Pluto: Enslavement or Self-Mastery, the Choice is Yours (Part 1)

Today I wanted to convey a basic tenet of Pluto, possibly the basic tenet of Pluto; that being the manner in which it is the root of all compulsion. We can understand this when we consider that the Lord Hades is hidden. Mythically, the stories tell us that he inhabited the Underworld – Tartarus – a terrifying and dread kingdom of the dead that was off-limits to mortals. On the two occasions that Pluto did emerge into the mortal realm, he wore a mask of invisibility so that he would not be seen. In this way, our Plutonic drives are designed to be hidden from ourselves, and we have a name for them, we call them compulsions. Children are by nature compulsive, they speak what is in their mind, even if it is not appropriate to speak up, but gradually they learn through social feedback to become aware of the effects of their compulsions on their environment.

But we assume – oh so very incorrectly – that when we become adults that we have nothing left to learn about compulsion. Learning to value another’s feelings in lieu of speaking our mind is only the most basic form of compulsion, and that is why most small children have begun to get it. Compulsion is a part of the human condition because Pluto is in the archetypal map of the human soul. Z’Ev Ben Shimon Halevi said:

[Pluto] was God of the Underworld – or to put it in Christian terms the Outer Darkness – in an astronomical sense roughly Pluto’s remote position in the solar system. Moreover he had a famous cap of invisibility. This could be read in two ways: that he was monarch of the dead, of those that have passed out of our dimension of sight; or that his processes are so slow that one lifetime is not enough to observe its full cycle. Pluto is the king of death, the planet of the most profound transformation man can physically witness. This event comes and goes, nothing can prevent it; suddenly a being who has been a piece of human furniture in a society or family has vanished, disappeared into another world, the realm of shades. Hades’ Gate may indeed be knowledge, for it is said that on death, everything learnt is reviewed as the past life is rapidly uncoiled in an ecstatic flash of every pleasure, pain, ignorance and understanding lived. Here at the invisible door, the experience and the essence of a man is further distilled, the limiting ego evaporated forever in the void of the divine father and mother, before the final union with the Creator.

Seen in this context, Pluto marks time beyond the scope of mortal self-awareness, or ego-consciousness. True self-awareness, whilst it is not a binary state of on/off, self-aware/compulsive, is certainly a state which has to be acknowledged as a prerequisite for spiritual growth. Once we become awake to the possibility of non-childish compulsion then we have switched onto a new level of operation because the truth is that every human alive who has not realised satori is compulsive, and within that spectrum, they are either aware that they are involved in a lifelong process of unmasking Pluto, or they are simply his unwitting puppet. No other relationship can exist.

Fortunately, we have the remarkable insight of astrology to provide us with an objective litmus test of our Plutonic styles. Indeed, every radix point that is connected with Pluto, regardless of aspect type, is subject to expressing the Plutonic, and of course, because Pluto is invisible, we are not awake to that expression. We can use astrology to delineate the probable nature of that manifestation, but even when told outright, we can be in denial, or become profoundly angry, upset or damaging in response, many of us are simply not ready to unmask the Pluto in our lives, even if living with him leads us into despair and ruin! And frequently this is exactly the result.

The rules of Pluto are indeed extremely simple, whichever point is connected to Pluto evinces compulsion and control thus:

Sun: A compulsive drive to be important, the centre of attention, in charge, admired and appreciated.
Moon: Compulsions manifest instinctively in moods, controlling the environment, in relation to possessions and especially food and sustenance. Moon-Pluto contacts frequently manifest as eating disorders.
Mercury: An inability to take what is said at face value, distrust, interrogation, suspicion and spite, cutting remarks, sarcasm etc.
Venus: A compulsion about appearance and attractiveness (in women) and a tendency toward ice-cold emotional withdrawals in men, both directed toward control of others (and frequently the opposite sex!)
And so forth.

