Pluto tee-square: move to defcon 3!

Later on today, I will be posting an extensive article, primarily about Mercury and Saturn, but before that happens, I have been extremely intrigued by the sheer number of astrological pointers that are cropping up in the news just now that specifically reference the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto tee-square across the cardinal points.

  • Bill Clinton is undergoing heart surgery (and has radix Saturn and Pluto in Leo, with Hygeia on the Aries Point) / (Transiting: Saturn-Uranus, inhibitions of rhythm, heart-block). This is a genuinely dangerous time for the Pluto in Leo generation who have Saturn conjoined, they definitely need to be transcending their control needs just now.
  • Two premiership footballers (soccer players) have suffered broken bones this week (Ashley Cole, Ryan Giggs), and I fully expect there to be more in the coming weeks. (Saturn – bones/ Uranus – sudden breaks).
  • Alexander McQueen, the celebrated fashion designer apparently committed suicide yesterday, he was a typical Uranian in the sense that he was avant-garde, shocking and relentlessly unconventional in his approach; these were, if you like, his USP’s. Yesterday Uranus was within a degree (applying) of conjunction with radix Sun and within a degree (separating) of opposing radix Pluto, thus effectively giving Ur=Su/Pl. At the same time Saturn was transiting his natal Jupiter/Uranus conunction and opposing Chiron (Ur opp. Ch being his closest aspect!) Sudden feelings of loss and isolation therefore, precipitating a crisis. His mother died a few days ago as Saturn transited quincunx his natal Moon (loss of the mother).

For all of these reasons (and many more that I am witnessing in the people around me) it is becoming increasingly evident that the process is gearing up right now. I intend to write another article exploring the mundane effects of the tee-square to Pluto in the next few days, but (and here is the point), this is a period of immense pressure: have a care people! Try and maintain some perspective because it’s going to get worse before it gets better!

Remember, the more rigidly we cling to structures of control, the harder the Gods laugh. Hubris is a very pertinent word at this time, keep it at the forefront of your vocabulary.

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  1. Such a pertinent post. Whilst I may be having lovely bubbly Venus/Jupiter sitting on my Ascendant as we speak, I don’t see their energy shining in the way I expected it.

    Loss and change abound. First I had to put my 20 year old kitty down which so devastated me and secondly I’ve lost a day of work and now my favouritist person at work is leaving.

    As you say, I am jumping in the stream and going with the flow, for I feel I can do nothing else, resistance is futile, and bloody tiring!

    Warmest xxx

  2. I have (12H)Pluto and Uranus (1H) in Libra natally squaring my natal Sun (4H) in Capricorn.

    What should I expect from this as Pluto is now Conjunct my Sun?

    Uranus in Aries would be conjunct my Moon, even though its squaring Pluto.

    But square my natal (9H) Saturn in Cancer.

    I feel like I’m in a spaceship traveling through deep space. Everything is new. There’s also some kind of time lapse, like the spaces between dates when you think back don’t seem to match. Something that happened last year in May feels like its always been like that. Or you get down to your last $100 and think back to the when you first saved $100 and its like “How was that 22 years ago? What happened to 22 years?”

    1. You might find this article useful.
      Pluto squares force a catabolic breakdown of resistant principles in your life and outlook. With your Sun configured in that, your identity will undergo transformation, with Uranus in the mix there will be abrupt shatterings of perspective, and much of that will play out through Solar projection; usually for a woman that means the men in your life, father’s husbands, lovers etc.
      With Moon – Uranus squaring natal Pluto you have a tee-square with Moon at the apex. Your role as a mother, or your mother, or your family tradition, past and so forth will receive the tension. Then you consider Saturn, a grand cross, and with Saturn in Cancer and the 9th, you’ll likely see a need to travel because of family obligations (for instance), perhaps you’ll start a formal course of training in cookery (for instance), but whatever you try and do, there will be resistance (because of Pluto) from the people in your life who would rather you didn’t change. It won’t be easy, but the key is not to meet control with control, try to respond with love, be firm about what your intentions are and don’t sweat the small stuff; you’ll get there.

      And the reason that time has gone bonkers is becasue it’s speeding up.

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