Three Dimensional Astrology: Part One

Yesterday I took the momentous step of recording the first of a series of discussions on various astrological theories and concepts. As an experiment I am going to make the first part available here while I determine the best means of sharing the material with you all. Any thoughts, considered strategies or feedback is most welcome.

For the first discussion, I recorded the material while out walking Juno. I had no material prepared, and the sound quality was perhaps less than optimum because of the blustery weather and the fact that I was walking at the time. I am excited by the possibility of recording a more considered discussion in future rather than this completely off-the-cuff ramble!

If you would prefer to download the audio file so that you can listen to it elsewhere, then please download the MP3 directly. Remember that you can join the discussion directly via Facebook.

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13 thoughts on “Three Dimensional Astrology: Part One

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  1. I loved this audio broadcast–both the content and the format. There’s something warm and immediate about hearing your voice, the ambient sounds, the progress of the walk. Quite different than reading the same material. I’m looking forward to more.

  2. …i imagine it’s what radio 4 would sound like if it ever ran a series on astrology. (one can live in hope). and, may i say, you have a voice for radio. congratulations.

  3. Yes, what an excellent voice, and eloquent. I’m looking forward to hearing more. To be honest, I was mildly disconcerted by the loudish breathing, but if walking makes it happen, do carry on.

  4. Just great. I agree wholeheartedly the comments of the previous posters re immediacy, warmth, content and voice. Really look forward to hearing more.

  5. I very much enjoyed listening to your recording, and look forward to hearing more. Thank you so much for making it available.

    Speaking as a person with a Leo close conjunction opposing an Aquarius close conjunction – I can relate to every word you said, on an intensely personal level. My whole life has been a journey of deep psychological self-discovery; as a young person,making huge mistakes; leap-bound-splatting all over the landscape and then retreating into severe introversion. This has usually resulted in me moving on to arise from my own ashes of experience, lol. I have spent two thirds of of my life using my chart as a tool for self understanding and exploration, and at least half a lifetime trying to give back to others through astrology and other forms of counselling. I am still learning from my chart, constantly gaining new insights. To me it is a vibrant, living, 4 dimensional blueprint which never ceases to amaze me.

  6. Apologies – some of my words were missed out for some reason. The second paragraph should begin with:

    Speaking as a person with a Leo Ascendant Pluto Moon close conjunction opposing an Aquarius Venus Descendant Sun Jupiter close conjunction …

  7. I value your insight. I trust and understand. I am grateful to share with others your wisdom.The 3rd dimension to astrology is a nifty concept . The occupation of certain places that we currently entertain is an idea that had beforehand not been addressed. I wish for your great good fortune, and for your family’s healing and prosperity. I may be homeless soon. With the help of your vision I shall focus on a goal, an aspiration: a roof over my head

  8. Thanks for that, very interesting. I go out for a walk most evenings, and it is amazing the way that walking helps and clarifies the thought processes, so I can understand why you chose to record it in this way. Your description of the nativity ‘map’ was food for thought, and it reminded me of a line from a Gestalt psychology text: “We all live in exactly the same physical territory, but we all have different maps.” The problem is that we assume that other people have the same maps as we do, and that leads to arguments and recriminations. I can see that the same could be said about nativity charts, and that we can only live in peace with others when we truly accept that their maps are completely different from ours.
    Anyway, I enjoyed your broadcast a lot, and look forward to the next one.

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