How big is your Pluto?

This is an interesting diagram which delineates the ‘strength’ of Pluto through the signs. With Pluto, stronger does not mean better, it means, well, stronger. To have sympathy with an energy does not always mean to have more of it, indeed, Pluto is subtle, deep and most of all hidden, so to have Pluto in positive, outgoing and extrovert signs, like Leo, Libra and Sagittarius is uncomfortable for Pluto, who enjoys Scorpio for precisely the reason that he can remain subtle, deep and hidden.

But there is a way in which stronger does mean better, provided you can utilise the lessons of Orcus and find true spiritual integrity. In this way you will not be ‘broken’ by Pluto. So if you have Pluto strong then you are facing a major test in this incarnation, and one which you will learn at a much greater personal cost (but also a cost to those in your life) than the majority whose Pluto’s are less ‘out there’.

If you have Pluto close to an angle, then he becomes even stronger, and he is also strong in the 5th, 7th and 9th houses. So if you have Pluto rising in Libra or Sagittarius, and to a slightly lesser extent Leo, then know that you have quite a trip ahead of you and you need, for the sake of your eternal soul, to get down to some serious spiritual work if you want to avoid the burden of a lot of karmic payback as well as realise the not inconsiderable benefit of having transformed a great deal of Hadean force. That will make you quite formidable, but in a loving and meaningful way.

Plus, what choice do you have? Any other road leads only to unhappiness.

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  1. Interesting article, and a perspective I’ve not heard before. Are you saying that in the extroverted signs, Pluto’s energy is more overt?

    And what would you say about Pluto in the 8th? I thought Pluto was in its strongest position here.

    1. Not strongest, but arguably its best and most sympathetic position. Pluto functions with comfort and ease in the 8th because he can be private, hidden and subtle in this most private, subtle and hidden of houses. You see? Pluto in the 1st, conversely, is out there for the world to see, and he doesn’t want to be seen. It’s not easy for others to interact with your Pluto after all. It can be very intense!

      1. Yes I see, thanks for explaining. It makes sense that it is much more visible to the world when in angular houses. But is Pluto in the 8th a kind of doubling up of that energy?

        And going back to your post, which is about Pluto in the signs and its relative “strength”, can you elaborate on what you mean by “strength”? Here, do you also mean outward visibility (in the same way as angular houses manifest a planet)?

      2. Yes exactly, by strength, we mean how obvious it is in the outer world, and how much it is out there and having to be handled by others especially.

        Pluto in Scorpio and the 8th is much more subtle and inward, it is more self-contained. This means that it can work its alchemy internally and quietly by comparison. It is still strong, but in a yin rather than a yang way: does that make sense?

      1. When you talk about finding ‘true spiritual integrity’ via the lessons of Orcus, can we consider the lessons of a T square between Chiron, Uranus and Orcus to mean something?

      2. Absolutely, yes. This suggests that ‘being different’ and the way in which that is painful for you is the key to finding your authentic self. Very difficult, but a wonderful opportunity.

      3. Pluto is stronger in these houses for the same reasons, but also bear in mind that angular houses magnify planetary strength, so the 7th house is especially so for Pluto.

    1. Yes Alanna, the 9th house is outgoing and expansive, and Pluto prefers to be introverted and subtle. So Pluto is given an outward focus in the 9th house and can get a kind of crusading mentality that is intense and sometimes a little unnerving for others to deal with. But your Scorpio Ascendant makes you sit back, so it will not be such a feature as with say, a Sagittarius Ascendant.

    1. Yes, that is swings and roundabouts isn’t it! It could be much more difficult for you, while your Pluto is strong, you’re much more likely to deal with his expositions privately.

  2. Thank you for the nice article. So what is it that makes Pluto in Aries so ‘powerless’? Isn’t that also a fiery, out there sign? Or is it not so powerful because it also represents some sort of Mars-y energy, like Scorpio?

    I have Pluto in Scorpio, but cj. my Asc. However, it is still in the 12th. I’ve always wondered if I would feel it more when totally in the 1st house. I think I said this before in a reply to one of your articles, but I always feel like it is coming at me more than that I am wielding its power.