In every case, the compulsion is directed toward control needs. But this does not mean that Pluto is all bad, this is the compulsive face of Pluto, but once unmasked, the reward facet of Pluto (whose etymological root is plouton: wealth) becomes extant thus:

Sun: Honourable, lordly, generous, a born leader able to command respect without effort.
Moon: A person of deep inner peace, who feels safe and secure in every place, who puts others at ease without effort.
Mercury: A mind of penetrating insight, one who can see easily into the heart of every matter and into the hearts of other people.
Venus: One with a deep and profound love connection based upon trust, intimacy and openness in their closest relationships.
And so forth!

There is no question of course that the compulsion and reward dynamic is most easily apprehended in connections with personal planets. Indeed, these are the points that become the most obvious candidates for ‘issues’ and thus they are within the ‘childish’ spectrum of compulsions. Allow me to explain with an example.

My youngest stepson Bertie has Pluto conjunct Ascendant. In fact his next oldest brother has the same energy, but Bertie’s Pluto is considerably closer to the Ascendant. He is a jovial, positive and forceful character because with Pluto in Sagittarius, Jupiter’s rulerships provides this flavour however, he is renowned for his propensity for shouting. When I first met him I was actually quite shocked at how persistently loud he was, and no matter what approach one took, there seemed to be no way at all to moderate either the volume or the frequency of his pronouncements. All day long, the only thing you could hear was Bertie, giving forth at astounding decibel levels for a 2-year-old.

Now if we understand the Ascendant to describe the manner in which one interacts in the immediate environment and too, the interpersonal style then we can see that there is compulsion about interacting in a Jupiter style, big, loud, and, well… big and loud! Fortunately, three years of relaying the mantra “stop shouting Bertie” is beginning to take its toll on his compulsion and he is slowly becoming aware of his compulsion and transforming it into something less destructive.

So what do we learn from this? We see that – since all Plutonic compulsion is control focused, it manifests out of anxiety about being out of control. Bertie, by dint of having 3 older brothers who don’t really listen to him, has anxiety about being seen and heard. He’s also extremely big for his age and frequently has flushed cheeks, a symptom of thyroid activity which itself intimates a theme: if I’m big, I’ll be harder to ignore. Bertie is anxious about being ignored so he manifests control behaviour (shouting) to placate his anxiety. If he shouts loud enough and often enough eventually somebody will take note. The reward will eventually manifest, once he has mastered the compulsion, in the form of a very intent and jolly demeanour which will automatically command attention. He is already getting this because he can be quite charming and bright which has this exact effect.

Now because the energy is involved with the Ascendant, it is a low-scale energy, and he will have it mastered soon enough. School will fix the last vestiges of that problem eventually. If it were another personal point then it might infect his energy signature for many years to one degree or another. Many people do deal with intermediate scale energies around midlife, or they at least begin to. I know a great many people who do almost no Pluto work of course, but they usually end up manifesting that compulsion into the lowest vibrational state: heart or spinal problems (for Pluto in Leo), digestive and eliminative issues (for Pluto in Virgo and Libra) and so forth. Illness frequently results from unmanaged compulsions. One of the key insights is that if you are ill then Pluto is likely involved. Because astrology is a metaphysical language, you can easily diagnose the source of your problems which, when looked at from this perspective, are what you might more accurately term ‘anxiety-promulgated control needs’. If you have heart problems then you are too fixated on being important, in charge, admired and being superior, your question is am I good enough?. If you have digestive issues, stomach problems (ulcers, heartburn, indigestion), breast cancers, womb problems, then you are anxious about lunar issues, you will have a deep insecurity related to a lack of nurturing or support and your question is am I safe?. Bowel problems, IBS, constipation, cramps, gas and so forth are related to anxiety about communication, about being lied to, cheated, and fundamentally these are control needs based around trust and you might well ask can I trust you?. If you have issues with the renal system, kidneys, bladder or the skin (such as eczema, hives, scleroderma, dermatitis, dandruff, acne, psoriasis) then you are struggling with anxiety about intimacy and love. This is connected to self-worth anxiety, or put more directly: am I lovable?

