Final Thoughts on Planetary Ease

There are a few more observations that we can make in order to complete our study of the ancient and profoundly insightful principles of dignity and debility, after which I hope we can close the topic as a study focus and move on to other things. What we are trying to achieve is an insight into how and why the rules of dignity that we follow work as they do, and what it means in practical terms. Therefore, we need to cover all of the principles so that we at least understand what the considerations are. Once we understand, we...
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4 thoughts on “Final Thoughts on Planetary Ease

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  1. Very interesting to learn that weakest planet in Venus Williams’ birth chart is none other than Venus. A lot to think about it (?).

  2. I prefer to not ask personal questions in the blogs. I think is too self-serving. But, at this point, I cannot help myself. My dignity only Uranus is above 20 (21). My Saturn is at a pathetic -1. My question is: how do I calculate the table for the present moment/ Do I use the progression positions/speed/houses of the planets?

    1. Alex, I think the method lends itself to all approaches very readily. You can, for example, use it to see the relative strengths on a return chart. Weak planets will be areas of struggle for the coming year. In general terms though, use the secondary progressed chart to ascertain how planets change over time. A low Saturn undermines motivation, but it also makes life less grim in the day to day.

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