Hadean Planets and Spiritual Work

How do we work with Pluto, and his co-rulers of the Underworld, to emancipate ourselves from difficulty, and to do the spiritual work that is our life's purpose? I would argue that it is, like so many spiritual methodologies and paradigms, at once incredibly simple and most decidedly difficult, but that we all have the power to make simple choices that will curb the darker temptations of Pluto and lead us into the light. All we have to do is decide. This discussion will take up about 40 minutes of your time, and if you would prefer to download the...
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Three Dimensional Astrology: Part 4

This is the final instalment of my series on spiritual astrology, discussing in some depth the midlife transits, the Pluto and Neptune squares, and the Uranus half-return, among others. Thanks to everyone for their support and encouragement; I aim to record material on new topics later in the year, I am under some pressure to... Continue Reading →

Three Dimensional Astrology: Part Three

Another day, another discussion. Continuing from where I left off last time, today I discuss Orcus as a key component of spiritual integrity and the implications this has for finding meaning within your own life. I have listened to the constructive comments and emails I have received from many kind people and tried to adjust... Continue Reading →

Three Dimensional Astrology: Part Two

Continuing then with the next instalment of my discussion. This time I made a few changes from my previous recording: I sat rather than walked and I made a few notes to be going along with, mostly to help with continuity. Once again, if you wish to download the source file then you can do... Continue Reading →

Three Dimensional Astrology: Part One

Yesterday I took the momentous step of recording the first of a series of discussions on various astrological theories and concepts. As an experiment I am going to make the first part available here while I determine the best means of sharing the material with you all. Any thoughts, considered strategies or feedback is most... Continue Reading →

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