Apologies for any inconvenience…

I am going through a dreadful upheaval just now so I am having to defer today's post until the weekend at the earliest, maybe till Tuesday, I simply haven't got the mental fortitude to write it out today. However, if you want to read some incredible astrology, go and see my true friend Deirdre, she... Continue Reading →

A Medical Astrology Primer

Here then is my first foray into writing out a primer for the practise of the medical astrology. I shall begin with making a few key observations. I think one of the fundamentals has to do with interrelatedness in very much the same vein as any astrology; the aspects create a relationship between principles as... Continue Reading →

Hygeia, the Virgoan Principle?

In about 400BC, a Sicyonian poet named Ariphron composed a paean to Hygeia, underlining the profound importance - to the Greeks - of this deity, an importance on a scale which is  not remotely mirrored by the astrologer of today: Hygeia, best of the Blessed Ones to men, May I dwell with you for the... Continue Reading →


A beating heart of flame consumes the wastes, Rolling lambent and lithe, waxing and waning, 'Cross moonless halls these cold shades lament The promise of new life; this unbound spirit In crevasses of cracking crystal, Sibilant waves of glass break, roaring with dread, Yet bright as Paladin's faith; this tread Into arms of light. Crushing... Continue Reading →

Fundamentals of astrology: the polarity

Today, I wish to explore a little of the terrain of that counterpart to the astrologer's insight: the Jungian view of the soul. It is no coincidence that Jung's theoretical premises of psychoanalysis form such a supportive and compatible adjunct to the astrology, because Jung himself was a believer in the totality of symbolic experience.... Continue Reading →

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