Three Dimensional Astrology: Part Three

Another day, another discussion. Continuing from where I left off last time, today I discuss Orcus as a key component of spiritual integrity and the implications this has for finding meaning within your own life. I have listened to the constructive comments and emails I have received from many kind people and tried to adjust my ‘style’ accordingly, thus, this episode is a little faster paced. I’m also keen to bring in some wider astrological observations in the future, so in this episode we will be focusing on some of the foundation concepts of spiritual awareness. As we discussed last time around, astrology is really not very effective unless applied within a spiritual framework.

I’ve also compressed the file somewhat, without hopefully compromising the quality. The discussion lasts for 42 minutes and the file is 38mb in size.

As ever, if you would rather download the file so that you can listen while you’re in your car, going for a run, or rounding Cape Horn in your bathtub, then you can find it here

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  1. Thank you so much. I am very touched by your insights about humanness. Is human -ness a word? Does it exist in the art of living? Does it exist in artwork? How do we express it in artwork…I once attempted it with a documentary film project that involved a cultural exchange between children with cancer in France and adult Native Indians from Canada. And so I travelled to France with a dozen Mic Macs from New Brunswick and a cameraman to film during this Pow Pow in the Lyon area. On one hand the presence of the children of France wanted to celebrate life so much! On the other hand the native elders who were quite saddened by the lost of so many of their own young ones. The level and rate of suicides on the reserves are quite alarming.-These Elders were quite moved by the courageous sparkle in the eyes of the young French children. The intensity of the humane connection that was happening there was all transforming us deeply. And for me, during a period of about three years – before, during and after the filming – I was living by the seat of my soul and lost many hairs, and some of the connection with the “ordinary” life. I wonder if it was an opportunity of crossing to another threshold – was it an Orcus one? Or wais Chirotic? It could have been a shamanistic experience – I know now that it is not something that can be part of my everyday journey…It is like hearing your heartbeat so loud when contemplating the other side of the Grand Canyon.

    Thank you again Jeremy. I read you always. My ears are now very happy to hear you. I just want to attempt to express how I really appreciate your sharing with us all?


  2. I enjoyed that one much more than your second talk which, as it dealt mainly with Hawkins’ kinesiology, required a massive leap of faith by the listener. I know nothing about Hawkins, but I always feel a little guarded at the prospect of someone else popping up with a new theory to explain the universe. Having said that, the claim that only a small percentage of the population make it to the 200 mark does not sound improbable. I must look into Hawkins, though his books are said to be heavy going.
    I liked the anecdotes about the couple in the restaurant and your chat with Sandy; they were very evocative and stimulating, and reminded me of something I read about the power of parable – the way in which using stories to explain an idea or concept is so effective because it not only roots the idea in the memory much better, it also humanises the theory and makes it easier for us to internalise it. It’s no coincidence that the Bible is so packed with parables – they are the best way of getting a message across.
    Like you, I have no difficulty in discussing meaning and significance, but I flounder amidst small talk, and it is so refreshing to listen to your thoughts on our path through life, as there are few people who feel comfortable in discussing such subjects – though the danger is that if you do come across someone who wants to talk about Meaning, their sentences will often begin with the first person pronoun, and will carry on until you manage to tear yourself away. Empathy is there to be given, I know, but as a Pisces with Cancer moon I have, in the past, allowed myself to be drained dry by such people, and have had to learn to stand back and give myself a little breathing space.
    Finally, thanks for your thoughts about Sandy, and how you saw the good qualities in him despite his belief that he had failed in life. Bombarded as we are by empty, toxic values, it is wonderful to hear such simple, clear truths. Carry on the good work, Jeremy.
    Best wishes,

  3. I found this piece profoundly moving, Jeremy. It’s without a doubt my favourite so far. I agree with Michael – all power to the parable! Everything & everyone has something to teach us. Life is but a constant stream of lessons… & as such, an infinite source of parables …if only we care to listen :O) As such, they are the most effective teaching tool.

    Much (delicious) food for thought also re. your musings on integrity. And as for the release of your book, I’m counting the days….

  4. these installments are great to listen to while i am working out. Thank you for your insightful and spiritual mind 😀

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