Orcus on the MC: A Real Big Hitter

Recently I had a conversation with Nate, he had read “Orcus” and wanted to share his own experience. The book spoke to him, he said, and indeed as he explained his many perspectives I could only agree, he was deeply connected with a positive expression of Orcan energy.

One of the real challenges of writing the book was in attempting to explain the fundamentals of Orcus without making the picture appear too bleak and heavy. When a researching astrologer is looking through charts, the mind becomes attuned in an almost sympathetic manner to the most perfect expositions of the planetary energy. What this means in practise is that people who express the fundamental energy of Orcus in its most uncontaminated form are, rather necessarily, quite scary. When Orcus energy gets a grip on your life, you can suffer extreme experience, so the examples that found their way into the book were often case studies whose experiences had been exceptional, and therefore, whose experiences had often been exceptionally difficult.

When one of us mere mortals gets in the way of Orcus, the experience can be testing in the extreme, but only rarely does the experience not let us go. By contrast, some are seemingly doomed to go to the very last mile with Orcus and those people – Terry Waite, Princess Diana, Louis Braille, Helen Keller – leave in their wake a singularly compelling and often frightening narrative. That does not mean that everyone who has a strong affinity with Orcus will go to the same extremes, any more than those with Pluto strong approach the limits of Hadean experience, but these individuals who do go to the bitter end, give up, in their struggles, the distilled principles of Orcus’ painful energy. We who come after can apply Orcus’ lessons to our personal experiences and thus come to better understand our place within the great design, thankfully, without having to go so far.

One of the areas in which Orcus can find a positive and free expression is in the world of sport. As Nate related to me, this is a marvellous outlet for this otherwise rather polarising unconscious directive:

Wow. I just got your book and am reading it now. I haven’t gotten to the Mars-Orcus part yet. But I’m reading the Pursuit section where you talk about athletes. I have Mars 10th in Aries trine Orcus 2nd. I won a national tae kwon do championship when I was 15. When I was fighting, I had a mode I called Kamikaze. I didn’t care how many times you hit me. I was going after you until I hit the ground. I was also, the ‘Enforcer’ on my rep basketball team.”

Nate in fact has a Grand Trine of Sun – Mars – Orcus, with Orcus ruled by Sun, Sun ruled by Jupiter in the team-focused 11th house. No wonder he became the ‘Enforcer’ for his basketball team.

Wherever we are required to push ourselves beyond normal limits Orcus is in the signature. It gives us a drive, endurance and will to win that is more than the sum of the muscle, sinew and fibre which makes up our mortal frame. Orcus is the reason why it isn’t always the biggest guy that leaves with the Lonsdale Belt, or why one person ‘breaks’ under torture or the lonely rigours of ‘solitary’ while another seems to emerge from those experiences somehow stronger.

If you look at the two charts below you will immediately notice a profound similarity. They both have Jupiter with Orcus on the MC.

The first chart is that of Muhammad Ali, by secondary progression on the date of the ‘Fight of the Century’ (March 8th, 1971), while the second is the progressed chart of ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson on the day he became the youngest heavyweight champion in the history of the sport. Both of these boxers, who made it to the very top of one of the most gruelling and physically punishing of all possible professions, did so under the auspices of Jupiter-Orcus progressing onto the Midheaven. Joe Louis too, possibly the greatest boxer ever to take to the ring, made his professional debut precisely as Orcus progressed over the MC.

Orcus progressing to the Midheaven is not usually so easy-going. In the chart below you see the progressed chart for the precise date that serial killer Ted Bundy was sentenced to die in the electric chair: would it be possible to imagine a more perfect – and chilling – manifestation of Orcus with Uranus on the Midheaven?

These are extreme examples, but they are, writ large, perfect delineations of the terrifying power of Orcus and his style of manifestation. When Orcus hits your Midheaven by progression (which is very likely to happen during your lifetime if Orcus is in the 10th or 11th houses, possibly also the 12th or even 1st) then you will experience a major change or event which will push you to your limit. It’s highly unlikely to be as extreme a limit as that experienced by those who totally embody Orcus energy – in good and bad ways – but it will be easily as profound and challenging as the same transit by Pluto. Indeed, Orcus is designed to help you find what your limits are, and how you react when you really get down to brass tacks. Can you face Orcus and keep your integrity?

Make no mistake: Orcus is a big hitter, and when he hits, you will feel it all the way to the bottom of your soul.

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  1. Hi Jeremy,
    I forwarded one of your recent newsletters to a small local astrology group as we had been discussing the transiting Saturn/Chiron midpoint…you may be interested in the reply from one member…. (your portion, followed by the reply below0

    “Last night I dreamt that 10 Capricorn was an all-important degree
    too, that it had weight
    and I felt it that way. Like one of those Einsteinian models of
    space-time where a weight is placed upon a rubber sheet, distorting
    the continuum. I
    have not made an investigation of that yet.”

    (Reply) You may recall that 10 Capricorn is where the up-coming conjunction in
    2013 occurs with midpoint T_Saturn/Chiron = T_Pluto…!
    Wonder if journal writer will pick that one up – anyone want to tell them?

    You may not have had time to investigate your dream…so this may be helpful to you? I hope so, Cheers, Linda

  2. Thanks for this post! I discovered some time ago that I have a Orcus conjunction with my MC in my radix. This laser-information hit me so good and I tranformed it as kind of birth in my (professional) life. To me it’s a key-Puzzle-piece to my soul understanding. I am visiting this site first time, so I get a closer look to it for more. To the limit:) and it have been like a wake-up for more bodywork although I am already a body-therapist (and carma-astrologist, geomancy-consulter). If u ever need some good examples to work on Orcus in real life, give me a sign! Greets from Fullmoon taurus-scorpio, AC libra con. Uranus and Orcus con.MC in Cancer and so on…please go on writing! In german -for me kind of everywhere- there is so less information about this quality-stuff. I let u know if I publish some text about too. If It will be on http://www.ladygaja.de
    P.s.: Muhammed Ali, Bruce Lee,Elvis, I always have their Spirit with me

  3. I was just exposed to this article and was dumbfounded once I ran my transit chart for 10/10/2014. I almost died in a middle of the night house fire–asleep in the house, fire alarms didn’t go off–the person who called for emergency services had to call 4 separate times for the fire department to respond.
    Anyways, if you’d like to see the chart manifestation of waking up to a literal warzone I’d be happy to share it with you.
    It was a catalyst for me. I started studying astrology very shortly after. There was a total blood moon lunar eclipse in Aries, my sun sign all the while Saturn was hovering over my ASC degree. It’s no lie when I say it was a perfect storm of bad situation on top of bad situation.
    I loves you analysis and it’s awakened a new perspective on my literal trial by fire. (I have extreme anxiety and suffer from PTSD as a result the fire that my neighbor’s lit cigarette started.
    Much love, thanks and kudos from a budding student astrologer,

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