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My book on Orcus is nearing completion and I have to say it’s been a really incredible journey, I am so very much looking forward to sharing this important discovery and its many insights with the astrological community. I have no hesitation in proclaiming my belief that Orcus is not a minor planet, indeed, I am firmly of the view that he is indeed as important as Pluto, albeit with a more impersonal focus. I realise that this is a bold claim, but in the many hundreds of nativities I have studied in my research for the book, there is no question that many fundamental aspects of character and life-orientation could simply have not been properly understood without the inclusion of Orcan principles. Indeed in many cases, the nativity is simply undecipherable without it; it is an understanding to astrology not unlike the Rosetta Stone was to Egyptology. I hope it does not come across as altogether too bold to say that some of the conclusions that I have arrived at are so startling that they will undoubtedly revolutionise the study of astrology, in much the same way as the evidence of Pluto did in the latter part of the 20th Century.

Of course, the writing of a work such as this has altered my priorities a great deal. I have struggled especially to keep up with correspondence (an occupational hazard at the best of times for a professional astrologer), and this journal has suffered most of all. I look forward to the day (in the not too distant future) when the book is published and I can get back to writing articles on this journal with greater regularity.

In order to minimise some of the fallout from the change in priorities I have created a Facebook page for this journal where I will be writing daily updates and insights and I hope to be able to communicate more directly with everyone. I would be delighted to see you there.

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  1. Did you know that 90482 Orcus is the zip code for Nuremberg in Germany? The Doctor’s Trials, the Judge’s Trials ~ quite a few oath-breakers..

  2. I’m looking up to see your work published, good luck and blessed path ahead } ♥ {

    The whole of my natal is by configuration below the horizon, with only Orcus in 10th opposed to my natal Sun by -1A, and while i’m a Pluto rising/squaring Sun by -1A too, i’m fairly sure it’ll give me a bether overview of the “breakfast at Hades” i am dealing with.

  3. My Orcus is closely linked to the ascendant. So I think I’m really interested in your incoming publication. I will visit you often on these pages to keep me updated on the news.
    On a side note, I can say I feel a very strong and secret energy inside me that I make sometimes difficult to control, especially when it remains for too long unspoken and unexpressed. When it exploded outside of me I had a lot of fear and other people around me the same. I literally turned into another horrifying double (an Orcus, really). It may be that this figure has to do with “el nagual” mentioned by Castaneda in his books?
    And then, finally, if Pluto rules the sign of Scorpio, it could be that Orcus rules the opposite sign of Taurus?

  4. After reading your post I immediately went to see where Orcus is in my chart – in the hot seat – it is at 7 degrees Cancer in the 10th, conjunct my Mars at 7 in Cancer, both conjunct my mid-heaven. Needless to say, I’ll be very interested in your book. And congrats.

  5. I have Orcus in exact opposition to my Saturn. Sounds dreadful. Now I have to buy your book to learn more about it.

  6. I have Orcus Opposite my Sun-Saturn Conjunction. I know a lot about profoundness which (some) Pluto people think they do but they do not.

    I am very interested in discussing things with you and I even started to do readings for others recently, for fun & for free. I am quite certain that we would have exchange of each others information and I am wondering on how you are doing! I consider starting a blog too, eventually. If I am alive and well and other issues do not come in the way.

    Also there is other things that I wanna discuss among from the astrology, like spiritual happenings, but astrologically we have a common ground. Do contact! (I can be reached both in hotmail and gmail and I am sure in other ways if you just mention it.)

  7. I have Orcus conjunct my Sun/Venus/Lilith in Cancer in the 10th house.Still not sure if that is good or bad,from what I have read so far it sounds rather negative.”Oath breaking” sounds rather vague.I’ll have to read up on it and definitely check out your book.

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