So, if you have heart problems and you were born between 1937 and 1958, it is likely that you’ve never dealt with your anxiety about being good enough. Most probably that came about because one or other of your parents transmitted the unconscious message that you didn’t measure up. The compulsion could manifest as haughtiness, arrogance, pomposity, a need to be admired, wealthy, adored, obeyed and to be the centre of attention, but it is all the same problem, there is a deep self-worth compulsion which has never been faced, so it has just run the show for so long unchallenged that eventually it has manifested physically into the heart.

Similarly, if you were born between 1956 and 1972 and you have digestive problems, then the chances are that you have trust issues which you haven’t faced up to. Of course, many of these issues will not manifest until after the Uranus half-return in serious ways, so this generation has some time, but of course, IBS is the archetypal Pluto in Virgo affliction, and it is the precursor to more serious problems later if the trust and communication problem associated with it is not dealt with.

So, these are the usual suspects of Plutonic energy, which are quite mundane and explicable.

Taken to a different level entirely, we see that through the ongoing pressure of compulsion we are presented with an opportunity to connect with a divine perspective. Unmasking Pluto is seeing the self through the eyes of God, without artifice, with awareness of what is in the heart. It can take a lifetime to fail in this simple but terrifying task. Ask yourself, why are you trying to control this thing, why can’t you just let it go? If you can even ask that question then you have started the most important work of your life.

And if you are not ready to ask it, perhaps it does not matter. You will have another chance once you have crossed the threshold of Hades’ Gate.

Another life, another chance to grapple with invisibility…

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  1. How about Pluto conj. SN in Virgo? Yes, why can’t I let it go? A question I will ask myself daily. Thanks.

    1. Yes, that is a little more complicated, but the condition of Mercury and Neptune will be critical, and of course you compulsion/reward complex will be focused in part upon your attitudes and experience of ‘community’. South Node is a very distancing energy, I always think of Paul Newman in this context who was strangely ‘apart’ even when in the thick of things. That is South Node energy. So, how does compulsion relate to separateness, being apart, aloof, disconnected? These are the questions which would concern me in your case.

      1. Thanks for your reply. Yes, that makes sense. Pluto is square Venus, too. I have always been ‘apart’ while in the middle, but have lately found a way to circumnavigate that tendency by teaching, weirdly. Looking at Neptune and Mercury is revealing for sure, and reiterates the theme. Anyway, didn’t mean to corral you into an interpretation! Your article and question is eye-opening, a big help.

  2. I was very pleased this snowy Saturday morning to see your post. Thank you so much. I know it takes time to produce such insightful pieces and you certainly deserve recompense for your efforts; I am only sorry I do not have the wherewithal to reward you monetarily.

    1. This is the period when Uranus opposes itself, between the ages of 38 and 42, depending on when you were born. It’s classically known as the mid-life crisis (by civilians).

  3. ” It can take a lifetime to fail in this simple but terrifying task.”

    That sounds true! Thank you for an interesting article about the blind spot that is Pluto.

  4. A brilliant piece, one that I resonate with. Many thanks. Yes, I have Pluto in Virgo square venus, sextile neptune and trine mercury in my natal chart (plus a slew of serious Pluto transits). Yes, I have Crohn’s Disease and many digestive problems. And, yes, I have been lied to and cheated on a scale so epic by the spouse I trusted that my life is in a shambles. So how do I deal with the “trust and communications problem associated with it”? I’d rather learn this Pluto lesson this time around.

