Three Dimensional Astrology: Part Two

Continuing then with the next instalment of my discussion. This time I made a few changes from my previous recording: I sat rather than walked and I made a few notes to be going along with, mostly to help with continuity.

Once again, if you wish to download the source file then you can do so right here. The episode lasts 41 minutes.

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7 thoughts on “Three Dimensional Astrology: Part Two

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  1. Many thanks for this next instalment in your series of talks. I found it moving and thought provoking. I will listen to it again several times, in order to absorb all of the nuances – it has struck a deep chord within me.

  2. Great… but, really tough too. Hum… I wanted to make a contribution… but, I can’t figure out the pounds to the dollars, (I want to pay in dollars.) Anyways, listened to the whole podcast. Thanks

  3. I know nothing about the calibrations of which you speak but I do know about the spiritual journey and it is true that it can be a lonely road for it sets you apart, and sacrifices to what is classed as ‘normal life’ have to be made. But as you say, once you know, you can’t un-know. 🙂

    I enjoy listening and am looking forward to more.

  4. thought-provoking as always, jeremy. and the background soundscape of water & birdsong was absolutely beautiful… all in all, like eating a slice of rich chocolate cake :O)

  5. Jeremy, do you check on the consciousness calibration of astrology clients and that towards other people involved in a scenario in both directions? Thank you very much for this thought-provoking post, crystallising a question I didn’t know I had concerning an experience and answering it. I use a pendulum to check for ideomotor response (instead of kinesiology but similar principle). I have to make sure I am connected with High Self each time that I’m indeed bypassing my conscious mind and other interference.

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