding meaning within your own life. I have listened to the constructive comments and emails I have received from many kind people and tried to adjust... Continue Reading →

Three Dimensional Astrology: Part Two

Continuing then with the next instalment of my discussion. This time I made a few changes from my previous recording: I sat rather than walked and I made a few notes to be going along with, mostly to help with continuity. Once again, if you wish to download the source file then you can do... Continue Reading →

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