On the peregrination of Pluto and other such tragedies

As I have discussed in many articles previously, there is no better way to gain perspective on a planetary focus than to find an instance where it is overexpressed due to peregrination; usually this works very well, but in the case of Pluto, and to a lesser extent with Uranus and Neptune as well, the effect can only be observed if the native has some facility to resonate with the vibration of that particular imperative; and that, as you might imagine; is extremely difficult with an energy as fundamental and inhuman as Plutonic force. It is for this reason that Plutonic activity seems so especially fated and inexorable. When you consider that Buddy Holly who died in a plane crash aged only 22, Henri Toulouse-Lautrec who died of complications arising from alcoholism and syphilis in a Paris asylum aged 36 and Cliff Burton, the bassist of mega-metal band Metallica who was crushed to death by the tour coach aged only 24, then you begin to see something of the difficulty with peregrination of a force as unyielding and insidious as Pluto.

A few with peregrination of Pluto
A few with peregrination of Pluto

Most intriguing in my mind however, is the understanding that both JFK and Marilyn Monroe shared more than a supposed doomed attraction; they both evinced peregrination of Pluto in the sign of Cancer. This suggests that familial bonds and ties need to be transformed but here Pluto is overexpressed, and Plutonic power is absolute and there is no question that both Kennedy and Monroe wielded astonishing personal magnetism and power, inhuman levels of charisma and influence on the populations of the world. Monroe also evinced peregrination of Uranus creating a very difficult manifestation issue, not least because the need to individuate would be overwhelming and this too in tandem with a need to become phenomenally powerful in some meaningful way; and of course let us not forget that Pluto, ruler of Scorpio has a sexual component, so how better to express Pluto’s power than through elevating to the role of being the world’s foremost sex-symbol; similarly her Uranus was in Pisces, thus individuation through dreaminess. There you have it then, an overwhelming impetus to become the world’s most dreamy sex-symbol. Kennedy on the other hand combined with his peregrine Pluto in Cancer (power over the country of origin) a peregrine Sun, a factor very often seen in the charts of presidents and prime ministers (and a configuration which Hilary Clinton shares), which you will see combines both a conscious and an unconscious need for power, which altogether makes a fairly compelling need to take charge.

These are profoundly difficult energies to express, and at the risk of sounding overly dramatic, one very straightforward solution to the problem of expressing Pluto is to die. Generally speaking this tendency to overexpress outer-planet energy manifests through various levels of the spectrum of energies; Donald Trump has peregrine Pluto, and he deals with that impetus by amassing Plutonic wealth. Robert Redford is one of the true movers and shakers of the Hollywood machine, while Liz Greene really does hold the keys to the throne of the world of astrology (and quite rightly so in my opinion).

Peregrine Neptune calls for another difficult – if less frightening – expression, and here the call is to transcendence or certainly, to go to sea. Alan Villiers, yachtsman and author of many books about the seafaring life has peregrine Neptune, as does Sir James Hardy (the owner of Hardy’s wines, that most famous of Australian winemakers) who spends the rest of his time at sea sailing in his yacht. The chart for the discovery of oil – ruled by Neptune (Titusville USA 27 Aug 1859) – has peregrine Neptune, while Frank Sinatra, Sylvester Stallone and Orson Welles all share this peculiar and otherworldly need to manifest Neptunian energy.

If you have peregrine Uranus similarly and are not, by design a natural genius (as in the case of Alan Watts), then again you have a problem because you have to be seen in some way as very exceptional, an impetus which can very easily degenerate into perversion and abrupt willfulness if you have no other means of individuating. Gary Kasparov, Margaret Thatcher and (again) Frank Sinatra all share this condition with Alan Watts and Marilyn Monroe. Peregrination is never easy, but it becomes decidedly less so in the cases of outer planet energies, but even then, in the case of Pluto especially (and it will no doubt become clear with time that the same holds true for Orcus) the transformation will be a near inhuman imperative. The best defence against the ultimate expression of death and rebirth is awareness, from which a means might be found to channel the compulsion for inhuman power in such a way that it does not provoke the fates, because for natives with peregrine Pluto, life is nothing short of a Greek tragedy waiting to happen.

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  1. I have peregrine Pluto in Libra in tenth house. I have had a lifetime of being emotionally needy to a point that I knew it was hurting people around me. I finally dealt with it 3 years ago and realized (probably for the first lifetime ever) I can live without having to have people fill some sort of void in me and that there was never a void.
    It was because I thought there was one that made it exist. Anyway, I am a pretty solitary person, which has not changed, but I know the relationships I do have now are a lot healthier then they were before or they would be had I not faced this.
    So my life is to me considered a success even if I don’t accomplish anything else.

  2. I also have peregrine in ascendant Neptune conjunct Jupiter. I don’t know what that means exactly. Except I can be quite an idealist who is always telling people that things could be better then they are and always looking at the potentials rather then what is right there. I also like the arts and have always felt that if I put myself into it bring everything out I could probably come up with something deep and at least to me, useful.

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