Anatomy of the Kite

This week we take a deep dive into the Kite pattern, and really get underneath the glittering outer promise of so many trines and sextiles, to understand that the Kite is not entirely a balm to the soul, even if it offers great benefits to the initiated. The Kite begins...
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Celestial Songs: June 13th – 19th

Monday Moon square Orcus Today’s energies are not easy at first glance, but it’s better than it looks. With Moon in Sagittarius there is a temptation to explore, to travel or to expand the mind, but there is nonetheless a rather solitary sense about it, and this might feel challenging. But time alone can nonetheless... Continue Reading →

Celestial Forecast June 6th – 12th

Overall, a tricky week, Saturn stationed yesterday - Saturn retrograde is like the teacher walking out of the classroom. You can take a nap or study but when she comes back you’re gonna have to take the test (thanks for this great analogy Sarah) - just as the Moon makes in the direction of discomfiting... Continue Reading →

Celestial Forecast May 30th – June 6th

This week starts with a new Moon in Gemini, good for starting new writing, communication, or school projects. Moon trines Saturn on Tuesday, concentrate on building firm foundations in your local community. Go for a kickabout in the park with the kids. From Wednesday the Moon comes home to the sign of Cancer, it’s a... Continue Reading →

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