Pluto tee-square: Secrets Revealed

Another of the intriguing possibilities of the upcoming tee-square is that of “secrets revealed.” This is already under way, and within the next few months I believe that conspiracy theorists (itself a pejorative label designed to discredit an idea before it has a chance to be examined without prejudice) will have, not so much a field day as a field year in 2010.

America is especially vulnerable, and I have reasons for saying this that are entirely astrological. I will write that up too if I get the chance.

It is already quite self-evident to anyone who examines the evidence on its own merits that the 9/11 attacks cannot have been orchestrated without – at best– considerable assistance from government. This story will probably gain wider acceptance over the coming days and weeks, with the Tower Seven controversy gradually being unravelled, and of course the Pentagon farce (watch the short film clip above) is pretty much an open and shut case for anyone who wants to investigate the matter even half-heartedly.I would say this too: if you’re struggling to believe that the American government perpetrated the 9/11 attacks then investigate the theories yourself. I did, and I was amazed at what I learned.

You put all this together and what you have is clearly a conspiracy, and no less real than the theory of gravity. The American government itself perpetrated the attacks on 9/11 as a justification for the War on Terror which itself is simply an expedience for removing civil liberties in anticipation of the soon to be revealed financial collapse when the banks suspend specie payments (as they did in 1929). This is reflected in my own understanding of the astrology: I predicted that there would be broken contracts thus: “The Hadean mistake that opposes this is in Cancer, so the problem relates to property, and with Pluto, property loans, mortgages, credit obtained against the value of real-estate. We’ve seen this dynamic over the last couple of years plain as day in the so called credit (Pluto) crunch (square Saturn), but this Cardinal Cross is the crisis point because the financial experts (Kronos) made a big mistake (Hades) and now the piper has to be paid. Jupiter is retrograde and opposed by Saturn/Lilith, I’d say this means that the ordinary people are the ones that lose out; contracts get broken, confidence collapses and everyone starts to realise just how big (Jupiter) the mistake (Hades) is.

I have revised this understanding upon further study. Hades in this guise does not represent so much of a mistake as a deliberately invidious policy, one designed to manipulatively undermine. Of course Hades does also represent a past condition which causes a difficulty in the present. Pluto is in Capricorn, thus government and the means of enforcing control is entirely financial. The suspension of specie payments is the mechanism whereby the central bank (of any nation, the Fed, the Bank of England, the Deutschebank whatever) can decide, in an emergency, that they don’t have to honour their debts, but you, who have loans and mortgages and so forth, do. This means that they can call in your mortgage and if you can’t pay it there and then, they repossess your property. You’re destitute. If you think it can’t happen: wake up. It’s exactly what happened in 1929, go and look it up for yourself if you don’t believe me: just Google “suspension of specie payments. It essentially means that when the financial collapse does occur, the banks don’t have to honour the value of your money (their debt), but you do have to honour yours.

For all these reasons and more I think we are in the endgame of a global conspiracy and it will all become clear this year.

Now I am not going to recommend that you sell your house: I have some tricky Neptune transits just now so I cannot be entirely sure that my perspective is clear, but I am already making plans to secure my position before the summer of this year.

I still have a long article to post – perhaps later today – it is already written but I need to tidy up a few references. Other than that I am giving serious consideration to suspending the taking on of any further clients for nativity readings and so forth  in the near future because I want to concentrate on working out what is going on and preparing for the coming upheavals.

If you’re interested in having your astrology looked at by me therefore, then I suggest you get your order in soon.

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5 thoughts on “Pluto tee-square: Secrets Revealed

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  1. Thank you for writing about this.

    Please do write more on the revelations to come if time allows. I’ve studied the 9/11 issues for a while, but didn’t believe that the truth would come out in my lifetime. I hope your prediction comes to pass.

    I am working on preparing for the other shoe to drop in the economy, while on a budget. It is a frightful prospect. Good luck!

  2. I have no doubt that what you’ve stated above is as close as it gets to the truth. It serves the purpose to create Big Brother, but thing is we the people are more connected than ever today and lies do not easily get believed these days, I will be smiling the day I see the lid lifted on the BS we are being fed! Great post! Lise x

  3. Hi Jeremy,

    I’m American and completely agree with you and hope this revelation happens soon. Words cannot explain my feelings toward our government after doing my own research years ago. I look forward to your next article, but am anxious as well.

    Best Regards,


    P.S. Is it too late to sign up for an astrology reading?

  4. It was the obvious lies about WTC7 which got me interested in the whole 9/11 – even cursory research makes it obvious that Tower 7 was blown up some after after the Twin Towers (and why!).

    The whole thing stinks, and no matter where you research, you find more and more reason to believe there has been a massive conspiracy. I’d say however that it’s been perpetrated by ‘elements within the US Govt’ since I believe (as with the assassination of the Kennedys) that the responsibility lies with far right elements who have backers in banking, oil etc, and who have inflitrated themselves into positions of power, esp in the CIA.

    A good place to start for those unfamiliar with the subject is the 9/11 Timeline on this website:

    I haven’t been keeping up recently since I got sidetracking into researching the massive ‘AGW’ Climate Change scam (some of the same culprits behind that! – “follow the money” – and then learning astrology. It would take half a lifetime now to read the whole timeline, but it’s been broken down into topics so you can start anywhere…

    It’s sad that those of us who are aware of so much malfeasance, having done exhaustive research, are labelled as nutters – but we astrology buffs are used to it I suppose!

    There is a good roundup of opinion on the JKF assassination on this Facebook page – you can scroll back down for hours and keep finding fascinating stuff since all the major [living] players in this branch of research post there:

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