Venus in Virgo, Venus in Pisces: same difference?

So then adepts, here is a question that my grandfather would have asked when he wanted to make the most important point in the entire philosophy of the astrology. What is the difference between Venus in Virgo in the 12th and Venus in Pisces in the 6th?

You can say that the former induces a love of research carried on in solitude whereas the latter evinces a love of solitude whilst conducting research. The sum of that then is not much difference at all really. The key experience is that signs dominate houses somewhat. Of course the wisdom has it that signs denote how and houses where, but really, the one is something of a nonsense without the other, or at least it becomes so profoundly abstract as to lose some intrinsic logic. Venus in Virgo in the 5th is qualitatively changed by its placement in the Sun’s house (and Venus joys in the 5th) such that it creates an entirely new quality of Venus and Virgo than is evidenced within the 12th house, here fastidious Venus has to make a show (giving lie to the ‘joy’ I would say), indeed, I often see that Venus in Virgo in the 5th can do a fantastic and well-drilled routine (quite perfectly flawless), but puts on a display despite itself; it’s an exquisite form of self-flagellation. Venus in Virgo in the very private 12th is probably quite comfortable, following up on obscure pastimes and pursuits. Anyone with Venus in Virgo in the 12th and I can sit quietly in a library for hours, reading texts, poetry and philosophy with the gentle strains of Albinoni drifting out and be remarkably content. Here we are talking about Venus with Virgo and Pisces, water under the earth; with the earth being predominant, a hidden stream or well. If you consider the quality of the well then you are considering perfectly the essential quality of Virgo on the 12th and Venus creates a beauty and a harmony from it, and ultimately an attraction to it, and a power of attraction also. With Venus in Pisces in the 6th, you have the exact same harmony, except that the water is the more visible factor, the earthy setting is of a lesser power. A babbling brook then, or a wide stream. The essential understanding though is that both have a feminine, receptive, yielding, negative and Yin quality, they have elements of Mercury combined with Neptune, thus transcendent and communicative, but in slightly different proportions. I shall make an observation about the true polarity by sign and house at the end of this article, but for now, let us concentrate only on the sign polarity of Venus in Virgo and Pisces.

Now, as an exercise, consider the attractive qualities (the clear Venusian elements) of each of these interchangeable pairs for the spectrum of Venus in Virgo and Pisces, hopefully you will start to get a clear feeling of how this works. Immediately you should begin to see how the two sets share an intrinsic quality, although with Venus in Virgo (thus Virgo dominant) they will be neater, more precise than Pisces who will be more indistinct and dreamy, but they will be two points of the same spectrum nonetheless.

Now I am quite sure that you will see, as you look across each row and down each column an astonishing quality of similarity, even where you would not actually expect any. Antonio Banderas and Gordon Brown? Hmmm. But hang on a minute! It really is quite remarkable. I have only covered the first six houses of Venus in Virgo and the last six of Venus in Pisces, but I know that the astonishing similarity between all of these individuals in respect to their principle of attraction will be absolutely consistent. Note how Venus in Virgo is neat where Venus in Pisces is unkempt and yet they both have a near indistinguishable ambience when compared side-by-side. This illustrates yet again the principle of polarity in the astrology. If you find a person whose same planet is in the reversed signs and house to your own you will see that they are profoundly similar in some qualitative sense to yourself; it is a first principle and one well worth remembering.

— There is a further polarity available, which is technically interesting also, Venus in Virgo on the 1st corresponds more correctly with Venus in Aries on the 6th and if you follow this logic too, the result is equally intriguing. That’s another day’s discussion however —

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5 thoughts on “Venus in Virgo, Venus in Pisces: same difference?

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  1. That is really odd, maybe that’s why the best looking couples look more like brother and sister then anything else, even if those two thoughts aren’t meant to be combined.

  2. Hello, an interesting post! I look forward to reading the rest of your blog.

    Not all of these celebrities have the 6th/12th house Venuses, do they? That would be truly amazing.

    I think the Venus might actually get channeled into very different avenues in actual life path. Venus in 12th uses Virgo discernment to express mysticism. Might be victimized in relationships due to insecurities. I’d expect Venus in Pisces placed in H6 to be really difficult for a person who works as a secretary, but probably very good for a person who works in the arts and glamour business. This person might be more naturally deceptive in relationships. The Venus in Virgo person would learn to be deceptive in order to survive in life, would know how naturally and have to learn discernment.

    Either way, I think both these placements might bring out an anxious side of Venus which might bring difficulties (but also excitement) to relationships. Venus shows money & values (Taurus) and relationships (Libra). What’s it want to be in a Mutable Sign for?

    Hope this makes sense. Thanks for the thoughtful well written blog.

  3. I guess all of that is fair Baj, thanks for the comment.

    And Kel, I think that the world of celebrity is extremely narcissistic, and if these people cannot actually marry themselves, then they’ll get the closest match they can find!
    Good observation actually, I have a side-project that is looking for clinical narcissism in the astrology so we shall see πŸ™‚

  4. Hi Jeremy, Reading your post feels good on my my mind — bending around precision and slovenly joys both in seclusion and out on the street. What a grandfather you had, to “take you on his knee” and teach you about planets, signs and houses. I feel lucky that you share your family tradition in the world of modern blogs and that could lead to a discussion on Mercury in Sagittarius in the 3rd house, or Mercury in Gemini in the 9th…

    …I look forward to your side project on clinical narcissism in astrology.

  5. Thank you Deirdre, and I would certainly be intrigued to hear your insight on this issue because I very often read your thoughts and think “aha!” That’s a very pleasant type of realisation.

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