    1. Hi AJ,
      I will be writing 2 or 3 further articles in this series and I intend to address strategies as part of that process, so keep reading!
      Warm regards,

  5. Persephone’s Worlds

    I have wandered far from thoughtless girlhood,
    am a woman, a Queen
    in my own right
    Yet I am treated with the expectations
    of a mindless child
    in my mother’s summer home.
    The Gods are all agog with Zeus,
    fickle, abrasive, free to take full stance
    above the laws he so imperiously commands.
    My Dark King is so much more a man,
    sincere, deeply feeling, committed to his realm,
    compassionate, if not always kind.
    Yet, here I must obey the crowd,
    displaying charm and grace
    in haute couture, making small, insipid
    conversation with the socialites
    decorating Zeus’ lawn parties.
    Up here, life is meaningless,
    All flash and doggerel
    to amuse, O’, do entertain us
    So tiring to endure the ennui.
    Those not privy to opulent entitlement,
    relegated to the dregs of servitude, or less
    endure for their time, brutal, painful, short,
    for no good reason.
    I hear their horrid tales,
    back in my rightful place and purpose.
    Shrunken souls, shriveled by life time hungers
    still growling beyond the grave.
    I am balm and wise mother.
    At last they matter, their stories opening in me
    a marvelous passageway through which they are
    taken into paradise.
    My life above, the petulant daughter,
    the pampered goddess spawn,
    I endure coldly.
    Summer’s trivialities, properly obedient to
    rituals of the socially conditioned
    know nothing of my true life
    under Winter’s glory.

    (c) November 23, 2007 Laurie Corzett/libramoon

    1. Thank you Laurie, it’s a marvellous piece. It sounds too like you have parents born between 1937 and 1958!

      I have heard these same dynamics so many times from so many people, the enormous irony of astrological timing gave life to a Ur/Pl in Virgo generation whose parents were Sa/Pl in Leo. The battle lines were drawn and an enormous burden of humility was placed on those childrens’ small shoulders.

      And they have adapted exactly as you describe, by hiding in plain sight.

      Thank you.
      (And more on this theme in my next article).

      1. As Jung would tell you, Chirotic (using slightly different terminology): It’s your parent’s job to mess you up… I came by my Sun/Pluto honestly, both my Pluto in Cancer mother and biological father had (have) it… we like being in control, but on the compulsion side it’s the fascination of being in control and playing with the mechanics of more adeptly controlling and leading a group that motivates us… it’s like the satisfaction of playing with and manipulating a favorite toy… and we often tend to piss off authority rather than be in authority…

      2. Thanks Anthony, you’re quite correct, it is your parents job to mess you up, and it’s good that you’re working with it so positively. I think Sun-Pluto is quite covert in terms of authority; it doesn’t really show its hand unless it knows it’s going to be irresisitible, so sure, that will piss the person in authority off, but only because they’ve been deposed! Sun – Uranus is more likely to get the job of pissing off authority on a day to day basis, but not because they want the authority for themselves. They just get a kick out of throwing a spanner in the works.
        Take care.

  6. Wow! I am in complete awe of you and this incredible article you have written. Thank you for shedding light.

    I have a Virgo Sun, Venus, Asc in the 1H and Virgo in Pluto in the 2H. Pluto is trine Saturn (10H) and Juipter (4H) and sextile my Pisces Moon on the cusp of the 6/7H (Yes I have a very difficult chart).

    I feel in the depths of my soul that I am being called to a great purpose but there is something in the way. Your article not only sheds light on several blocks that have been keeping me from my life purpose but reassured me that there is a solution.

    I look forward to reading any subsequent articles relating to Pluto. The Pluto in Capricorn transit has suddenly changed me and I feel queasy thinking of the relationships I have shirked in the name of being strong and free. I want to go back…it was easier.

    1. Thanks AM, that’s an interesting grand trine you have – kite actually, with a Moon – Pluto spine. Is that correct? I wonder if either Saturn or Jupiter are Rx? In any case, a grand trine with Saturn and Pluto has to be quite tricky, I know a couple of people with the same elements and the material element is a conundrum for them. Often women with those factors tend to find themselves in quite closed relationships with financially controlling men.

      Well, I could speculate all day, but it is all part of the supremely difficult Saturn – Pluto dynamic. That (and its antithesis Ur-Pl) will be the main topic in the next article. Hope to hear from you again.

