Scorpio and Taurus, the 2nd and the 8th

I have been working as an astrologer for a long time now, although it is only very recently that I have felt any confidence at all about making an accurate analysis of a particular chart and whilst my skill has increased proportionately with my reading and study what I have found that is most marked and intriguing, is that as my understanding has improved, my theories have gradually simplified. Thus my understanding of astrology is now much more basic than it ever was 25 years ago when I first read extensively on the subject.

As an example I once understood Jupiter to be analogous with a raft of Jovian concepts, from tinned foodstuffs to the law and the judiciary, but this kind of disparate list-making rather obscured the point of it all, Jupiter in my mind now governs the principles of expansion and preservation; thus all things that broaden the mind and spirit, that exalt and dignify human life and community are good candidates for Jupiter’s benefic domain, but equally, Jupiter can broaden and preserve less desirable traits also, and too it can over-broaden and over-preserve, thus giving rise to dissolute and self-indulgent modes of behaviour at the same time. Thus, the clarification of astrological concepts depends on getting into the very heart of the matter and extrapolating out from that kernel, rather than the opposite (and much more commonplace methodology) of starting from the full viscera of all possible connotations and attempting to find which one fits the bill. You could say then that a Piscean rather than a Virgoan approach is better suited to the art of synthesis, but really the one is dependent upon the other for sustenance and put together they become a chicken or egg proposition, because the many and the one, microcosm and macrocosm are but sides of the same coin and the truth of astrology, as much as anything else in life, lies in the polarity.

An excellent candidate for this approach is the difficult 8th house. I frequently despair of the amateur astrologer’s rather benighted insistence that the 8th is the house of death and the attendant portents of doom and disaster that are implicated in transits and placements to its cusps. The insistence comes from the association of the 8th with those fundamental states of existential transformative powers, the so-called “birth, sex and death” triplicity so favoured of ‘planets by house’ textbooks. Of course, it might be fair to say that with the ruler of the 10th in the 8th there might be some possibility of a career in probate, but that is merely a mundane side-effect at best, it certainly does not describe anything about the core polarity.

This polarity is derived in its entirety from the Taurus-Scorpio axis, and if we are to assume that the 8th is the house of death then we should be equally comfortable with the notion that the 2nd is the house of life. But actually, nobody ever made that claim, because (quite rightly) it is not a factor in the polarity.

The polarity covers a number of themes, and if we consider the mundane side-effects of the 2nd then we might get some insight into the 8th as well. The 2nd is the house of money, of material resources and wealth. Thus the 8th has some affinity, not with death but with resources and values. Now let us dig a little deeper and understand that the 2nd has this association with resources, not because it was just decided thus at some point in history, but because it is the natural house of Taurus and this actually informs the concerns of the second and by extension forms the resonant polarity with the 8th. The 2nd then is nothing more than the mundane and natural area of concern of the Taurean principle. You might even say that it is the area of interest that a true Taurean might most closely attend. That is why the 2nd is about money, because Taurus, fixed earth, is a lover of the finest material joys of earthly existence; it enjoys good food, good wine, the finest and most sumptuous silks, the tactile sensations, contact with the earthy stuff and there is no more accessible means to realising fixed earth than through money.

The polarity of Scorpio, and thus the 8th, is also concerned with resources, but because Scorpio is fixed water the resources are emotional instead of material. Now we are not concerned with food for the body, but actually with food for the soul, now we need to discover what sustains us that we cannot touch. If Taurus is about having enough to survive, then Scorpio is about having little enough to survive. Taurus is about wealth and Scorpio about austerity and this informs the 8th house because it contains a lesson of Scorpio at its heart and by its polarity that lesson is tied up with Taurus. This is why the 8th is frequently concerned with legacies, because these are bequests of other people’s resources and astrologically other people are contained within the opposition and if Scorpio tells us to be self-reliant in a non-material manner then our money is likely to come from others simply out of necessity. A strongly Scorpionic individual, or one with many 8th house placements is just not going to be motivated to amass wealth in the way that a Taurus/2nd house native will be and so a legacy might well be their best bet for material comfort in this incarnation. Of course, this matter of legacies goes deeper still because the essence of Scorpio is ‘loyalty unto death’, and this level of devotion that is aligned to an ideal higher than mere financial improvement makes a powerful ally; actually the type of ally that one might consider worthy of reward when one is composing one’s will.

