Pluto in Leo, nearly irrelevant…

Pluto in Leo had a dream...
Pluto in Leo had a dream…

To say that Pluto is the final arbiter of all human life is mythically accurate, and though it might sound like a rather dramatic statement to make, it nevertheless has some considerable truth to it in mundane human life. We all understand that Pluto is dignified in Scorpio and detrimented in Taurus, and I have read various theories about exaltation; some say Aquarius, some say Virgo, some say no sign exalts Pluto.

This latter assertion appears flimsy, since we are interested in principles, not rules – except insofar as rules help us to sublimate principles. The astrologer who innately espouses principles will probably be good at his or her job; the one who only determines on the basis of rules will probably simply add to their clients’ many constrictions. In one sense however, I can agree with Pluto’s exaltation in Aquarius, simply through the appallingly destructive influence of Pluto in the sign of Leo; but again this is not entirely satisfactory, because it is hardly a sign in which Pluto struggles to express itself.

The jury is out on exaltation for the lord of the underworld, but one observation stands true; Pluto in Leo is just awful.

Pluto in Leo style
Indigenous living: Pluto in Leo style

Wherever Pluto is found, in the unevolved (thus 99.9% of the human race) we find obsession; Pluto merely delineates the mode and preferred outlet for that obsession; and in Leo, it’s all about status. The generational effect of Pluto in Leo is quite easy to observe here in the United Kingdom, where all anybody seems to have a mind for these days is the car they drive and the value of their house. There are supplementary concerns of course; which school the children are attending, their exam grades, which handbag is in vogue this month, being seen at Ascot; but fundamentally, the Pluto in Leo generation have raised up the golden calf of status and created a raison d’étre out of it. They have also passed these dubious values on to their children, the Pluto in Virgo generation who seek to perfect their parents’ skewed vision, by appearing flawless, the epitome of health, vitality and with not a hair out of place: the ambience of the passing of the Plutonic baton then, has been to make an obsession out of the kind of status that is to be found in perfection. Inevitably, it’s a big ask, and as Uranus grinds over the radix Pluto placements of this generation right about now, there are going to be a fair few casualties.

Intriguingly though, with Pluto making its final foray in Sagittarius for the next quarter-millennium, it really is the end of the good times for Pluto in Leo and all his self-obsessed children. The quincunx that is created in Capricorn cuts this whole generation adrift, and with the lower-quincunx having a clear sixth-house influence, this entire swathe is in for a wake up call; there is a challenge in the pipeline, one that reverberates with themes of health, of occupational matters, of what we do in our day to day, in how we eat, wash and look after our appearance, and all of this because: they’re fast running out of sympathy.

This describes the quincunx exactly: Pluto in Leo simply has no common-ground with Pluto in Capricorn. If they were two people you’d imagine them being like Victoria Beckham and Ray Mears, but marooned together on a desert island. They just wouldn’t have anything to say to each other; Ray would consider Posh to be irrelevant, and for the singular purpose of living a subsistence lifestyle on a remote desert island, he’d probably be right. In fact, after he’d got bored of her pouting, he’d probably throw her off a cliff to improve his own resources and nobody would much care when years later he got rescued and his crime made the papers, because actually, Pluto in Leo is starting to seem a bit pointless now. A bit blown-up, selfish, greedy, pompous and irresponsible. They spent the children’s inheritance on cheap champagne and plastic baubles after all, and now it’s hard times for everyone.

The final crisis for Pluto in Leo will not truly manifest until Hades reaches Aquarius of course, and the last stragglers will expire with a final “oh dah-ling!” into the history books, the cement-head generation, who squandered an entire world’s resources just so they could look good.

This ought to be a wake-up call for the Virgo posse following on, let’s spread the word.

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  1. Comment from one spiritually awakened astrological researcher who could not care less about status, cars, or material things, and who happens to be of the Pluto in Leo (AKA “cement head generation” lol), I have to ask you, Chirotic, how you can logically justify pulling one component out of an an entire generation of astrological charts and thus form such damning generalizations about an entire generation of human beings.

    Nothing from my considerable reasearch on charts has indicated that any one single variable alone means anything whatsoever. Moreover, astrodatabank researchers, much as they have tried, have also been unable to isolate one single variable as meaning anything whatsoever.

    I live in a part of the world where I don’t want to live (and where I super dislike living) in order to be near my 80 year old mother, who needs me frequently, & to assist her through the process of illness, accidents, old age, and, ultimately, dying. Is that greedy, irresponsible, selfish and irrelevant? Actually, it is pretty much the opposite of each of these descriptions.