  7. So So very refreashing…i find this article!in my Yoda voice)just what I needed at the moment i recieved it! Thank you and look forward to future Articles and DONATE I will!
    (I have Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Mars Pluto contacts and Transiting Pluto is on my natal Sun)…the complulsion/reward theme is insightful and ingenius! I had been repelling my darkness and subsequently moving further from my true light for a long time. Like all the mischief and mayhem is all over their with someone else. Well being willing to own my compulsions and then being open to sharing them is transforming something. My Scorpio Loverman helps me ( thegood girl Cap sun Virg Asc) with accepting this as he is so unapologetic about his compulsions and hence moves about on this plane like a god or Jedi…fascinating i find him…a representation of my freed inner self he is…(Yoda voice again)…Embracing Pluto has deepened my connectivity to spirit and i have been facillitating almost instantaneos breathroughs in my intutitive counseling sessions! YaaaaY! Pluto is breaking me down ( as always because he’s in my natal 1stH) and I am now deepening and not just making it look good on the outside! It’s Feeling good!

    1. Well good for you for seeing the bright side! I had a series of Pluto-Moon conjunctions througout 2009 and it was hell. I barely kept a roof over my head thanks to the interference of an entire gang of bullies and control-freaks. Wow, it really brought them out of the woodwork in droves.

      Two days ago I had Pluto square Saturn, so that’s been extremely insightful and I will write up some of that experience next time too.

      Of course, Pluto=Sun/Cap. is very similar to Saturn – Pluto energy. It brings great certainty actually, but the danger of it is that – as with all Sun-Pluto contacts, you end up being so certain of your perspective that you start to believe that everyone else needs to agree with you as well.

      Interesting stuff. I’m far from immune, I wrote a post yesterday that I only realised about 4 hours after the fact was entirely Pluto-Saturn, so I took it back down.

      Good luck with transforming your life.

  8. I have (from 12th to 1st) Mercury/Pluto/ascendant/north node/Sun all conjunct in Libra, with Pluto .13 off my ascendant. Six degrees between the Sun and Mercury. I have Saturn peregrine in my 11th house (Leo). I’ve always had difficulty with friendships. I have a few very close friends, but it seems like the only people who I can build a close friendship with are people with immense inner strength, and then the friendship is almost certain to be lifelong. Lately I have been realizing how careful I am with others, how much of myself I hold back. It took years for me to get comfortable around the people who are my close friends.

    I had someone I thought was a friend turn on me recently, and I saw all the reasons why I am careful play out in spectacular fashion. I live far away from all my close friends right now, and I am pretty lonely. Dating and relationships have been a bust. Romantic attention is easy to come by, but I need to find someone with a will that matches my own, or it won’t work. My fondness for opening up people’s inner clockwork is too strong.

    Is this just how it is? I have been alone and lonely a long time, and it wears on me now and then. The past few years have been more difficult than usual and I have had myself chewed up and spat out, as it were. The rewards are beautiful, but like stumbling into a cave glittering with crystals, there is no one to share it with.

    I feel the need for companionship, but I am reluctant to express the side of me that could most use a friend. I can’t figure out if I am meant to be alone and I should embrace these lessons, or if it’s an ego game and I am avoiding friendship because I like judging people if they don’t seem to be playing on the same level as myself. Is this solitude a lesson to learn or just me enabling my inner smugness over being so brilliant and insightful and all? (And I am sure this sounds very arrogant, but now and then I am brilliant and insightful to the point of scaring others, which is why I clamp down on it.)

    My roommate remarked the other day that he wasn’t sure why he seemed to lose his backbone when he was around me, and I said that some people find me intimidating, and he said, “Yes, I can see that. You are kind of a monster.”

    I’m not sure I want to be a monster.

    1. Well an 11th house Saturn is quite typically a person of few friends, and that situation will improve markedly after midlife. Rememebr that your Saturn serves your Sun (by rulership), and your Sun in Libra requires partnership whilse Pluto rising is almost pathologically reticent, there’s enormous defensiveness there.