    For example, I meet so many Scorpio men that I am drawn to, while I am unsure of why exactly. Not necessarily in a romantic or sexual way, more in a spiritual bond kind of way, it’s sort of… lots of hard-to-pin-down feeling, I guess? I just have a knack for picking them out in the crowd. It’s strange. Maybe this has nothing to do with my Pluto in the 12th but it really got me thinking, also because they almost always have their Sun in my 12th, not even always close to Pluto might I add, or on my Asc but still in the 12th house (in that case though their Sun is on my Pluto). It’s almost like my Pluto is so unconscious, it needs to come at me instead of from within me, but then still remain below the surface (hence the 12th house, feeling a spiritual bond but never being able to really read them, despite my Scorp Asc/Pluto on the Asc and my usual ability to read between the lines when it comes to people (and/or situations)).

    For the record, my Pluto is in 8 degrees Scorpio, my Asc 11 degrees Scorpio.

    Thanks, your articles always manage to get me thinking.

    1. Thanks Maudy, good to see you here.
      Yes Aries is a positive sign, but it is also an army of one, and very independent. It doesn’t need anyone else, any interaction or any approval. If you think about Leo, it requires approval and admiration, Libra needs to be appreciated and desired and Sagittarius needs converts: you can’t eulogise without an audience after all. So in all these signs Pluto needs other people to handle him.

      Your description of Pluto in the 12th is spot on. It can give a lot of existential anxiety because his energy is so unconscious there, clearly you are meeting these guys and their Sun illuminates your Pluto, allowing you to feel it consciously. That’s a fascinating effect. Your Pluto is very close to rising by the way but will fade by progression (depending upon the speed of your progressed Ascendant). It will be many years before he starts to grow again as the MC approaches his position.

      1. Thanks. πŸ™‚
        It sounds plausible that they’re illuminating my Pluto. Haha, I just pictured a shiny planet in the form of a guy coming at me ;-)).
        Anyway, my progressed Asc. is now in 29.07 degrees Scorp. Pluto is now in my 11th, you’re right. I checked and it will be on my progressed MC when I am 55. Hmm. Interesting.
        Funny, I forgot all about my progressed chart for a while. Turns out my progressed Mars just changed signs (to Libra) in February. No wonder I am far more relaxed these days.
        My progressed Ascendant will also almost change signs for the first time, to Sagittarius in December of next year. Cool! I’m going to mark my calendar for those events. So at the moment I am ruled by Mars in my 10th (progr. in Libra) and Pluto in my 11th (in Scorp), while when my rising sign changes so Sag I will be ruled by Jupiter in Aries in my 5th. Let’s hope the fun will finally start then, haha!

      2. I can’t even tell you how big a deal it is that your Ascendant is switching, but it is also highly significant because the switch to Sagittarius will also give Pluto a major boost of power. Jupiter too of course, and it’s not just Mars’ switch to Libra which explains this relaxation, but also the downgrade of Scorpio power as your Ascendant moves into the final degrees of Scorpio. Your Mars is really going off the boil for the next 30 years or so πŸ™‚

    2. Haha, great! I really need that Mars downgrade! My Mars is in involved in a real tight T-square with the Moon and Saturn (Mars is in my natal 10th, too) and I can really boil sometimes in frustration and anger.

      Thanks for all the replies. πŸ™‚ Last two questions and I will stop bothering you ;-): why does Pluto gain power when my rising sign changes? It will still be in Pluto in the 11th… right?

      Also, do you recommend anything to read (articles/books) on the rising sign change in the progressed chart (or did you write anything about it yourself)?

      1. Well, it is because Sagittarius naturally gives strength to Pluto as it does also to Jupiter of course. There are numerous systems which measure planetary strength, although they are not generally employed by Western astrology. That is rather crazy I believe. The Hindu Nakshatras are one such, as well as the arabic Manazils. Any Hindu astrologer will perform what are called ‘shadbalas’, these are complex calculations which assign strength according to various criteria. The rising sign, proximity to angles, and the planetary sign and house placement are all considered. There has been very little work on it in the west however. The fRench astrologer Volguine explored these systems with some success, and of course Firmicus began these types of studies a very long time ago.

        I am writing a short book on measuring planetary strength in the context of the progressed chart. My belief is that while you will always have Pluto in the position it was rendered at birth, it will gain or lose power according to the progressions of Pluto as time passes. I have done all the research and it is 100% reliable. I hope to have it written in the next three or four months. It is like Western astrology’s missing leg. Just as Orcus is the other missing leg πŸ˜‰ Quite how we made any sense of the nativity without these factors is remarkable!