    You do great work Chirotic, and it is also obvious (and you have said so from some of your other postings as well) that your peregrine Scorpio moon clashes with Leo energy, doesn’t understand it, and so forth. Perhaps that has contributed to this one post here which does not seem to serve the field of astrology but instead offers a backdrop for venting of angry emotions about the state of the world today.

  2. I am genuinely sorry LS if I conveyed the impression that I was referring to individuals in this post, that was not for one minute my intention. I was absolutely talking about generational influences; of course, it would otherwise be ridiculous to make any such assertion.

    No, my analysis was directed entirely at the generational effect, in the same way that nationalism, patriotism and thrift characterised the Pluto in Cancer generation that went before.

    I also believe that this analysis will be vindicated with hindsight, even if it is uncomfortable.

    Now I could also say some fairly damning things about the Pluto in Virgo generation, but I think it is still too soon to form a meaningful view. I do think though that simply through an understanding of the key energies of each sign and the Plutonic principle, it is not too much of a stretch to argue that Pluto in Leo is status obsessed: of course there will always be a few who are capable of transcending Pluto (and realising Minerva as Isabel Hickey intimated all those years ago) in which case they could be deeply compassionate, but on the whole, I don’t think the legacy of the Pluto in Leo generation will be a compassionate one. Do you?

    As for myself, I do have a lot of Scorpio, but I also have Jupiter in Leo, so I understand Leo quite well, and I love everything about Leo that is positive; I love the Leo’s warmth, compassion and generosity: I also think that nobody gets kids like Leos do, that is a real gift.

    Okay, sorry if I upset you at all, peace 🙂

  3. Thanks for the response here, Chirotic, and, no worries, I am not upset. And thanks, I understand what you are saying about the group energy or dynamic.

    To answer your question above, the legacy of Pluto in Leo, as far as Im concerned, is one of having social courage in the light of political oppression, and trying to give a voice to women, minorities and other disempowered groups as reflected by the followers of people like Martin Luther King, Jr and others of his ilk, including an amazing group of feminist writers.

    Is that compassion? I would say, of a sort, it is compassion, it is compassion in the sense that fighting for social justice is The compassionate choice. Tactful, no. The Pluto in Leo generation will not leave a legacy of being tactful. But just doing nothing, with the world as it is now… is that something we could call compassion?

    The pluto in Leo generation spurred the civil rights movement in the US, and fought for the cause of womens rights. Pluto in Virgo, where are you, can’t you see that things are still very problematic? Pluto in Leo protested a war, where are all the war protestors today? Pluto in Virgo, where are all the protesters when we need them, where have all the rebels gone? Pluto in Libra, uh, hello? If you think you can please all of the people all of the time the world is going to remain a sorry place indeed. If it remains at all.

    I also think the Pluto-in-Leo generation legacy will be greatly linked with creating the best music of all time. Music brings people joy, and we shall have a great legacy of musical creativity.

    1. “We’re Heeeeeere!” I noticed you wrote this comment in 2008. Pluto was in Sagittarius then, and was square the Pluto in Virgo generation. We were busy then, but we’re here now. You can see us and our children at places like Occupy Wall Street, or fighting against corporations like Monsanto and it’s genetically modified and toxic food and attempt at domination of the worlds food supply- and attempted destruction of organic farming here in America.

    2. It’s true that the Leo Plutos played a key role in the social, artistic and sexual revolutions of the 1960s and early 70s. But what happened soon after? Thatcher and Reagan came to power in the UK and US, and it’s as if the Pluto in Leos all dropped that ball and went chasing back after visions of riches made on Wall Street combined with all the sitcoms they grew up with, Ozzie and Harriet, Leave it to Beaver, and Father Knows Best, building grandiose suburban chateaus and mansions in self-tribute.

      As a generation of world leaders, the Pluto in Leo stewardship of the planet has been absolutely appalling and ghastly. Waging unnecessary wars and wasting countless lives merely to preserve their own vanity and access to profit from dinosaur fossil fuels. Leo may understand kids better than any other sign, but with Pluto there, they act a bit too much like kids themselves to bother with preserving the planet for future generations. In some ways, its as if the collective act of destroying the Earth is some sort of subconscious validation of their egos. The Pluto Opposition from Aquarius can’t arrive to cut them down soon enough.