      You don’t mention where your Venus resides, but that will be critical. Following those rulerships and the relationships will describe why this situation came about with great clarity.

      I see Pluto rising and I always wonder what happened to this person to require this defence. In your case Venus holds the clue.

      To answer your question then, no, you don;t need to be alone. You need to address the issue that made you defensive in the first place. If Venus rules the 1st, then the manifestation is clear, your defence is based upon a need to maintain independence, that fits with Pluto, there’s enormous anxiety about being controlled. I would guess it goes back to the parental situation.

      It usually does!

  9. I have Pluto conjunct Uranus in Virgo. I have never noticed Pluto on his own until now. It is conjunct my I.C. Wow!

    This article explains alot. I’ve let so much go that I don’t know who I am. Pluto is not done yet. I figure when Pluto moves into my fourth house, it will coincide with my moving date and a new job.

    I also have Neptune conjunct my natal Saturn which is part of my t-square. It seems to be helping now but who knows.

    And all of this is added to my coming Chiron Return. I feel kinda curious to see what comes next.

    I am really looking forward to your future articles.

    1. Hi Kathy,
      You make a few references here and they’re tantalising. I think you’ll find the next article useful because it will discuss the Uranus-Pluto conjunction specifically (and its antithesis: Sa/Pl). Clearly Mercury is going to be a powerful point in your nativity, and all of that on the 4th house cusp, it says something about your father, it makes me wonder what happened?

      Catch up with the next instalment, I think you’ll find it helpful.

      1. Jeremy,

        My Saturn is at 28o 25′ in Aquarius. Almost at that 29o or close enough. My Saturn squares Jupiter and Mercury and opposite Mars. My Chiron Rx is opposite my Uranus/Pluto conjunction.

        This is using the equal house system. I’ve just really started studying astrology. Sometimes, I stand in awe by how much of my life can be found in my chart. It gives that phrase “written in the stars” a whole new meaning.

  10. “why do you try to control this thing, why can’t you just let it go?”

    As someone with Moon in Scorpio with some self-awareness due to practicing astrology for 20 years, I can tell you that for me, it has to do with wanting to do the “right thing” and sometimes it feels that by giving up control, I step away from a situation that I was meant to continue being involved in until a different “outcome” is achieved. For instance, due to having Jupiter/Neptune in Scorp in the 7th, I often find myself involved in relationships with chemically dependent men. The question has always been: Do I respect their choice to kill themselves or do I stick my nose in their affairs relentlessly until they see my point of view? Of course this has been a useless occupation and at the ripe old age of 50 I have more or less given up the cause and now renounce those who must escape reality through alcohol and/or drugs. But it always feels somewhat like I’m being a “quitter” to me. I give up on them. Therein lies the trap: Pluto’s obsession makes one feel that they HAVE TO FIGHT THE FIGHT, even when there is only shadow boxing going on. The obsession tells us that we must have it “our way”, the way we feel is the “right way”, a purely subjective stance. In my case, ruler Pluto squares natal Mars, so I was known to stay in a fight long after any sane person would have exited. Even if I physically remove myself from the cause, the energy would stay in my body for up to years, where I would obsess in my mind and watch from a distance. Pluto/Scorpio is very proud, pathologically so, and therefore my withdrawal from any fight would usually only come once I felt humiliated or rejected. Doesn’t mean I didn’t obsess about it, though. Currently transiting Neptune/Chiron is opposing natal Pluto and therefore squaring natal Mars and I have received the gift of understanding that I must passively watch the ever-downward-spiral of others into the Piscean/Chirotic oceans of self pity and denial, using whatever tools of choice to further their unconsciousness. I reach daily for compassion and yet strive to retain boundaries when arms reach out to me to be a lifesaver. There is no profit in control; there is no security in binding others to you through manipulation. I am recently called cold and unfeeling for retracting my co-dependency, but until I learn how to truly detach while offering “help”, I am no use to anyone. Because Uranus squares my Moon in Scorp, I am fascinated by the people who have the Pluto/Uranus conjunction, as well as the Uranus in Scorpio generation, both of which I have experienced recently as being the biggest unconscious control freaks I have ever met, thus helping me on my own journey through the projection lens. Thank you for your article.

