Pluto tee square: sell, sell, sell!

I (still) have a new article on the way, but I have had some family dramas over the last few days and work is pressing, here is another quick update on the upcoming tee-square.

The last time that Uranus made partile square to Pluto was in 1932, approximately two and a bit years after the great stock market collapse of October 1929. In 1930 there was a tee-square involving Saturn Uranus and Pluto. There are a number of other correlations too: that was also the last time that Uranus was in Aries (suddenly going back to basics), the tee-square was cardinal, but more toward the middle degrees of the signs, and the reason that I think that this affected the USA most specifically is because the tee-square had Uranus as the apex planet which was opposing the USA’s Saturn. The USA’s Sun squares Saturn from its position applying to the cusp of the 8th house of credit, stock markets and so forth, thus this is a threat to the nation’s health (Sun-Saturn). The presence of Sun-Saturn represents an innate problem, a birth defect if you like, which weakens the overall constitution of the native. This is a congenital weakness for the US: if anything is going to kill the patient (square Pluto) then it will be due to this hereditary problem: an over-reliance on credit, on get-rich quick schemes, on living large: Jupiter rules the chart, applying to the 8th too. Excess, (Sun + Jup vs. Sat) is the congenital weakness.

I’ve already stated how, in a previous article (a little further down this page) the upcoming cardinal tee-square seems to indicate the possibility of a major financial collapse because of the as yet unrevealed scope of the property bubble being burst. This time however, the Aries’ Points are involved, and that seems to suggest that the whole world will be affected. It’s a global financial collapse this time.

My problem lies in convincing people that this needs to be taken seriously, (and actually in convincing myself naturellement) we all need to start getting acclimatised to living more sustainable lives, because very soon there will be too few resources to go around. I take no comfort from the symptoms either. If we count back the same length of time from the last time Uranus and Pluto was in partile square from the next time it is (June 2012) then we arrive at 2010.

In 1929 the stock market crash occurred as a direct result of the Roaring Twenties, and it was the excess of that decade which is widely blamed for the subsequent collapse. Does that seem at all familiar?

And then there’s the archetypal nature of the squaring planets to consider too: Uranus (sudden) square (breakdowns) Pluto (of financial systems).

It just doesn’t look good, people.

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24 thoughts on “Pluto tee square: sell, sell, sell!

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    1. I’m not so sure it’ll be that great really, it’s Uranus under the influence of Mars: and Mars-Uranus is explosive, erratic and oft-times a danger to life and limb. It is the natural ruler of nitro-glycerine: a quality of unpredictable and unstable shockwaves. Still, it will at least be exciting. At least you’ll have a Uranus-Sun trine to look forward to right? I have to get through a Uranus – Saturn conjunction from 2012. Actually, I just looked, Ur. stations within 12 minutes of a conjunction with my Saturn in July 2012 but doesn’t actually go partile until 2013. Great.
      Actually, thinking about it now, won’t you get a Uranus – Saturn square around the same time? We’ll have to give each other pep-talks.

      1. Oh, Mars-Uranus? ::weeps:: Ignorance was bliss.

        Gee, when it squares my Saturn, it’ll form a grand cross in my chart. ::weeps more::

      2. I’m having saturn conjunct natal uranus in the 4th right now – it feels sporadically like a straitjacket. And I’ve started sleepwalking, something I haven’t done for 21 years. When uranus hits aries it will conjunct my natal saturn in the tenth. I’ll be glad when the current lunations are over frankly. I’m starting to feel like cat with a bell round its neck – filled with the desire to pounce but hampered by limitations imposed by others.

  1. Perhaps we’re seeing the pre-cursor of the financial crises to come with the situation in Greece and more EU countries in a similar state. Many nation states going bankrupt and people taking to the streets maybe?

    1. Wow Tony.
      I have found the chart for Greece: independence was declared in January 1822. That creates a tee-square (get this ) to Uranus at 4 Cap. Pluto is putting on the pressure all right!