    3. Puto in Leo

      Primary caregiver for bedridden father. Six years plus, but ready to go on as long as it takes 🙂

  4. Hmmm..Seems I’m a little late entering into this, but as a member of the Virgo generation I can agree that we are definitely not the sign carrying types! As an individual, I find that would take too much time away from my compulsive fixing and draw far too much attention to myself. Those of us that have given up on maintaining the perfect front (and yes, my Pluto in Leo parents were all about the show..huge house, huge car, huge bank account, huge toys, huge friends..and insisted, sometimes not very nicely, that I should have the same) are instead rolling up our sleeves, getting down into the muck we find so distasteful, and fixing it. It seems with any generation, you’ll have some members holding onto the old way of doing things (those “things” depending on the sign Pluto’s in). Then you’ll have those that are working to tear down the old way and create a new, more conscious way of doing things. Since negativity gets much more publicity, the group that’s tenaciously holding onto the old way will get all the attention when Pluto works to break their iron grip. It’s as though the one group serves to bring all the negative stuff into the light so the other group (and the rest of humanity) can gain awareness from their struggle, and then do something about it. And thank you chirotic for defining a generation according to it’s Pluto sign. I’m curious what your views are concerning the Pluto in Scorpio generation. School shootings, shootings for the sheer sake of shooting, shooting up your family, ambiguous sexuality, absolute sharing of every little secret via the internet…this generation certainly seems poised to teach us a thing or 2 about 8th house issues!

  5. A bit of a late comment-

    I think I finally can understand now why we’ll never have the kind of rock and roll like we used to decades ago. This isn’t to say the roll of Clear Channel and major record companies buying each other out and corruption in the music industry aren’t factors either, but I feel it does help explain a lot about how the nature of the music has changed over the years. Instead of hoping for a revival that captures the essence of the times (and the last thing I want is old wine in new bottles), I think I’ll just get some old and used CD and LPs instead. Thank you for the insight.

  6. Amy, I agree, I think rock n’ roll is over, for the next two and a half centuries at least.

    Krista: I agree also, the Virgo crowd are not limelight grabbers and since this is the first time that Pluto has traversed Pluto since its discovery its a new ambience in any case: the history books are not going to help, so the only clues we get are those we can discern for ourselves.

    I think that the Virgo generation’s greatest fault will be in not asserting their needs over those of the Leo generation that so dominates the world vision of our times.

  7. This analysis is an examination of the negatives of pluto in leo. Quite correct, especially the part about pluto now being in capricorn: they are hitting the wall. Unpleasant, but necessary part of the analysis: but it isn’t a complete picture and the author should either have stated so. They are entitled to vent: but it is important that objectivity be ultimately maintained.

    Than having been said, I was looking for an article like this EXACTLY TO explain the dark side of pluto in leo: Freaking blockheads!!!

    1. There’s some venting here for sure, but it’s not entirely undeserved at a generational level. It always surprises me how people can become very offended by negative write ups about Pluto’s position in the zodiac; they personalise. That’s human nature of course, but it is unusual for a different generation to to leap to the defence.

      I remain unapologetic, although I have no wish to offend individuals. I don’t do astrology for Pluto in Leos, and that’s something I’ve learned the hard way, not because I have a bias, (even though this article might – apparently – belie that claim.) I realise too that this isn’t a ‘complete picture’ but what is? I’m not sure that any free article on a journal like this can ever claim to be exhaustive. In truth, I believe that Pluto in Leo (self-dubbed the “Me Generation”!) has distorted reality almost beyond belief. My parents were born at the height of Pluto in Leo, and frankly, I don’t have much sympathy although I absolutely recognise that there is a potential objectivity problem for that reason alone.

      I wouldn’t wish Pluto in Leo on my kids, that’s for sure.

  8. Wish I had come to this thread sooner! Being a Virgo, with Pluto in Leo (and an actual Leo father with Pluto in Cancer), I’d have a lot to say about the dynamic and differences of and between these two signs. This would be a topic possibly that anyone with an interest in astrology would take notice of. Anecdotally: remember the “horoscope-light bulb jokes” that went around about 10 years ago? “How many Leos does it take to change a light bulb?”; “none, Leos don’t change their own light bulbs, they have a Virgo do it for them.”

