Today I had planned to post an article on the Moon’s contact with Neptune, but in the uncertain interim between conceiving the thing and its birth, Hermes took a tricky turn and blew my computer up. Now you may or may not know that I own very little and the computer I was using was a rather cobbled together affair and it fairly rattled and whirred like a tractor whenever I switched it on, but it seemed to be fine. Until it stopped being fine.

Now I believe the problem is that it needs a new graphics card, and of course I cannot afford to buy one but I have to somehow otherwise I cannot even hope to start earning any money at all, so all being well I should be able to get writing again (and working too) in the next day or so.

If it turns out to not be the graphics card however, it could be considerably longer before I am able to post something here again. Hopefully my article on Moon – Neptune will be improved, like a good wine, by the time spent in the dusty, cobweb-bedecked cellars of my understanding.

On the other hand, it might just be corked. C’est la guerre.

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