  3. I have Pluto in late Leo in the 6th house (both whole & Placidius) I had read with TRADITIONAL astrology that Pluto in Leo was exalted. My only other Leo is Uranus in early Leo.

    1. Traditional astrology stopped at Saturn, so I am not sure how that came about. Please don’t worry that Pluto in Leo is worse or in some way debilitated, it is just different. More challenging, but arguably therefore more rewarding for those who have the character to do the work.

  4. I love your articles. I have been investigating my Pluto placement this year with a passion. That is how I found your blog. You see, I have Pluto conjunct/sandwiched between my Sun and Moon in Libra, 5th House. The amazing thing for me is that Pluto almost opposes Chiron (who just so happens to be the handle to my bucket). I have not encountered an astrologer that can illuminate the significance of these intense aspects.

    1. Yes, Pluto-Chiron is very painful because when you face your issues, it brings up a lot of anxiety. You also have a strong Pluto that has plenty of influence in your life. If you read Jay’s comment (below) you will see that he has explained the best way of handling Pluto and a sure fire route to personal liberation. For you though, with Chiron in opposition, that becomes especially traumatic, but also extremely beneficial if you can manage it.

      1. As Jay says, letting go is liberating. Although, my tendency is to want to control. It is the megalomaniac aspect of Pluto or Dark Sun nature that I yearn to release or at least accept. My natal sun has progressed into Scorpio and is on the verge of hitting Sag. I feel everything so intensely incorporating the progressed asc. in Cancer. The last 2 years have been the hardest in my life. I was once told my mantra should be: “I am a survivor.”

        If anyone can recommend someone for a couples chart analysis I would be grateful. My husband is an incredible psychic/medium. He amplifies me, but I feel I can be too intense for him with my heavy Pluto. He too has Pluto in Libra 5th house. (thank Jay and Chirotic for the feedback)

  5. I’ve definitely never thought about it in this way, either. My Pluto (conj Saturn) is 57 mins away from IC in Libra, and makes exact aspects to all my personal planets (except unaspected Mercury). I would agree that Pluto have been front and center in my life from the beginning…my sisters and parents also being plutonian. Many of the textbook situations, characteristics, relationships applied until one day I began accepting it and going with the flow. I feel the power is still there, I just don’t fight it, and by not fighting it, it seems to work on my behalf or best interests! It’s a funny thing, “letting go” put the power in my hands.

    I also just realized that my Ascendant has progressed to 29 Leo, and boy have I been noticing changes. Looking back, I recognized a change when my progressed Sun switched from Gemini to Cancer. More like an added layer. My progressed Sun at 9 Cancer has been moving within a degree or two of the Uranus-Pluto square, and I’ve been going through some of the most sustained radical changes in my life! It’s been amazing

    1. Excellent Jay, you have found ‘the way’ to handle a great deal of Pluto. Of course when you have a lot of it then you are rather forced to deal with it quickly, or go down with the ship, so to speak!

      My progressed Sun is about to switch into Capricorn. I can feel it so clearly in my life and actually in my apprehension of myself that the effect is undeniable, so I fully appreciate your insight. The switch from a Leo to a Virgo ascendant will also be a major change for you, making you much more content to be in the background of things, more thoughtful and contemplative and certainly more health conscious too. My progressed Ascendant moved from Cancer into Leo in 2008, and wow, my life changed a lot then too!

      Thanks for sharing your insights.

      1. You couldn’t have spoken a truer truth about being “forced” to deal with it! Maybe I had no choice but figure it out if I wanted peace. To Amelia: I know “letting go” sounds vague. It’s more about trusting that any twist or turn or destruction will work for your benefit. Whether it’s your deepest pain branded into your psyche to keep you from making the same mistake again or using your broader perspective to trust your instinct the next time, there will always be a need to let go and know that things won’t only get better, it will be nourishing.

        Thanks for these articles, Chirotic, especially the Pluto ones! You’re extremely insightful, and though I’m posting for the first time, I’ve been a longtime reader. I found your site a long time ago while researching my cazimi mars quindecile Neptune. πŸ˜‰

      2. Sorry for the double post! I also meant to say, that I can already feel the progressed ascendant. Before I even realized it, I was more health conscious and doing healthy cleanses. I also noticed that I became more disciplined and methodically consistent with my songwriting and other creative outlets.

