A Dream of Eris

Breathless I flee, these dark parades Bear down; a black whisper taunting, Flung out, scoured, perjured and tackless, By petty tyrants that gloat in Burnished pewter thrones, preen and glut, On sycophantic prophecy. Onward, this legion of one, unheard, ‘Midst this cacophanous silence, I flit all crazed, a broke-wing bird, Maddened by vanished dreams of… Read More

The Neptune Asylum

Just before I woke this morning I dreamt I was in an asylum, and the nurse, a woman I seemed to know and who had, in my unquestioned impression, a fearsome reputation for being strict and rather distant, smiled at me in the most warm manner and I realised that she was quite beautiful, her… Read More

The astrology of marriage

Today, I want to discuss, broadly and without being too definitive about it, the astrology of marriage. Almost immediately, there is a slight difficulty because semantics are involved, but in this instance I determine marriage to be any significant partnership with another human being in which you share affection, a duty of care and –… Read More

Mars in the 12th: dazed and confused…

I always understood that I was born sometime “getting on for” 6am, and evidently, as an astrologer that is maddeningly ambiguous. I made a point of recording therefore the exact moment that my own children were born; actually, the moment they took their first breath; which with my daughter was very straightforward; but was not… Read More