Frida’s Forge

Frida Kahlo is well known as a trailblazing artist. She was, for example, the first Mexican artist to have a painting displayed in the Louvre. But her passion for painting was discovered almost by accident. Well, literally because of an accident, that nearly killed her. In 1922, a bus she...
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    1. The story is in the placement, but informed by the ruler, so if we look at Mars and all that entails, then there is a need to endure (Orcus is conjunct asteroid Admete, which exacerbates this signature) to an extreme degree, the issue of mortality, life and death, and the depths of her fragility, her mortality. Her artistic work is profoundly resonant with the Mexican Dia de los Muertos, for example, and this has an Orcus in the 8th feel to it.

      I am not adequately familiar with her biography though to make too many assertions about this placement, I am sure further study would yield a wealth of correlations.

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