  6. I am of the Pluto in Libra generation and we are currently going through the Pluto square. ::shoulders slump::

    I have Pluto in Libra and in the seventh. And Pluto is the dispositor of my Moon and NN. I married a Scorpio stellium.

    1. Hello dear Neeti.
      There is another factor at play here, because while your Pluto is strong, you are receiving the square from a weaker transiting Pluto, he is in Capricorn. This is why the Pluto square was very painful for Pluto in Virgo, because Pluto was maybe 8 or 10 times more potent than the Virgo Pluto while in Sagittarius. So, while your Pluto square is never easy, it is helped somewhat by the fact that Capricorn is not an especially heavy placement for Pluto to receive the square from. It may be that the opposition from Uranus though is much more difficult, especially with Pluto in the 7th, because Uranus is angular, rising and in a positive sign. Similarly, to have your Neptune squares while Neptune is in Pisces is also pretty fierce, for the same reasons.

      Lots of love to you.

  7. Here I was thinking I was relatively safe having Pluto in my sun sign of Virgo. But, as a Sagittarius rising and that making it my ninth house it changes things a bit I guess. Not to mention it’s conjunct Uranus and Mercury. That feels like an apt description of Sag needing the crowd to eulogize to. It seems to me that when Pluto starts to work it’s black magic it is not pretty for the world to see. I am constantly feeling misunderstood or plain not heard and remarking about it. It is very frustrating. But of course, maybe it is just me and that is the test. And oh the conflict and blow to one’s ego when you start to realize that no one is interested and maybe you have had no idea what you are talking about all this time. It may also have something to do with Orcus to for me as it hit my sun a few weeks ago as well. This is a very low time in every aspect of my life including physically; and I have no choice but to do the spiritual work that you refer to.

    1. You have described Pluto in Virgo and the 9th most eloquently. There is great anxiety about being in the spotlight, but at the same time a need to evangelise. How do you do that? (I always thought that having a 5th house Scorpio Sun gives the same kind of conundrum! Or a 6th house Leo Sun!) Yes Catharine, you have described the conflict most succinctly and this is the test. Orcus hitting your Sun will start the necessary transformation because that is how you transform yourself and out of that change of perspective you liberate an authentic voice. Then Pluto lends only power and truth to what you say, people listen to that kind of voice, BUT it’s not easy to get there.

      1. Thank you for that. And thank you to Jay for his comment about “letting go”. I have been trying to ‘let go’ for a while, because, just as he says, there is no choice at this point. And Orcus hit my Sun at the same time Neptune hit my Saturn in direct opposition in Pisces in the third. Doesn’t that bring up similar themes as Pluto in the 9th? Not feeling very decisive or trusting in my judgment. Physically, my liver is on such low battery that I am currently dependent on everyone around me for a lot of things. As the Chinese say, the liver is the seat of anger. This is a prominent theme in my life I am sorry to say. It’s like a dominant emotion and I didn’t used to be this way. Does astrology hold anything about the liver? Just curious. Thank you again so much for this all. Because you always put everything in a spiritual context that it makes it easier to ‘let go’ and heal myself. I particularly appreciated the quote from one of your recent posts:

        “The purpose of your life is to experience that anxiety and to experience the helplessness of it and, as a result of that painful alchemy, to become less attached to outcomes. The key spiritual truth of human life is that we cannot control anyone or anything beyond ourselves. That simple realisation, apprehended at a visceral level, and at the cost of astonishing levels of conflict, compulsion and control, is Pluto’s greatest gift.”

      2. Yes, liver is ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius and the 9th house, all will have an effect here, so not being heard is causing the problem as you rightly intimate. Neptune in the 3rd is another communcation issue, once again alleviated by letting go and not worrying too much about the content, but more about the overall impression. Trusting that you will be understood even if you don’t really have the words is half of that battle (as anyone with Neptune in the 3rd natally will attest!) Your Jupiter will hold a clue as to the situation regarding the liver incidentally, and do you have Mars-Saturn contacts?