So the 2nd then is about having enough to be self-sufficient and the 8th by contrast is also about not needing so much to be self-sufficient. They are both powers with the same objective: self-sufficiency but with diametrically opposed methods. The 2nd says “wealth buys freedom” while the 8th says “less is more”. The 2nd represents life only in the sense that it clings to the earthly vibration with a vicelike grip while the 8th transcends the earthy fixation of Taurus and finds sustenance in the emotional consistency of such ideals as loyalty, self-reliance and above all Spartanism. Taurus then is Louis XIVth while Scorpio is Leonidas.

If you understand this, Louis and Leonidas, then you understand the 2nd and the 8th.

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  1. Astrology sure is confusing, I think you’ve just confused me more then I’ve ever been confused before. It’s a good thing though, makes me want to re-read your post and try to grasp my mind around it ya know? Anyways I’m glad to see you blogging again, I hope everything is well with the family, the wifie, and everything in your star chart. πŸ™‚

  2. Well, it is confusing, at the start, I am sure if you learned some of the basics then all of this would very quickly start to make sense.

    Thanks for the props, hope everything is good with your posse as well. I do come over and read every now and then of course.

  3. I like your article and i can relate it to myself (Scorpio). Does it mean Scorpio and Taurus are not compatible?

    1. @Jenny, the polar signs have a “special relationship” to one another, have some similarities and “get each other” on a certain level. they often work well in a romantic relationship.

  4. Not really Jenny; in traditional Chinese culture young women were married off to young men who were 6 months older than them because there was a recognition of this polarity, so as a Scorpio, your family would have tried to marry you to a Taurean husband.

    The least compatible signs for a Scorpio (and a Taurus as well) would be Leo and Aquarius; but for a Scorpio, Leos are probably least compatible. You will also struggle to find much in common with Aries or Gemini.

    Your best bet is a Taurus, Cancer or Pisces, another Scorpio might work, and Scorpio and Libra are capable of getting along well.

  5. Thanks Jeremy:) perhaps opposite attract. I heard that Scorpio is opposite to chiron and Taurus is adjacent to chiron. its interesting to read your article so I can understand it deeper:) but i didn’t know that they are well together.

  6. It is more likely Jenny, that you have Chiron in Taurus, which could well be the case if you were born between 1976 and 1984.

    Chiron in the sign of Taurus usually denotes food, body-image and willpower issues and a sensitivity to those themes in your life.

    Opposites most certainly do attract, but usually you will find that you are attracted to people whose own planets make vital connections to your own. You may find yourself drawn to people with Moon in Scorpio for example, regardless of their Sun sign.

  7. since I have saturn in the 2nd house and moon in the 8th there is quite some polarity there. then I have jupiter in my 11th house and in my 5th house: sun, mars, neptune, and uranus. I have cancer rising also…LOL it is starting to unravel slowly…oh, so slowly. LOL

    i really understood the imagery of Leonidas and Louis xiv. Nice!

  8. It’s great to have more insight into these houses. I have Pluto in the 2nd and my Sun, Mercury, Chiron and Jupiter in the 8th. I’m definitely a ‘less is more’ kind of person. I constantly go through my stuff and edit out the things I don’t need (I have Virgo rising). I actually just gave away a pile of clothes yesterday. Somehow, having less stuff means more freedom to me and although I do want financial security- it usually does come through other people.

  9. I found this description of Taurus and Scorpio fascinating. I have sun in Taurus and this is the first time I ever really felt fully satisfied with a zodiac description.

  10. I have my Sun, Moon, Mars and Pluto all in the 8th house. My moon and pluto are also in scorpio, with a moon conjunction pluto. I hate shopping a lot and I hate advertisements. can you share basic additional information about these placements that I said?

  11. Resonates highly with my chart. I have Mars and NNode (conjuct) in the 8th house.
    I hate shopping, have very few clothes (by choice), don’t like amassing things and most of my money comes through other people. Great insight and great blog, please don’t stop!

  12. Edward: sorry, I hardly have enough time to get all my paid astrology work done πŸ™‚ Good luck though.

    Maya: Thank you, glad it’s helpful.

  13. Yes, that post is a few month old but still – thank you chirotic to help me understand – for the 1st time and I am not a beginner in astrology – what it really means that I happen to be libra rising and thus all my houses are ruled by the ruler of their opposite signs. So my taurus-related 2nd house is scorpio and in this house I have Neptune, Mars, True Node and the Moon. I have always found that my true possessions are of the mind and soul and now – beyond the age of 50 – I seriously begin to get rid of them in favour of a life where self- sufficiency lies in non-material wealth. Thanks again for the insight.

  14. Thank you for your insight into the 2nd and 8th houses. Having a Taurus sun and Scorpio moon, I have struggled to put into words the polarity of my impulses. Your description of the desire for self-sufficiency and insight into Taurus’ materialism were more satisfying summations than most I have read.