  11. …and my Jupiter square Pluto in my 8th house? Doesn’t that suggest someone who has fixed ideals and can’t stop judging the rest of the world?

    1. Yes indeed Michael, it does, at least potentially. Jupiter is superior and opinionated (at worst) and can give rise to a God complex. The most opinionated person I know has Jupiter square Pluto, and it never occurs to him that another perspective might be possible. The square makes it very challenging, and the result is often that despite having a strong view on any subject that arises, the Jupiter-Pluto square individual is eventually just ignored.

      But that’s worst case. A modicum of humility is enough to transform the difficulties of the aspect and eventually it will come good. Then sincerity and wisdom is born.

  12. I’ve only recently started paying attention to my seventh house Pluto. I had to: Saturn went over it and I began to understand my needs.

    As always, thank you for sharing this article with all of us, Jeremy.

  13. Fantastic writing as usual. I came here to re-read Chiron in Aries (6th House for me), and happened on this.

    IBS-like problems, related to trust issues? Brilliant – spot-on analysis. (Pluto in Virgo, conjunct Mean Black Moon).

    Looking forward to my next click onto Part 2…

  14. Hi Neal,

    Well-written article; thank you! πŸ˜€

    I choose *self-mastery*…
    I’m glad both sides of the Pluto coin were shown. I have a Virgo stellium in the 8th. Yes, the 8th is about control of others and things but that control can be agreed to by the other as in “mutual consent”. There are constructive ways to channel Pluto energy. For example, I’m a “Life Helper”. I have a Virgo Moon. I help people control their emotions. They have paid me to do this. Therefore the 8th, naturally ruled by Pluto, can indicate “doing business” (in the area indicated by sign/planet, house cusp) and therefore making money from clients (other people’s money). I make money from analyzing, being of service, helping others developing self, mental health healing, etc..

    I think Pluto Virgo has to worry (pardon the pun) about anything related to the “mind” obstructed. If you are not at one with your thoughts or get to enjoy simpatico communication with others consider possible side-effects: stroke, mental health, brain dysfunction, etc.. Possible antidotes: Meditation, non-thinking, work with your hands / body, Piscean pursuits…

    I’m very familiar with and welcome the challenges and opportunities of Pluto but I’m not ready to write about it yet… 2012, perhaps!

    Much love <3,

  15. To add to my previous reply…

    “I help people control their emotions.” I can ALSO upset them too especially if my buttons are being pushed!! :/ Which means I can destroy good feelings (Moon) between myself and other for various reasons including: testing the validity or truth of the connection, throwing out what doesn’t work to make way for what does, etc…

  16. Hi Jeremy,

    Really enjoyed the article, although it scares me and I don’t always see it. I am intense for a Scorp sun, conjunct Nep in 12th; Scorp rising so Pluto rules my chart, Mer in the first- sextile my Pluto in Virgo in my 10th, while Venus in sag (2nd) squares Pluto, and Jup and Saturn trines it – man do I have way too much Pluto in my life.
    I have also studied astrology since I was a teenager as a means of self understanding (although am still blind to much) and it confirms I chose a very difficult path on this incarnation and so need all the help I can get!

  17. Very informative post!I have Pluto conjunct Ascendant at 4 degrees(Ascendant is 28.00 in Libra,Pluto 2.00 degrees in Scorpio).Ever since my teens I have had this compulsive need to get attention EVERYWHERE at ANYTIME(when I feel secure).When I feel insecure,however,I try to be as invisible as possible (just as your stepson).And in highschool,I was always controlling my peers when we walk in the corridors because I was very afriad(to this day I don’t know why) of being attacked or hurt by the greater class student.That is,I was controlling their every move so they can stay close to me,so the other students don’t think of me as a loner(although I was at that time).Luckily,I have been able to master those fears and I no longer am so afraid and sociophobic.I have even balanced my need for attention and recognition.My point is that every pluto-related thing will transform,change into something better.The person,however must learn to handle it!

