Eris the Iconoclast, Part 2

Yesterday, we made our initial foray into the archetype of Eris. We got an impression of stirring up, of shocking or unsettling opinions and behaviours. Erisian people are contrarians, and they often espouse controversial or unpopular views. Before we go on to examine case studies, let us think about the...
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Eris the Iconoclast, Part 1

After reading about yet another storm in a teacup fomented by British TV “personality” Piers Morgan I have recently been giving some thought to the principle of Eris, an archetype that seems to me to be increasingly prevalent in society’s various discourses. I had a very strong sense of Morgan’s Erisian nature, and when I... Continue Reading →

Feminist Astrology and Germaine Greer

As a work that is traditionally hailed as being antithetic to male comfort, I find that Germaine Greer's "Female Eunuch" probably says more about the negative stereotyping of women by women than it does about men. Of course, she argues (throughout her writing) that this is merely the extension of a patriarchal tyranny, that culturally... Continue Reading →

Hitler and the Golden Yod

I have done a fair amount of research on the quintile; as you may know it is a fifth harmonic aspect which John Addey always associated with the use and abuse of power; because of the occult significance of the pentagram it is considered by some to be an aspect which requires activation lest it... Continue Reading →

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