  8. Jupiter is in Taurus just inside the cusp of my 6th house square my Sun and Saturn. I’m a real novice at astrology but as far as Mars goes it is square my Moon and conjunct Venus [by less than a minute]. If that’s what you mean.

    1. Dear Catharine,
      This suggests that your liver problem is related to the malabsorption of fats in your diet. I know somebody with a very similar arrangement and they have to eat a very low-fat diet because their liver doesn’t do the job properly and they are left feeling crappy and tired. They also take Lecithin supplements. If Orcus is conjunct your Sun by transit, then it will be squaring this Jupiter as well, right? My advice would be to go on an Orcus diet, which means eating a very authentic, non-luxurious diet. If Sun is your vitality and Jupiter rules the liver, then there is a problem that puts these two factors together (you’re already aware of that), Orcus is asking you to cut all the frivolities out of your intake. That will fix it.
      Also, Moon square Mars does give a very sensitive emotional nature, one that’s easily triggered, so you have to insulate yourself from difficult people especially.

      1. Yes! It’s true. My liver is very weak, and although I have been a vegetarian for 25 years my Qi Gong healer and some Ayurveda books suggest that I have to eat an even simpler diet right now that is easily digestible. And certainly the emotional component is huge as well. It seems the Orcus transit may also require cutting back all frivolities in my life not just my diet. I just read your most recent post about the September full moon. I am in NY and I am bracing myself to control my reactions lest I make a fatal blow to my relationship.

  9. i have a sun, moon, mercury, jupiter, and saturn conjunct pluto in the 2nd the house Libra (with the exception of sun in the third house)
    I have been overwhelmed with lessons since I was born. I have had to learn to ease up on wanting life to be how I want it to be. I have began to make spirit part of the regimen.

    1. Yes, that is a very trying stellium, but it begs the question: where is Venus, because she is the ruler of this entire group, so they are all “working” to realise her objectives. Relationships are going to be tough (as they are for everyone with Sat/Plu in Libra.) The danger is that there are very high expectations of how relationships reflect on one socially and it can be a big disappointment when the partner isn’t all you’d hoped. The trick is not to get cynical about it, and to realise that most people are human and flawed when they’re not working like crazy to seem cool and funny!
      One of the manifestations of this arrangement is that people become so disenchanted with love that they resign themselves to being alone, or alternatively, they settle for someone who has a good status, but whom they don’t really love.

      1. Well, here, Venus wants safety, security, a family and a home. In Sagittarius? Most likely a rather beautiful house in the country. Perhaps a distant, more ideal country. The difficulty with Venus-Neptune is that it is profoundly idealistic, so your standards are extremely high, maybe even unrealistically high, and that’s where the disappointment can set in. Lots of food for thought there.

  10. Oh man. This has my name all over it, eh? (Hi, it’s me, Kelley.)
    Although I must admit I don’t know much about the numbered houses, so I don’t know if Pluto is in any of mine. But I’m Libra, where it appears Pluto is strongest. And I’ve already been feeling a lot of what you’re saying here!

    1. Dearest Kelley, your Pluto is in Libra and the 9th, so it is very strong, and you’ve also just had your Saturn return and Saturn transit Pluto as well, so a great deal of deep change and re-structuring (like getting married!, these are Libra planets after all). I should add that even though Pluto is strong, Saturn is the dominant planet in your chart, so that describes a life pattern that is very tough in the first half, but gets much better after 40. I shouldn’t wonder if you haven’t thought about travelling, or even moving abroad, or perhaps going back to college or getting some new study on board at this time. I think that one day you will live abroad for sure.

      1. Oh, so interesting – thank you for elaborating for me.

        The deep change and re-structuring sure is happening for me! It’s nice to know that in 10 more years things should start calming down for me. Living abroad, you say? Now that would be interesting. At the very least, I do plan to move (hopefully far) away from where I live now. And we have been making tentative plans for a cruise or two. πŸ™‚

