Orcus, ToC

I’ve been asked a couple of times for the contents of the book; here it is:

Table of Contents


Part I


The Swearing of Oaths.
Orcus the Implacable.
The Etruscan Orcus and the Grim Reaper.
Orcus the Wild Man.


Stacy Keach.
Mike Tyson.
Terry Waite.
Nelson Mandela.


Unconscious Programming.
Heinrich Himmler.


Carl Lewis.
Arnold Schwarzenegger.
The Terminator Effect.


Solitude vs. Loneliness.
Spiritual Transformation.
Emily Dickinson.
John Inman.
Anne Frank.
Helen Keller.
Orcus with Sun and Moon.


Dick Cheney.
Orcan Wealth.
Jean Moulin and the Butcher of Lyon.
The Stockdale Paradox.


Orcus vs. Pluto.
Parental Alienation.

In Aspect.

Mercury and Orcus.
Venus and Orcus.
Mars and Orcus.
Jupiter and Orcus.
Saturn and Orcus.

The Mundane.

Orcus and the United States
McCarthyism and the Hollywood Blacklist.

Part II

The Crucible of Integrity.
The Misapplication of Astrology.
Plutonic and Orcan Transformation.
Midlife: Crisis or Opportunity?
A Spiritual Test has to be Testing.
The Perils of Dehumanisation.
Dissecting the Power Struggle.
Anxiety is healthy.
The Trap of Hubris.
The Authenticity Shift.

Appendix I: The Question of Exaltation.

Appendix II: Orcus Sign Ingresses 1821 – 2039.

Appendix III: 4th Harmonic transits of Orcus and the US Chart 1900-2025



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11 thoughts on “Orcus, ToC

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  1. I just bought it my friend! I am most excited to read it since you’ve enlightened me to the fact that my Orcus is cazimi, and of course because you and I have been speaking of this book for some time. You are a true pioneer on Orcus – this is history in the making – congratulations!

  2. Hi! I very much enjoyed the Chiron posts on your site, now I see you have a very interesting book there, especially considered I just found out my Orcus is conj my Descendant in Cancer and Jupiter (very close in Leo). I’ll read on the book about the Jupiter conj ( Jupiter as an archetype happens to have an appeal on me) but what about the conjunction with my Descendant, any clues? I’m asking because I don’t see it on the table of contents and I’m a bit of a tourist in astrology, so I wouldn’t have a grasp on it unless it is very easly explained. I have to say I’m also into Orcus the mythological figure, he popped up in my writing some months back ( I’m also Italian, so I dig local deities ) and here is why your book is all the more appealing to me.

    1. Hi Laura,
      Well, the placement of any planet on the descendant is interesting isn’t it, because it describes key qualities of marriage and business partners as well as open enemies, people who you compete with and so forth. But most pertinent is a kind of portrait of the person that fits your inetrnal model of a long-term partner. So when you read the book you get a very clear idea of what the energy of Orcus is like and you have an understanding accordingly. Orcus works pretty well with Jupiter by the way. Then you take into account the fact that the Moon rules your descendant and that will give you more information about the marriage partner, and on you go!
      So while the book doesn’t deal specifically with Orcus conjunct descendant, you’ll still get an excellent feel for how it operates.The book contains plenty of examples of Orcus in operation in numerous case studies and charts, so you’ll be fully in the loop once you’ve completed it!

      If you do read it, I’d love to hear how you feel that Orcus energy manifests into your serious relationships, so do get in touch.

  3. Okay, thank you very much! It kind of makes sense now that I think about it, especially because my partner is actually sort of underwordly, so to to speak, very plutonian type, but loving to me (the moon effect I guess). And I’ll also try to figure out what my Orcus being retrograde too might add to the mix and I’ll let you know.

  4. Hello Jeremy – In glancing over the table of contents, I didn’t notice mention of Orcus in aspect to the nodal axis – can you tell me if this is included in the book at all? I have Orcus conjunct my Leo North Node (10th house) so you can see why this topic would be of particular interest to me! Aspects to the nodes don’t seem to get much attention in astrological literature in general and it would be great to get your take on relationships between Orcus and the nodal axis.

    Congratulations on your book – I’m sure it’s very rewarding to manifest the fruits of your labour at long last!

  5. Hi
    I’m Polish, I have difficulty buying the book ORCUS, please help.

                                                                    Szczepan from Polish

    my e-mail. szczepan306@wp.pl

  6. Wanted to share that while scanning this Table of Contents overview (trying to decide which chapter of this great book on Orcus to get a quick context on an event today in the USA where the speaker of the House of Representatives announced, at 9:01 a.m Washington DC time she decided to call for a vote to impeach the President. In doing a chart of that time it shows a rather tight T-Square of Orcus at 12 Virgo opposite Neptune at 15 Pisces both square the Sun at 13 Sagittarius) – immediately saw

    Part II: Dissecting the Power Struggle, which follows the discussion on the how Orcus dehumanizes its target. This sure fits the moment for what’s happening in this very American power struggle between 2 of the 3 equally separate, independent branches of the government structure.

    Regardless of anyone’s opinions on the outer drama, what a gift – to watch Living Astrology unfold in real-time for a planet just a few years ago no one even knew existed!

    Another reason why I treasure this book Orcus.

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