  2. Oh and I should add that Greece has Ur/Ne sq. Pl: how’s that for a picture of “sudden insolvency?”!!

  3. With a Uranus sq Mars natally, I can vouch for the hair trigger, sometimes violent reactions. However, in Vietnam and as a Detroit cop it served me well and kept me alive. Love those flashing gut feelings…World is in trouble though. We shall see…

  4. This Cardinal action is hitting my chart in a strongly personal way with my Sun and North Node at 00 Aries and my Jupiter/Uranus at 1 and 2 Libra respectively.

    With Jupiter/Uranus in a natal Opposition with my Sun, it’ll be interesting to find them conjunct again and conjunct my Sun. I’m eager to see how this energy manifests. Also have SP2 Sun/North Node crossing my Midheaven, so … interesting times!

    Haven’t quite felt the challenging, blocked energy of this t-square, but suspect it may come when my partner and I (he’s a Libra) make our expected move to Switzerland in late-Spring/early-Summer.

    You wouldn’t by chance have the “birth info” for Switzerland, would you? What I have is Sept 12, 1848.

    1. I don’t know the Swiss birthtime, it may be on which is a good resource.
      As for the transits, they will definitely hit you in a big way, but it doesn’t need to be bad, it all depends on how you approach it I would say. A move of that magnitude is fairly profound and that’s probably giving you somewhere to channel it positively.
      Good luck with it!

    1. Hey Ceebs,
      It’s easy to see what’s in play, but less easy to predict accurate timings (or put another way, space is easy, time is hard). The problem energy that is being manifested is starting right now and it will continue building into the summer. I think that the 28th of July, the pressure will stop building immediately, although there is the longer application of a square from Uranus to Pluto in the summer of 2012.
      Actually, the process started with Saturn opposition Uranus, which occurs once every 45 years or so: thus 1918-1920, 1965-1967 and 4 Nov 2008 – 28 July 2010. These periods are marked by a long period of tension where change is being resisted by the old order; but breakthroughs are eventually made (for better or worse). So, to answer your question, it’s happening now, has been since 2008, we’ll see some hard manifestations of that process by August and September (because once the aspect goes past partile the tension is released and the effects are made accessible) but those effects will themselves be part of a broader framework which will become evident in the summer of 2012 when Uranus finally squares Pluto.
      Hope all that makes sense amigo,

      1. ok, so when does the astrological alignment happen then? surely thats not going to happen at just some vague point in the future?

      2. The first alignment is on 28th July and the second phase begins on 24th June 2012. There subsequent hits on September 19th 2012, May 20th 2013, Novemebr 1st 2013, April 21st 2014, 15th December 2014 and the final pass is on 17th March 2015.

        That’s an incredible 7 passes. I haven’t even thought about the repercussions of that, and it tee-squares with the USA’s Saturn exactly as it did in 1929. That’s when the whole deal will be done with. America will be fully defunct as an economic power at that time I would guess.

        I really don’t think it’s at all a coincidence that this carries us over the Mayan long count calendar end date either.

      3. I have a theory about this actually. I think I know what is going to happen, I’ve been deconstructing it in my every spare moment for several days.

      4. Ideally, you should write a book about this. Really. I’d buy, for sure.

        On a lighter note, Moon’s about to glide over Venus 🙂

      5. Dont get me started on Mayan astrology. (the archaeology makes 2012 a date that was only convenient for book publishers)

  5. This is excellent astrological topic chirotic.
    Do you agree it´s time to completely withdraw from stock markets within the next 3-4 months?
    And if you have a theory on what´s gonna happen, tell us 🙂

    1. the t square of the summer of 2010, peaking about july 30th also squares the natal mc and opposes the venus jupiter of the u.s. as well. this is simultaneously activating the sun/pluto opposition of the federal reserve. i expect it then, followed by several years of exacerbating economic and political turmoil on an unprecedented world wide scale.

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