  11. Hello Mr. Neal,
    Long time reader, first-time commenter. I first came across your blog years ago when I was searching for articles on pluto and the personal planets and have been an avid follower ever since. I as well enjoy your insightfully spritual approach to astrology. you have a way of poetically simplifying the subject without seeming haughty or elitist in your views- very refereshing. Your articles on pluto have always caught particular attention from me. This one being especially illuminating…
    I am 16 Cap rising with 5 saturn conj. 6 MC scorp. 29 Pluto in Libra conj. my 23 Libra 9th house sun (mercury widely conjuncts this stellium at 13 libra). Venus is conj. Mars in 8th house Virgo- both of which square my 11th house Jupiter/Uranus conjunction (I was born Oct. 16, 1983).
    Relationships have definately been very challenging for me as well as my weakness (as how others perceive me). First it was my relationship with my emotionally distant father and then with the controlling/manipulative young men that I formed intimate relationships with, and now with my current husband.
    Saturn is currently transiting natal Pluto and approaching my saturn return. Just a few months ago I finally got back to my studies and pursuing a psychology degree online since my mother agreed to fund my education along with govt. grants (2nd house aqu. moon is trine my libra stellium). I am buckling down pursuing this degree (while being a stay-at-home mother) as well as obsessively studying astrology for the past 5-8 years because my dream is to have my own therapy practice that combines counselling with astrology. I’d also love to conduct study/healing groups as well that are focused on astrology as self-awareness therapy..
    I am always torn between my friends and my intimate relationships. My need to be surrounded by friends is always cut back by my possessive partners (who my friends tolerate but usually dont like). My moon has progressed into pisces last year and being a new mom has made me much of a hermit (the upside is that i can study astrology to my hearts content since i’m home so much). But, as a libra, my nature is to give in to my partner’s wishes and please him first, while putting my needs and friends second or just out of the picture completely.
    Only have I recently been speaking up more about my own needs. Hopefully things get better due to my diligence. Thank you for sharing your insight- it is much appreciated. I hope to someday be able to pass this kind of benevolent insight to a “future audience” of my own.

    1. New to this blog as well and wanted to say good luck! Its a very rich idea, i think the two practices really aid one another. I see a Jungian therapist, and my astrology knowledge is welcome when I speak about it, its so interesting to integrate. Best wishes for you with this dream.

  12. Also a first-time commenter… I have Pluto at 0 degrees of Libra (Aries Point). I also have Uranus, Sun and Mercury at 14-15 degrees Libra all in the 2nd house with Venus at 26 degrees Libra in the 3rd house. My progressed Ascendant is now conjunct my natal Pluto.

    Pluto is strong in Libra according to what you’ve written but weaker in the 2nd house due to the 2nd H=Taurus. Since my natal Pluto is at Aries Point, would that make it stronger? Also, since my natal Pluto is brought to an angle through Progression I suppose this would amplify it’s strength, right?

      1. I think it would depend Theresa, very much, on what sign the stellium falls in. If Libra, then Venus and Pluto would be especially strong, but if Virgo or Scorpio then the situation is not so clear cut. Alos, the rising sign would have an influence too.

  13. What would you say about an individual with Sun conjunct Pluto in Scorpio and in the 10th house? My Pluto is massive in my chart. Check it out: 10/31/86; Raleigh, NC; 11:38AM; I view my Pluto as part of myself but in the sense that it I am to master myself. In other words, I want to make my own choices free from outside influence. I just want to change.

  14. “I’ve discovered something new however: a process of determining what makes a human being tick. It’s remarkable, eloquent and powerfully effective, very soon I will be making that information available, once I have structured it in such a way that it can be transmitted accurately. We astrologers are always trying to balance these two opposing energies: the need for precision and operating with a usable narrowness of focus with the complexity and infinite possibility of astrology’s descriptive language. It’s extremely skilled work, and even with the evidence of a life at one’s disposal it’s difficult, so the future adds another veil over the scene that is being explored, but things change, new discoveries are made, new methods are revealed and we move confidently into a future where astrology becomes that which it is: – undeniable.”
    Future imperfect quote
    Jeremy have you structured the information yet? If so please direct me to the post. Thank you

  15. Hello Jeremy,

    Thank you for your interesting articles. I keep coming back to the Chirotic Journal. I learn a lot.

    My name is Silvana and I’m an Aries sun (7th house) with Libra ascendant & Moon in Capricorn (3rd house)
    My natal Pluto is in Libra in the 12th house.
    Is this placement a reason why I always did feel like I was alone with myself/ my feelings, always been busy with my intuitive side, but to afraid to tell others about what I really feel, what i really believe?
    At this moment Pluto transits my 3rd House of Capricorn and I feel like something changed. I am not afraid anymore and I even am really proud of my intuitive abilities, I am not showing of, but I finally accepted this part of myself.

