Celestial Songs: June 13th – 19th


Moon square Orcus

Today’s energies are not easy at first glance, but it’s better than it looks. With Moon in Sagittarius there is a temptation to explore, to travel or to expand the mind, but there is nonetheless a rather solitary sense about it, and this might feel challenging. But time alone can nonetheless prove to be just what you need. A quiet day, stay positive.


Full Moon in Sagittarius making a tee-square to Neptune. Moon into Capricorn.

The full Moon is a culmination, in this case of study, communications or conversations, perhaps travel plans. A Sagittarius Moon is usually optimistic and outgoing, but there is a note of caution here because Neptune is tee-squared by the opposition of Sun and Moon. Things might not be as straightforward as they seem. Beware of people who seem to promise much, or whose motives might not be clear, it’s easy to be ‘taken in’ under this influence. Later on, Moon moves into hard-headed Capricorn, which might feel like a bit of wet blanket after the earlier promise, but take the opportunity to get some work done and you’ll soon be back on track.


Mars conjunct Chiron in Aries

Today’s big news is Mars’ conjunction with Chiron in Aries. This can be a painful time, especially if you are feeling that you are going it alone. You will be asking questions of yourself today, about how well you are valued by others, and who is actually helping you. Sometimes, being capable and independent can seem like a curse. But remember, this is not necessarily true, you’re likely just feeling sensitive in the unsettling aftermath of a Neptunian full Moon and the upcoming Sun – Neptune square. But it’s always ok to ask others to help, you don’t have to do everything. It’s a day for feeling wounded and a little on your own.


Sun square Neptune, Moon conjunct Pluto, Sun trine Saturn, then Moon into Aquarius

Today’s energies are complex and very difficult. My advice would be to take a back seat as much as you can because it’s going to be very easy to get onto an emotional rollercoaster today and find things running away from you. There’s a difficult combination of sensitivity and strong feelings which can be destabilising. Sun though does trine Saturn, so hold onto your need to appear stable and keep a cool head. It will pass soon enough, and feelings will calm as the Moon moves into Aquarius later on.


Moon trine Mercury, square Hygiea

Hey, it’s the weekend, and this week’s challenges are behind you. There’s not too much activity in the heaven’s today. Moon trines Mercury giving you some much needed connection, with the temptation to pass the time rather easily. But you still need to look after yourself, so try not to skip the gym if you can avoid it, you’ll only feel worse if you do.


Moon square Uranus, Venus square Saturn, Grand Trine of Sun/Moon/Hygiea

When the Moon squares Uranus it’s always too easy to feel detached and rather uninvolved. You can see others as interesting specimens rather than people you love and care about. This isn’t helped when you feel unappreciated and as if the chores are piling up. Coast on today’s Grand Trine and do something nourishing with somebody who is important to you, especially your spouse if you can.


Venus sextile Neptune, Moon trine Hygiea

An easy day to end the week. Here at last is a chance to relax and do something meditative and pleasant. Take a long soak in the bath, or go for a walk by the sea, you’ll be energised by it if you do.

You can add your own songs too for the next 24 hours, please do.

Hope you have a great week, see you next time,

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