Superhuman Force: the Mars – Pluto Contact

The Mars Pluto contact is characterised by Ebertin as ‘Superhuman Force’. It is an entirely apt description, since one of the key understandings of Hadean energy is that, like the atomic power it rules, it creates an incredible reservoir of hidden power. Nuclear fusion is carried on in the deepest recesses of the power station, volcanic process occurs in the deepest subterranean realms and when either finds its way out, devastation and destruction inevitably results; this is a force that ought not see the light of day.

Harnessed properly and handled with respect and caution though nuclear energy can provide enormous benefits. Similarly, a volcanic eruption can induce a sense of wonder and local inhabitants can be moved to a position of safety beforehand, providing the seismologists have done their work. The key observation though is that Plutonic force needs very careful handling and should be handled respectfully, and nowhere is this more in evidence than where it provides the motive power for Martian energy, which is already hot enough all on its own.

Today then, I wish to explore an intriguing insight, that while it is ostensibly concerned with Mars and Pluto in the astrology, gives perhaps an even starker insight into the fundamental quality of aspects than the contact between these potentially volatile planetary powers alone. Any Mars – Pluto contact contains an intimation of superhuman force, regardless of its quality and the square need be no more difficult than the trine in the long term. Squares and oppositions require transformation due to their abrupt and limiting influence on the life; trines and sextiles by contrast are able to bump along much more comfortably and this is why a trine can so easily devolve into something a little decadent, or even sleazy in some cases. Let us consider some examples.


All of these individuals evince a Mars-Pluto contact in their astrology albeit of a differing arc; in every case Pluto is in the sign of Virgo. Consider the nature of the different aspects first. The square creates an inner drive or tension which manifests out of consciousness as an abrupt, tense and somewhat edgy impetus. The opposition is a tendency to disown our dissonant characteristics and transfer them onto others and often manifests as interpersonal discord or relationship dysfunction. The trine by contrast creates ease and subjective enjoyment and the native can leverage the frictionless exchange of energies between the planets. The conjunction is the most innate and intrinsic form of contact, it becomes a more fundamental and integral facet of personality than any other type of contact.

Thus, Jack Black first of all who with Mars in wild, free-roaming Sagittarius evinces the square to Pluto in Virgo. Here the superhuman force is felt as a great inner tension that makes the energy rather abrupt, tense and potentially explosive. Mars forms the apex of a tee-square from Moon in Pisces opposing Pluto. Moon square Mars is classically disputatious and abrupt, and can manifest as a rather headstrong tendency to rashness. Add to this the force of Mars – Pluto and the abruptness of the square aspect and immediately it is possible to see how Jack is metamorphosed from a usually reserved and potentially timid Virgo into a raging rock monster. And, the fact is, you can see Mars square Pluto in his eyes.

Rob Lowe by contrast will not evince the same forceful tendency simply because the opposition does not internalise like the square: in direct contrast in fact, it externalises instead. Lowe’s manner is almost opposite to that of Jack Black’s, none of the edgy, abrupt energy is in evidence, in fact, he seems to be, by contrast, almost soporifically meek and non-confrontational. This is because the tension and force of Mars Pluto is transferred onto others, so Lowe may consider others to be brutal, forceful and cruel without claiming any of those difficult qualities for himself, however, he will probably fool nobody except himself, because none of us can ever fully outsource our oppositions and those who know him well might consider him to be ruthlessly ambitious, which is certainly one of the most common difficult manifestations of this placement. Another classic interpretation of Mars/Pluto is concerned with sexual drive and vigour, and the opposition could well farm out those darker biological drives inappropriately. In 1988, Lowe was involved in a sex scandal over a videotape of him having sex with two females, one of whom was sixteen, in Atlanta while attending the 1988 Democratic National Convention. Lowe has asserted that he did not know that the second girl was underage, and it was confirmed that the two had met at a bar, which the girl entered by lying about her age. Another part of the same tape was leaked at the time, showing Lowe, a young American model named Jennifer, and Justin Morris having a mΓ©nage Γ  trois in a hotel room in Paris. This part of the original tape was sold as one of the first commercially available celebrity sex tapes, damaging his public image.He later entered a rehabilitation clinic for alcohol and sex addiction. Lowe is currently involved in several ongoing legal disputes with three former nannies claiming sexual harassment. Regardless of the rights and wrongs of the various situations, there is no denying the potential for use of force (Pluto) in sexual matters (Mars) being used inappropriately against others (opposition). It is equally possible however, that he is (as he claims) the victim of inappropriate sexual accusations himself, for the purpose of obtaining financial rewards. Mars – Pluto can seek advancement without much concern for the moralities.