    Sorry for my bad English, I am from the Netherlands.

    Liefs Silvana

  16. I’ve been really researching the Pluto in Libra 12th house in my chart, and I’m not finding any info that feels very deep regarding its conjunction to my Libra Rising. There has to be more than all the pain and darkness that others report. I’m a Scorp, 1st house, and I’ve got a lot of tenacity to dive in and understand this…I definitely feel that I am perhaps on the cusp of changing the way i sue this energy? Feels big! Perhaps its due to the current mutual reception of Saturn and Pluto?

  17. i’m suddenly a tiny bit more terrified of my journey now ^,^
    i have pluto conjunct mars and the ascendant, and they’re all in libra.

    i’m not sure if it’s fortunate that pluto and mars are sitting in the 12th house… or if that makes it even worse.

    (i’m up for self improvement πŸ™‚ of that i am sure)

    1. huh, that is a distinction that i did not think to add in earlier. though all of my 12th house planets and my 1st house cusp is libra, my 12th house is actually ruled by virgo on it’s cusp. I imagine that might make somewhat of a big difference.

      I am fully aware that many more things than this factor into life, but if you have any general pointers to try out, as I had stated previously, I am most willing to learn.

      and, if you have none, or do not wish to give any, that’s ok too πŸ™‚ I do appreciate that you take the time to write all of these at all, and I look forwards to reading the future posts πŸ™‚

  18. Hello, I have a question. My Pluto is in Scorpio (and retrograde). It rules my 5th house. It ‘s in opposition to my Venus in Taurus in the 10th house. Please, could you help me to interpret it? Thak you.

  19. Hi,
    i have pluto in scorpio 8th house, pluto opposite mars (in taurus), trine sun, opposite moon, trine ascendant, trine moon and sextile neptune. I have been having a very frustrating and strange time. sometimes i feel empowered psychologically or something and at times feel at loss, almost pounded. even though i was interested in astrology, since last few months it became almost an obsession, especially with psychoanalytic bent (thanks to pluto i guess). i have trouble letting go sometimes, read something on scorpio-taurus axis as well, i guess i have that unbalanced as well. do suggest something, as much as i feel gut-wrenching instinct or intuitive ‘feelings’ some part of me doesn’t let-me-go.

  20. Am definitely a heavy plutonian….. its just this energy seems very hard to understand or deal with at times.. i have pluto trine ascendant, sun, sextile mercury, opposite mars, sextile neptune, opposite moon, pluto in scorpio in 8th house…… i definitely have heavy psychological bent with issues concerning shadow etc. just not sure how to achieve balance or some kind of peace with this hard-hitting and sometimes overwhelming burst of intensities, urges, desires, transformatory influences ….. some help and direction would be appreciated

  21. Am definitely a heavy plutonian….. its just this energy seems very hard to understand or deal with at times.. i have pluto trine ascendant, sun, sextile mercury, opposite mars, sextile neptune, opposite moon, pluto in scorpio in 8th house…… i definitely have heavy psychological bent with issues concerning shadow etc. just not sure how to achieve balance or some kind of peace with this hard-hitting and sometimes overwhelming burst of intensities, urges, desires, transformatory influences ….. some help and direction would be appreciated
    Sun in Pisces in 1st

  22. I have a mad love for Pluto – would this be because it sits in my 7th house, along w Uranus & Mars, in Virgo, forming a double grand earth trine with pluto in taurus in my 2/3 & cap sun& moon conjunct in the 10th? is this delusion (neptune rules my chart) or have I become friends with the transformation it triggers?

    1. Hey Lila…I have the same thing except for mars….Right now Transiting Pluto is sitting on my mars and then Saturn in Cap. My natal pluto in virgo in the seventh is CONJUNCT my moon.
      Now You would think all manner of great psychological transformation and activity would be going on in my life wouldn’t you/ Or huge changes and developments? Nothing is happening in my life at all.
      It is so stuck and boring it is a joke. The thing I have been running from my whole life is smack dab camping out in my life….B.O.R.E.D.O.M

  23. Just here as have been doing a bit of “Jeremy Neal revision” and came across the lovely term ‘Orcus diet’ here. I think I will introduce my diet as that to people now……It is one up on Paleo and the rest… I had already decided my dodgy digestion was due to Merc Virgo wide sq Mars/Uranus/Orcus and my diet has to be very simple and healthy and getting simpler. Really enjoying reading and rereading these.

