Trines vs. Squares, Case Studies

The fact that today I don't get a single hard transit, Venus conjunct Uranus woke me at 8:04 this morning and she crosses my Ascendant around lunchtime (and I am looking good today, if I say so myself), has got me in the way of thinking about the quality of aspect experience in the nativity.... Continue Reading →

A Dream of Eris

Breathless I flee, these dark parades Bear down; a black whisper taunting, Flung out, scoured, perjured and tackless, By petty tyrants that gloat in Burnished pewter thrones, preen and glut, On sycophantic prophecy. Onward, this legion of one, unheard, 'Midst this cacophanous silence, I flit all crazed, a broke-wing bird, Maddened by vanished dreams of... Continue Reading →

The Neptune Asylum

Just before I woke this morning I dreamt I was in an asylum, and the nurse, a woman I seemed to know and who had, in my unquestioned impression, a fearsome reputation for being strict and rather distant, smiled at me in the most warm manner and I realised that she was quite beautiful, her... Continue Reading →

The Making of an Astrologer

Would you be interested to see the nativity of a born astrologer? Somebody for whom the impetus to astrology would have been astonishingly powerful, irresistible even? When you look at the chart then, notice all of these indicators: Sun peregrinated in Virgo on one of the astrologer's degrees. (11° 35'), an overwhelming need to shine... Continue Reading →

Lunar eclipse at 24Aq21!

Deirdre just sent this to me, from Hamburg. I went out to find the Moon but it is very dark out there! What a pity, this falls in my usually unpopulated 5th house, conjunct Neptune which squares my Neptune exactly next week. Woooo.

The astrology of marriage

Today, I want to discuss, broadly and without being too definitive about it, the astrology of marriage. Almost immediately, there is a slight difficulty because semantics are involved, but in this instance I determine marriage to be any significant partnership with another human being in which you share affection, a duty of care and -... Continue Reading →

The Astrology of Byronic Unhappiness

There is a consistent thread running through much of the new age spiritualism of our times, it is most easily rendered apparent through the understanding of the dichotomy between the head and the heart, the measurable of rational science and the immeasurable of non-rational wisdom; I have more than a passing familiarity with both; and... Continue Reading →

Advanced Vulcanology: Aspects of Pluto

One of the least understood factors in astrology is that there is no such thing as a good Pluto aspect; there is only a less bad one, but even this rather sidesteps the reality of all applications of Pluto, Pluto is an imperative to transform, most especially in the mode of configured signs and houses,... Continue Reading →

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