Ben Stiller enjoys the Mars Pluto trine, which at its best bestows great self-confidence and tireless ambition, the ability to work without rest in order to achieve one’s objectives. With Mars in the 7th and exalted in Capricorn he no doubt displays an easy ability to relate with a measure of intensity within close personal relationships and he has certainly enjoyed a generally uncomplicated married life to date with Christine Taylor, with whom he co-starred in the movie Dodgeball.

For Kevin Spacey, the conjunction plays out in a much more integrated manner as a key component of personality. Mars is of course a personal planet, so it will be expressed at the very core of being whereas Pluto, impersonal and distant, simply cannot be unless it is in some sense blended into some more intrinsic facet of the person. The conjunction performs this exact function in a manner that is entirely more complete and unquestioned than any of the other aspect possibilities. Mars in Virgo gives a curiously asexual quality to the persona, a tendency which is only given a strangely compulsive quality by the proximity of Pluto, here is someone that is methodical and pays attention to detail and has an ability to work on the small-stuff all day long without tiring or losing focus.


Consider briefly these equivalent case studies in female astrology, where Mars changes its focus subtly. Davina McCall evinces the edgy and ambitious quality of the contact and certainly there is an abrupt and decidedly tense facet to her nature that is immediately evident. For Cindy Crawford the opposition is found across the MC/IC with Mars on the Midheaven and conjunct Saturn, both in dreamy Pisces. The neatening and intense polarity of Pluto in Virgo however, is unmistakable. Shannen Doherty who enjoys the trine has a reputation for being ruthlessly ambitious and has experienced considerable turbulence in her personal relationships, while Teri Hatcher embodies the quality of Mars-Pluto in Virgo forming a stellium with Uranus all of which tightly squares her Sun in Sagittarius in the 9th giving enormous drive to realise her ambitions.

Any aspect, crucially, between Mars and Pluto therefore gives enormous energy, drive and ambition, the nature of the aspect will only in truth modify the manner in which it manifests.

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  1. Hello,
    Interesting article. Made me look at my chart and Mars Quintile Pluto is one of the closest aspect, but I’ve never read an interpretation of it. Do you have any thought on that one? Thanks much for even a brief description.

  2. The quintile is an interesting aspect and probably requires a certain level of evolvement to utilise. I wrote an article on the 5th harmonic and the quintile a while back:

    The aspect denotes creative potential as well as the use and abuse of power. Bearing in mind the great energy potential of the aspect as well as its correlation with great sportsmen and women (Muhammed Ali for example) it could indicate creative ability that can be expressed physically. It might be good for sports or dancing for example, musicians very often evince a great number of quintiles in their nativities but one of the key observations about the quintile aspect is that its effects are very difficult to predict a priori; rather it requires hindsight.

    I would guess that your best bet is to think about some of the themes of Mars-Pluto, most especially the concept of superhuman force (i.e. in which creative area of life do you demonstrate extraordinary vigour, drive and ambition) and in that way start to get a feel for the use of the aspect in your own astrology.

    If you email your birth data I will happily take a brief look and let you know if anything makes itself clear.

  3. volcanic eruption indeed! i have mars (can) square pluto (lib) natally and i’m always trying to integrate it and control the power. seems easy until the energy is activated, then pow!! what happened to that resolution?

  4. I hate to point this out but you wrote:
    Ben Stiller enjoys the Mars Pluto square– I think you meant trine

    Mars in Cancer square Pluto in Libra is the closest aspect in my chart (06′ applying). Mars is the ruler of my Sun, Mercury, Venus, Chiron and Pallas (and a bunch of other asteroids). People are often amazed at how tough I am. They tend to see my Venus trine Moon, or Jupiter square Moon first. I have to be careful about how much energy I choose to let loose.