  24. I have Pluto in Libra in the 1st house at 26,59′ degrees. Is the degree of this aspect significant in interpreting the Pluto representation in my chart?

  25. I have a Libra Sun Conjunct with Pluto, Sextile Neptune Pluto and Pluto in Libra. does that qualify as a big Pluto?

    With Thanks, Nick

  26. Hi Jem, i have a Pluto in Libra in the first house, Sun trine Pluto and Pluto sextiles with Moon and Neptune, how about that, somebody told me that it’s a very strong Pluto? thank you πŸ™‚

    1. Yes, very strong indeed, but also you probably had to learn to get a mask on that Pluto at quite a young age, because in the 1st it can make others uncomfortable, they can’t always handle your intensity. You no doubt have excellent drive and willpower, so you can use that to good effect in your life.

      1. Thanks for the reply πŸ™‚ That’s too true, people have problems with my intensity, even if i don’t say or do anything πŸ™‚ It’s as if the presence is enough πŸ™‚ That’s sometimes difficult for me to handle, because i get attention everywhere and i can’t pretend that i don’t see or feel it. It’s really just my external attitude towards strangers, because they better know i’m not the one to mess with πŸ™‚ But the second someone actually gets in touch, they will feel the love that i radiate. πŸ™‚ It’s not that i frown or anything like that, i’m just normal, people who worked a bit on themselves will see through all that in an instant and realize that i’m pure magic actually, regardless of that external fierceness lol…i can’t be all smiles 24/7 just so the strangers don’t feel uncomfortable in my presence, if you know what i mean. πŸ™‚ It’s tough sometimes with people, but of course i wouldn’t change my Pluto aspects for anything else πŸ™‚ Btw, i am Gemini/Libra, Moon in Leo in 11th house. Thanks once again.

  27. Pluto in Scorpio in 5th (intercepted), tightly opposing Venus (by 1 degree). Trine Mercury, trine MC.
    + Moon in Scorpio (in early degrees so there isn’t conjunction, but still!). My ascendant is in Cancer, so the moon is quite important for me.

    Ah, those Plutonian themes. I’m so familiar with them… for good or for bad! I try to be as much aware as possible. Trying to be out of “victim-abuser” scheme and to handle my emotions.. which is hard, but I’m only 22, I’m still learning πŸ™‚

    You have great blog, by the way. I’ve read all of your articles about Pluto. Pluto-Venus article is my favorite. So accurate.


    1. Hi there – there is no mention of the effects of having Pluto Retrograde in natal chart πŸ™ I have Pluto at 18.57 degrees Retrograde Libra in house 9. Also have, Saturn 11.09 degrees Retrograde in Virgo in 8th House along with North Node. Also have Jupiter 0.36 Retrograde Leo in House 7. Am I screwed?? Life has been very tough and very topsy turvy! Born on 22/02/1979 at approx 4.30am in Kisumu, Kenya.

  28. Hi,what about (9 house scorpio) pluto when squares with (aquarius) asc and (leo) jupiter?squares jupiter more tightly,than asc

    1. I’d say that’s a very manageable Pluto, the main issue is anxiety about resources, which could cause some kind of outburst which might be tricky. But not too painful for you.

  29. Hello, so if I have a Pluto in Scorpio in the first house trine with Venus and Mercury in Pisces in the fourth house is it big or small? (my ASC is Libra)
    It should be small since it’s in Scorpio…but it grows stronger because of the interaction with the other planets plus the position in the first house, right?
    I hope I understood well πŸ™‚

    1. Pluto in Scorpio is generally a smaller Pluto, but being placed in the 1st with Libra rising lends him considerable energy. Let’s say medium sized!

  30. I am confused as to how to effectively resolve my Pluto energy.

    Along with Saturn and Mars, I have Pluto in 12th house Libra. Pluto conjuncts my Libra Asc (my ascendant is sandwiched between Pluto and Jupiter which is at 0 degrees Scorpio 1st house). Pluto also aspects all of my personal planets. It feels like a cluster of there that I am not sure how to untangle.

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