  15. This article gave me an insight and further understanding of a guy’s view. He has a stellium in Scorpio and many Pluto aspects. He is constantly telling me how we should lead a simple life, and money is not important. (He was obsessed with amassing wealth in his younger days)

    That statement has fueled many debates between us, for I have Mars in Taurus in the second house (opposite Pluto in Scorpio).

    So basically, “They are both powers with the same objective: self-sufficiency but with diametrically opposed methods.” says all.

    Thank you. I enjoyed reading all your posts. πŸ™‚

  16. Oh, this post was such a good read ! β™₯

    I like your style of pinning tings down to their root, the list-making is defacto just the brainstorming prequel to the synthesis of the bottom princilples, per se unfinished bussines, ne ? I recall now Aleister Crowley who made a major point regarding the nature of the axis and their mechanism in general, i dont remember at verbatim, but it goes smething like :

    “Unify the opposites and you will void/nullify/delete the illusion/mirrage/projection”

    What does that say about the nature of the axis is most simplistically said, that they are ‘patterns’ or ‘puzzles’ in which the “whole” divides itself to been manifested in the eye of perception, i.e. perception can not recognize something as a>separated, autonomous< entity which has not been enough contrasted for definition, it's a common psychological phenomenon. It's the same discourse as in painting where you need shade to define the light and vice versa, the delineations are obviously VERY clear, you can tell very well what is light / what is dark by comparing them among. Per se, they can be either light or dark 'gray' lol πŸ˜€ In the discourse "can be this and that, and that and other 10 000things too" in the end, this multy-definition equals to the disintegration of the shape that ultimatively holds the substance and there's no point in doing that, is it ?

    So, what's been made evident in this article appears to be very sound in my eyes. People quite fondly put asside the fact that through astrology you're dealing with geometry, mathematic and logic in the first place, and that romantic notion that there's no logic behind the matters of soul, well . . . . that's is pure bullsh*t ihmo if you'll excuse my vocabulary, that conceals the fact about how much actually our minds and perception are twisted and blinded to the general laws in the first place. EVRYTHING has it's logic, it's yous us who dosnt see or understand it πŸ˜€

    I have a queston actually, well, actually i just need a push in the right direction to brainstorm the thing further . . . . I have nataly the 2nd / 8th house in mutual reception with the Taurus / Scorpio axis, and i find a hard time to probe right ratio of this anti-thesis :/ . . . . Can i kindly request for any suggestion or lead ? Thank you and keep the good work, read you around πŸ˜‰

  17. I have a sun, moon, and mercury in Taurus, all in the eighth house. Emotionally I feel very extreme for a taurus, financially i can turn almost any situation into something lucrative. Maybe other things in my natal dictate that. do you have any insight into what kind of energy this placement might manifest?

  18. Great article, I have found it very helpful for me- with 5 planetary bodies in the 8th house including Moon, Mars and NN…My life`s lessons are all about transformations. Thank you!

  19. Then I do wonder what that says about how I operate with Sun and mercury in 2nd house Taurus, and moon/pluto in scorpio 8th house. Sun/moon Opposition. Feels like my needs and wants rarely meet. It’s hard to find a balance, like a tug of war…

  20. A big eyeopener. Finally a sense of relief and comfort reading this article amid many other gloomy posts about the 8th in internet . My daughter has stellium in scorpio and maximum aspects to the 8th house. Feeling jubilant. Many thanks.

  21. Interesting. I just had to respond to your very intelligent essay, describing the second and eighth houses, because I have the signs (Taurus & Scorpio) and the houses (2nd & 8th) you discussed!

    My natal sun.moon are in Taurus, 2nd house and I have Scorpio (Jupiter) in the 8th. I do have a fondness for luxury, but don’t chase it – nor am I wealthy; but I can, if motivated balance anyone’s finances πŸ™‚ ~ I have always thought of the 8th house placement as the circumstances for ones death – so I am delighted and enlightened to learn it is the other sign of the coin, if you will to the second house. Austerity.. I can relate to that.

    Thank you for sharing your research and hard work. ~ Wishing you lots of Trines πŸ™‚

  22. I really like the analytical nature of this article..great writing as well. What about those of us with libra rising? Ive got Pluto in Scorpio in my 2nd house & Mars & JupiterRX in my 8th house. If my 2nd & 8th houses are playing the opposite game like the rest of my houses, do they cancel eachother out?

  23. What interpretation could you give to having Scorpio in the 2nd house – Taurus in 8th house? plus, having the north node in scorpio and the south node in taurus in those houses?

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