I realised after receiving some feedback on my last post that I should have framed my discussion with greater prudence. The purpose of Pluto is in my view to act as a generational lesson; the consensual effect of Pluto’s position often leads to the human race having to confront undesirable aspects of its own nature, ultimately for the benefit of future generations.

Take Pluto in Cancer, a generation that was obsessed by Cancerian concerns, the homeland, the tribal identity, belonging, thrift, being cautious and protective and getting obsessed about boundaries. The First World War was an astonishingly Pluto in Cancer phenomenon, as was the Second; they were conflicts that defined tribal values, nationalism, protectionism, jingoism, racism, xenophobia. Hopefully though the deaths of several million young men in French fields taught the world a valuable lesson: that we as a species need to work much harder at diplomacy, at breaking down barriers, at being more inclusive based upon our shared characteristics, rather than those things which set us apart. Hopefully, thanks to the obsessions of the Pluto in Cancer generation, terrible, wasteful wars that involve entire continents are a thing of the past.

So if I say that Pluto in Leo is status obsessed then I say it in just the same way that Pluto in Cancer had its own unhealthy fixations too, and that hopefully there will be a learning process to come from that which benefits all of us.

I fully expect the Pluto in Virgo generation to teach the planet an important lesson about political-correctness, in just the same way that I think eventually an important lesson about passivity and vanity to come from the Pluto in LIbra placement that follows.

So, for the record, I am not criticising any individual with Pluto in Leo for being a cement-head, only the generational effect (cement-heads are ubiquitous, no one placement can claim a monopoly on that phenomenon).

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