…there was a post here in which I discussed astrological etiquette. I have removed it because I’d momentarily forgotten that only a fool tries to direct the world and the other people in it. On that precise subject I’ll be publishing the second article in the current series on Pluto early next week. Have a… Read More

On Blame…

My apologies, in passing, for not posting an article here for quite some time; for not, if you like, fulfilling my contract on this journal, but here I am, and I intend to discuss contracts today, in a round-about manner. In large part I am writing this simply because I have Pluto in the 12th… Read More

Radio Silence

This is a very brief housekeeping post, I have been without telephone and therefore Internet too for almost two weeks after the phone company disconnected us “by accident”. They promised to have it back in 4 days and somehow “forgot”, then when they finally did manage to put it back on they gave us a… Read More

Time Out

Once again I find myself unable to compose my thoughts coherently enough to write my planned article on Jupiter – Neptune. Life is extremely tough, as reflected by my various directions, arcs and transits which I include here for anyone with a mind for such things to wonder at, it is not an especially pretty… Read More