  5. Venus: It’s an interesting combination; the emotionality and impulsiveness of your Mars (I won’t say crankiness :)) probably isn’t helped by the square to Pluto which in Libra I think probably makes you very assertive. Thus you might tend to “just say it” and later have cause for regret? It’s a very difficult aspect to master. I have the square too, from Ma-Sag to Pl-Vir, and with my Mars in the 3rd I have found the benefit which allows me to write a great deal (quantity no doubt, as opposed to quality), although I have to try and relax into the process as I often find I can be quite impatient and edgy while I write, so it does, as you imply, require quite a trick.

    Michelle, thank you for the heads up, that is absolutely what I meant to say πŸ™‚ Your astrology seems very intriguing; a stellium in Aries with Mars squared by Pluto in Libra (Mars’ detriment.) That must provide quite a brake on things?

  6. you’re right on, although i seem to have the good sense to never be explosive to authority figures (cap asc + lots of virgo). with them, i redirect the energy in a very planned out way. i always feel the emotion very strongly underneath though they probably don’t see it. i have mars in the 6th house and pluto in the 9th. fitting that i do research.

    my moon-neptune in sag is sextile pluto. sometimes in emotional matters i find that “just saying it” is a necessary step in the process of figuring out what is bugging me. thankfully i have found myself a bf who puts up with this! he once said that, partly, he’s grateful that he can depend on me to say when something is wrong. although i’m sure he’d prefer it if i sugar-coated it just a little sometimes πŸ™‚

  7. This is such a great article!!

    I have a Pluto/Saturn conjunction on my Scorp MC trine my Aquarius Mars in the second, and square my first house Cap Sun.

    Ask anyone I’ve ever worked with… if you need something done, it’s done yesterday and delivered in style (thanks Libra Pluto!).

    Superhuman indeed. πŸ™‚

    There is so much to my Mars and Pluto aspects that I feel enhances my life and many times brings considerable frustration (I also have a Mars/Jupiter square in Sag.)

    I just wish I was less intimidating to people, like that’s ever going to happen…haha.

  8. Thank you for your article.

    I am “gifted” with Pluto-Mars-Venus conjunct in Virgo. Transiting Pluto applying trine aspect; transiting Saturn during the past many months instructing me how to channel the power. Finally learning, in middle life, how to dedicate the intensity toward some higher good. Virgo, the angel, is greatly misunderstood.

  9. Another very insightful article.

    I have my Virgo Pluto (in the 12th) square my Gemini Mars (in the 9th), although since Mars is retrograde in my chart, the effects are probably a bit different than for others.

    In my youth, I was athletically very agile and very fast, capable of short powerful bursts of energy that I used for sprinting and swimming. I remember “knowing” that I could out race just about anyone, which made me feel very powerful.

    My anger has always been expressed selectively. When I was younger, I tended to one extreme or the other with family (either suppressing or expressing) whereas with friends, co-workers, and authority figures, I used to just repress.

    As I’ve gotten older though, I’ve learned to express my anger (& desire nature) in more diplomatically assertive ways. I think there’s a hidden benefit in having Mars retrograde with this aspect in that the contemplation required before action has helped me to express myself in more appropriate ways, and to sometimes explore alternative means of asserting my will.

    Of course,with the 12th/9th houses involved, I’ve also had to learn to align my will with the will of God, something very challenging for someone with strong Mars/Pluto aspects.

  10. Chirotic —

    I wanted to add, that as you said, the Mars/Pluto aspect absolutely lends vigor and drive — my ability to clean up, clean-out, and organize is very strong. And any project I take on is sure to have all of my considerable energy and attention behind it, especially one that involves fighting an injustice or protecting someone who cannot speak on their own behalf. With Pluto in my 12th, and lord of my 3rd, my communication regarding areas of concern can be very strong.



  12. fascinating.. My own mars/ pluto conj is perhaps the only part of my chart I don’t feel I’ve fully understood and integrated. Perhaps I don’t want to know! Also, it’s rather loose (7.5 deg) so I have looked at other stuff more.

