D.H. Lawrence and the Astrology of Outcasts

David Herbert Lawrence is one of the great writers of our time. His major works are considered to be among the finest literary works of the modern age, which when you consider his beginnings in working class obscurity during Britain’s late industrial age, and the relative fleetingness of his...
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3 thoughts on “D.H. Lawrence and the Astrology of Outcasts

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  1. Very interesting. I did not know much about him. Some superficial similarities to Dickens but v different characters. Lawrence being more into looking inside at his psyche in a beautiful way and Dickens observing outside at the social conditions with humour and compassion.

  2. I am an outcast. Orchus in Cancer/4th house squaring Saturn in the 1st house/Aries, and trining Pluto-Jupiter in the 6th house/Virgo. My Uranus is conjunct Sun in the last degree of Virgo/6th house. Uranus scores 21. But, Saturn scored negative 1. I am classic rebel without a cause.

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