Three Dimensional Astrology: Part 4

This is the final instalment of my series on spiritual astrology, discussing in some depth the midlife transits, the Pluto and Neptune squares, and the Uranus half-return, among others. Thanks to everyone for their support and encouragement; I aim to record material on new topics later in the year, I am under some pressure to... Continue Reading →

Three Dimensional Astrology: Part One

Yesterday I took the momentous step of recording the first of a series of discussions on various astrological theories and concepts. As an experiment I am going to make the first part available here while I determine the best means of sharing the material with you all. Any thoughts, considered strategies or feedback is most... Continue Reading →

A Design for Life

A day or so ago, I was out running under that fabulous Cancer Moon, and I was listening to David Hawkins on my iPod. He is a remarkable spiritual teacher and one of the insights that he relayed struck me quite forcibly. In my life, I do not especially understand the consensus of reality. I... Continue Reading →

New Asteroids Service

Today Saturn crosses my Ascendant and not a moment too soon, I haven't known whether I'm on foot or horseback for as long as I can remember, and with that transition out of the 12th, well, I feel like a prisoner on release day. I've been working very hard on two projects over the last... Continue Reading →

Astrology Interactive

I have today completed work on the first lesson for my astrological course which I have been contemplating for some time. My own methods have been developed from a base which I learned at an early age from my own grandfather but which have of course evolved considerably in keeping with the development in astrological... Continue Reading →

Relationships and the Davison Composite

Today I would like to revisit the theme of relationship astrology, and explore another method of determining compatibility between two individuals by the analysis of their astrological combination. Typically this is achieved through synastry: the application of one nativity to another wherein the aspects between each party's placements are studied. Of course, even before any... Continue Reading →

Personal Astrology Tuition Offered

Learning the astrology, at any level, is never going to be easy and whilst I was fortunate enough in the early days of my own instruction to be able to turn to a wiser and more experienced mentor, many aspiring astrologers are not nearly as lucky. It is for this reason that I have decided... Continue Reading →

The astrology of marriage

Today, I want to discuss, broadly and without being too definitive about it, the astrology of marriage. Almost immediately, there is a slight difficulty because semantics are involved, but in this instance I determine marriage to be any significant partnership with another human being in which you share affection, a duty of care and -... Continue Reading →

The fine art of synthesis

Without question, the most difficult aspect of my work as an astrologer is to do with managing people's expectations, this is inordinately tricky, because it is very straightforward to make a few fairly accurate observations, but people want more than that at the same time as they want less. This might sound contradictory, but it's... Continue Reading →

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