    A lot of the words here about toughness, reserves of power, resonate for me/ as a sag with just one water placement I still have a lot of scorpio-themes energy. Sag stellium thru 8th and 9th, aries rising, mars in libra conj plut scorp in the 7th.

  13. A Great Article. I also have Mars Quintile my Pluto; Mars is in Gemini in my 7th house (Ruling my 5th house) quintile Pluto in Virgo in my 9th house ( Ruling my 12th house). Detemnination is a definite trait of mine, and my own dad told me he admired me because i was so fearless. Any thoughts ?

  14. My 5SAG22 Mars Ist house (SCO) squares both my Xth house 10VIR Pluto and 0Vir Uranus at their midpoint (translation of magnesium flash).

  15. I’m only beginning to understand how I’ve been struggling with my own Mars-Pluto opposition all my life. It’s been a ruthless force driving me, and the costs have been steep with my Mars in 9th house Aries, my Pluto in 2nd house Libra, each of these virtually straddling the cusps between 8/9 house and 2/3 house respectively. Mercury in the 9th, and Venus in the 8th, all lined up beside Mars and also in opposition to Pluto. My force has almost entirely been directed into writing. It has taken me years to master my mouth, and even then, I’m acutely aware my words have a polarizing affect on those around me when spoken, to the extent I’ve become silent and saturnine and ever more retreating into the background, and let my written words be the focus, choosing to infuse them with the difficult energies of sex, death, violence and transformation instead. Disciplining these volcanic forces has certainly usurped a “superhuman” amount of energy.

  16. I have looked everywhere on the internet and through many astrology books to find out more information on my Venus-Pluto-Mars conjunction on the cusp of my natal 11th and 12th houses in Libra. If you could offer up any resources or insight I would be grateful. Thank you!

  17. Hello,
    very interesting article,really… I was wondering what Mars sextile Pluto means to me? Mars is in 9H in Virgo and Pluto in Scorpio in 11H. I have looked everywhere on the internet to find more informations and the only thing I’ve found that this is aspect of enormous power…
    I suppose, this is something about my education? I’m on university,3rd year… Thank you.

  18. Hi! great article. I have a stellium in Virgo 8th house; with Pluto 6’31” Mars 13’10” in Virgo with Leo- NN 27’33″Uranus 24’21” also Leo. Pluto is in square to my 5th house Venus in Gemini- it’s not a symmetrical chart. This has had a charmed effect on my life. Venus seems to keep Pluto from getting too zealous with me. I’m not saying he isn’t zealous. HE IS. I think the only reason my life was spared during a Jupiter-Pluto transit in January 2014 when he got his point across;I was in an accident that day and almost killed. But Venus was in aspect and in hindsight, yeah, she was not going to let them “save” me in the way that Pluto knows how to save. I understand now, I didn’t even know astrology then. From what I have gathered in my year-long practice is that my chart is…um, unusual, let’s say, compared to the hundreds of charts I have done so far. I’m new. I also have a nice opposition with Chiron at 5’55” in Pisces. These guys have had a lot of fun with me throughout my life. I am now unraveling this apparent 55 year old crime scene and putting the offenders out. I will not tolerate any terrorists who want to live rent free inside me. NOPE. Bye. I have had to master this house to save my frickin life. OKAY? I don’t criticize anyone’s experience. I have to own mine. When that forklift drove into my back it hit my heart chakra and something electric happened inside me as I went down to the ground. One year later I woke up. Literally. Thank you Pluto.

  19. oh my…that brought a lump in my throat…I am so full of gratitude for the life I have now! It would have never happened if I didn’t have these amazing guardians, which is what the planets are. I can’t believe I went all my life until that time, not knowing. Ha! Astrology and healing are now my compulsions without a doubt.

  20. i have mars/pluto conjunct at 11 scorpio… recently discovered it. I used to think there was nothing neat in my chart because there weren’t powerful looking squares all over it. the extent of my knowledge. I have since studied more, haha. I get the feeling it’s not a great thing and I definitely do have a lot of energy and it can be an explosive energy though not destructive anymore, I’ve really worked on myself and my anger and created a supportive lifestyle for my needs and outlets for my creative energy.

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