Feminist Astrology and Germaine Greer

As a work that is traditionally hailed as being antithetic to male comfort, I find that Germaine Greer's "Female Eunuch" probably says more about the negative stereotyping of women by women than it does about men. Of course, she argues (throughout her writing) that this is merely the extension of a patriarchal tyranny, that culturally... Continue Reading →

The Grand Trine explored…

The Grand Trine: even the moniker creates a regal ambience; if you could buy and sell aspect patterns on Ebay then there's little doubt that the beautifully equilateral one would conjure as much interest as any possible configuration, excepting possibly the Golden Yod (which everyone in the know would want but would have no clue... Continue Reading →

The Chirotic Awakening

Kerrie asked: "I’m wondering if you could give an example of a chirotic awakening?" I would say that it is a difficult process to accurately describe and it will certainly be accompanied by considerable projected difficulty. If you understand the phrase "as above so below" and apply that to your understanding of astrology, you will... Continue Reading →

Postcards from Planet Neptune (03)

Another one from the cellphone files. This is the way that I run on occasion. This evening I am creating a Neptune playlist, it is ipod therapy for astrologers under hard transits. I fully expect it to be profoundly, if fleetingly effective, but it beats Tequila right?

Moon in Scorpio: I am Legend

I am Legend is a 1954 novel concerning the fictitious life of Robert Neville, the last surviving human in the city of Los Angeles, it was written by Richard Matheson who also wrote a number of episodes for The Twilight Zone and it has been made into a movie on three occasions, most recently starring... Continue Reading →

Saturn in Aries: into the wild…

I recently watched Sean Penn's magnificent biographical drama of the life of Chris McCandless, described as an American wanderer who quite literally went "into the wild" to try and answer some inner impetus. I found the film to be profoundly moving (I don't care, I cried - a lot!) and I cannot recommend it highly... Continue Reading →

From Abramelin to Zoroaster.

This is a true story. Abra-Melin the Mage. Bizarre though that gambit is, there is purpose in it, not least because it came to represent a relationship I never truly understood; one that grew in stature long after my Grandfather passed, leaving me just some old books. Curious books, leather-bound by his long-dead hands, they... Continue Reading →

After Chiron, follow Pholus

I read yesterday about Pholus, Chiron's kin who was the guardian of the wine-groves, a Centaur also, but one that, unlike Chiron, was mortal. He too was kind, wise and honourable. He died when a poisoned arrow struck him in the foot. Where Chiron is the rainbow bridge between Saturn and Neptune, Pholus promises another... Continue Reading →

Orcus awakens: help!

My day is piling up with the synchronicities. I have been having a tough few days, maybe - arguably - a tough few weeks. I want everyone who reads this to understand though, that this is quite possibly more than just astro-vanity, it is quite possibly insightful. I have spent some time looking at this... Continue Reading →

Hadean Moon

At last, the blessed night draws down, Like velvet cold on fevered crown, No Lord of the apple towns, I, No darling heir of hop-frames high, This darkling manor, none of mine, I trespass from an Eastern shore, Outcast by the witch-queen's war. Far-off the flares of my demise, Magisterial dark oaks rise, I am... Continue Reading →

Eris and the case of the missing sister

An exploration of the outer reaches of the solar system may yield surprising possibilities. Once you get that far out, to the realm of Pluto and beyond, there are objects which not only intrigue but when you contemplate the mythical roots alongside these same physical realities, there is a suggestive resonance that hints at wider... Continue Reading →

Time: Synchronous or Chirotic?

Here's a short foray into the nature of time. I am no quantum physicist, but just like the rest of us, who aren't required to be qualified meteorologists to know that its raining, I've been having a few days where the synchronicities are just piling up. I am thinking a great deal about Chiron, ,... Continue Reading →

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