    But then more to the immediate points of criticism here. I couldn’t help but notice over the last decade or so, the appearance and apparent increase of what has often been dubbed “Boomer Bashing” in the press and other media. That the “Boomer generation” fairly well conflates with Pluto-in-Leo generation is astrologically interesting therefore. However, somewhat similarly to Loonsounds, above (I’m likewise not upset), I can’t help but recoil from the harsh criticisms coming from the Pluto in Virgo folks. Being a Virgo myself, I know quite well the ugliness a Virgo feels, or is made to feel, when he is caught helplessly blaming others for his problems. It is said that Virgo is very hard on herself, and that is one reason she is so very sensitive to criticism from others. At the times when (a) Virgo really does become unjustly a victim, it is a very sorry Virgo indeed who is not able to abruptly and quickly rise above it.

    (All Virgo’s should read Camus)

    Leo on the other hand, might be said to “react” badly or pathetically to criticism. Anecdotally again, I can attest that my own father would retire and sulk for days or even weeks when his evident pride had been wounded by Virgo criticism. If I learned anything in my long life around father (he is now deceased), it is that precious little, if anything at all, is to be gained from fault finding with a Leo.

    Leo is a sign with some incredible social smarts; it amounts to a great wisdom. I think that even when speaking and thinking “generationally” there is very little to gain, and something very good to be lost from finding fault with Leo.

    My own observation about the Pluto in Cancer generation (Cancer, also, is not to be criticized, you know!) is that (as far as Americans are concerned) they were reluctant to be dragged into a big war, but afterward, they became the most entitled generation (possibly, or in terms of numbers/magnitude anyway) in human history. Not quite “the greatest generation” that Tom Brokaw wrote about in his book, but very very wonderful. I am so sorry to see them going away now.

    I have faith that a sort of universal compassion will make its appearance in the evolving Pluto in Virgo generation. I have less hope of the same from Pluto in Libra.

    And if Jeremy doesn’t do astrology for Plutos-in-Leo, I have to thank him very much again for making an exception in my case.

  9. I’m a Pluto in Virgo and am quite politically active. I feel that it’s my duty, and I’m obsessed with it. I obsessively search for the details and look for the little nuances when I’m reading in between the lines and cleaning up the huge legacy of a mess that the Pluto in Leo generation is leaving this planet strapped with.
    I loved the article. Thanks.

    1. heywood – I hope you so not believe that the Pluto in Leo generation was apolitical. Au Contraire. Think “hell no we won’t go”, Martin Luther King, Gloria Steinem, Earth Day etc in the US alone. There are a lot of messes, I agree, but we are not apolitical. Good thing the Pluto in Virgos can really get the work done.

  10. I am a Pluto in Leo(11TH-19*) with Sun in CAP(4th-4*),Moon in Aries(7th-1*),Uranus in Cancer(10th-2*),Mars in Libra (12th-0*), cardinal angular grand cross.

    Early adult years had me observing my generations issues /processes from a perception of insanity.I have never fit what you have delineated here of what i agree is a good description of my generations indulgences/greed/statass’s.I was in the building business and first began to observe the waste and impractical methods to LOOK good.Then i observed how the FED/BANKERS/WALL ST manipulated the interest rates to create the BOOM-BUSTS.These, among other research interests convinced me we were heading for serious trouble if it all continued,and it did,and we are.I AM amazed i managed to stay alive to see what i intuited.

    I have learned to live simply….that others may simply live,as this country has great karma & blood on it’s hands.Exactly how it will play out will depend on how we reclaim personal power and are willing to deconstruct government and develop community responsibility first and own what is broken from our National collective actions/non-actions,and rebuild with new consciousness.This revolution has to be like no other.Enlightened anarchy means non-cooperation and non-violent,which truly would be Evolutionary.

    Every generation has it’s dimensions of greed/ignorance/apathy.

    1. I am in total agreement with you Michael…We have seen the manipulation of the divide and rule concept, for the material gain of war, land, money and depopulation. Ghandi’s philosophy seems the only way now. Puppetmasters involve us in the infamous triangle Aggressor, Rescuer, Victim which has caused so much grief and horror throughout History so we now have to think very cleverly and cautiously regarding us, the general populace, because believe it or not non compliance is effective.

  11. I think we brought a sense of fun, independence, equality, youthfulness, empathy, spirituality, ethics, fairness, acceptance of diversity, along with the so called big picture you have painted. Goodness knows what this Pluto in scorpio generation is going to provide….woohaathere!

  12. I do think the Pluto in Leo generation is different. They have a much harder time dealing with and looking at their hard truths, the BS, if you will (because Leo thrives on BS — which isn’t all bad).

    The Pluto in Leo generation is attempting to evolve to understand they are not better than any other human, there is no status, there is no hierarchy. Don’t tell them that, though, they can’t handle it.

  13. Jem – I understand what you are saying – especially the personal agenda part. From a layperson’s perspective, I think the “me” generation just got too self-absorbed, too ego-centric in general. It is a very privileged generation. But it would take a long analysis I think, to show how much more worthy of the Pluto agenda (the good part) other generations have been and how much less innocuous due to sign placement. For example, how about the whole Imperialistic reign of the British Empire and the long reign of the landed gentry’s assumed superiority, actual privilege, and infantile disposition? Seems like that is Leonian as well yet they did not have Pluto in Leo. What other socio-economic dynamics were at play that could be attributed to something other than Pluto that have also had a destructive influence? With Pluto in other signs historically how do we explain these former generations own Leonian tendencies? And what about all of us Pluto in Leos who have felt very dis-empowered by the system, the reigning class? How could we take this personally?. I think the personal insult comes into play when the conversation turns from a topic of what has transpired historically to what another age group has done. So few hold the power, after all.

  14. Not to hog the blogways here but on a lighter note (is it possible with Pluto?) I can’t help thinking of the enormously popular Hilary Mantel novels Wolf Hall etc and the portrayal of Thomas Cromwell – always expertly lurking in the shadows ! He seems very like a very Plutonian character to me.

  15. I am totally baffled as to how the “evidence” given above could possibly constitute Leo allegedly being the sign of Pluto’s exaltation – perhaps a refresher on dignity and debility is called for. Exaltation is like being an “esteemed guest”, as it’s apt to bring out the BEST the planet has to offer!
    “Also, many of you modern astrologers tend to forget Leo’s more ancient origins and instead only seem to think of him as some showy, attention whore when in actuality, he was (and is) one of the most potentially temperamental signs. He ruled over the hottest and stormiest part of summer and was the ONLY sign to be characterized as both “bestial” (“responsive to primordial instincts rather than higher reasoning” and “feral” (“considered capable of savage and ferociously destructive traits”). Plus, if you remember that Leo was originally the Nemean Lion (Heracles’ First Labour) and the son of Typhon (who nearly caused the overthrow of the Greek Olympian Gods), you can clearly see Leo is the embodiment of drastic change and is often quite a destructive force to be reckoned with.”
    How in the world is any of that proof of Pluto being high-functioning in Leo?? I think, if anything, the commenter has succeeded in making a case for precisely why Pluto DOES NOT function well in this sign…..while also providing an unintentional illustrative example of the tempestuous, me-centric, drama-laden potential of Lower Leo – the Kingly decree is the only one that matters, I suppose, LOL.
    Look, I *love* Leos. Leos and I are like peas and carrots – all my life I’ve had them as close friends or partners and to me there is nothing better than a Leo at its finest. But I’ll be one of the the first to tell you the Pluto in Leos do have some seriously narcissistic and megalomaniacal potential, especially those with Fixed Suns in hard aspect to Pluto. Plutonic and Solar energies are essentially the antithesis of one another in certain respects – archetypal darkness vs. archetypal light. Kings can indeed be benevolent lords of their subjects, but as we know Plutonic forces tend to warp and corrupt and Pluto in Leo is quite capable of being Tyrannosaurus Rex; the Tyrant Lizard King. Remember that Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini all were at the height of their power during Pluto in Leo – all of these rules were essentially “cults of personality” and there were definitely elements of “divine right” involved..

  16. I keep thinking of how, generationally speaking, pluto in leos lost the souls’ intent to move towards the aquarian energy to bring in some balance. It’s too late now as it’s 60 degrees near noon here in Tucson when it should be in the 100s. How’s that wrinkle cream workin’ now?

    1. Greg – here in sun deprived Seattle where the complexions are lovely, there is a huge emphasis on alternative healthcare. It is a city full of not only western doctors but a glut of acupuncturists, naturopaths, massage therapists, energy workers, etc. And technology – my goodness – is this not also the Aquarian agenda? Maybe the worst of the Leo Pluto was the Wolf on Wallstreet – the Bonfire of the Vanities, and the endless self-absorption, to be sure, but there has been a polarity – it can’t be denied. We are now a global community after all and we have raised Aquarian children.

  17. Rereading Jem Neal on line is my pasttime in the coffee shop while my Taurus grandson plays w the trucks put there for kids. I feel again a love of his fine Virgo/Scorpio analysis, like replaying a favourite CD, and a resentment of HIS resentment of my agegroup. But write more Jeremy, I guess you have a lot to do w family and work and blogs come low in priority. I hope you get time to research and write more books sometime. One of the best.

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