    1. That’s right Chris,but transformation is a lifetime’s work. What happens is that you can bury the anxiety even deeper. Pluto Ascendant makes you defensive because there were control issues in the childhood home. The placement of Venus will be important for you. It suggests that you had to be very polite, otherwise there was trouble. How do you feel about rudeness when you encounter it now?

  18. Scarily accurate, considering I have Pluto in Virgo in 7th opposing Moon in Pisces in 1st and have spent years battling an eating disorder(Binge Easting Disorder)and in recent years have developed small patches of psoriasis. It’s comforting to know that working through my Pluto/Moon issues = “a person of deep inner peace, who feels safe and secure in every place, who puts others at ease without effort.” Sometimes I’m at that point already and it’s a good place to be, and worth continuing the soul work.
    Judy, South Africa

  19. Finding this thread about 2 years late……… I have Sun/Pluto in Leo. I have a conflict in that I like to be invisible socially and always dress to blend in with the concrete……I am now getting worried about what name will appear here as it is public for instance. But I do like my work to be seen. I am not with it when it is seen. That suits me. Maybe that is cos Sun Pluto are around 3/4 cusp
    and I also have Orcas in 1 with a lot of other twinkling things in that house……………

  20. Taken to a different level entirely, we see that through the ongoing pressure of compulsion we are presented with an opportunity to connect with a divine perspective. Unmasking Pluto is seeing the self through the eyes of God, without artifice, with awareness of what is in the heart. It can take a lifetime to fail in this simple but terrifying task. Ask yourself, why are you trying to control this thing, why can’t you just let it go? If you can even ask that question then you have started the most important work of your life.

    Beautifully articulated Jeremy! An excellent read throughout.

    1. Yes – beautifully stated. The trick is to stop the compulsion in the moment – to slow down and be conscious and non-reactive.I think this takes a lot of trust because we give up what we think is control and apparently feel a deep need to have it.

  21. Thank you for clearing up mysterious problems brother and I have. Both of us born in the ’40’s. Your excellent article help’s to shed light on reasons for his conduct and the potential causes for his heart condition. With Pluto, Saturn, and Mars in 8th, the planet has been a fascination of mine.

  22. Hello, I think that constellation of Scorpio Moon+Pluto in 3rd House could be some similar to Pluto + Mercury constellation. 3rd House is telling us how mind and his energies works.

  23. Jem (me too I am a Jem) Thankyou – the comments and responses are as fascinating as the article.Fascinating medical diagnostic correlations.To confirm – I survived breast cancer and then divorced. At the time of divorce I had extreme gastritis (and anxiety), terrified because I felt so hugely insecure about leaving my marriage and home of 24 years and being alone and post cancer. So here is the astro: 12th H natal Jupiter 20 d Leo conj Pluto 26d conj (wide?)3dVirgo ASC. Pluto square to Venus in Taurus exact, conj MC (Need to feel the love and to please, and yes to be attractive) and boo-hoo, square 28d Scorpio IC conj Moon/Saturn Sag 1-2d 4th H, (Mom had to be dad and was very Scorpion – lots of conditional love with the opp to Venus). 8th H chart ruler Mercury 3 Aries conj 10d Aries Sun.I see this as a Plutonian chart, and in all these water houses just too intensely emotional for my fiery soul/self. I am tired. Transits for last 3 years have nearly done me in. One more Pluto Uranus square to go. Yes – I have transformed.

  24. So, I love this, like most any of your articles. Having Pluto conjunct Mars in Scorpio, 8th house, all sextile Mercury/Jupiter in 10th house, I AM Plutonic and it’s been a rough start but I am 31 now and feel the peace and the humble strength. After that nasty Cardinal Square leading up to my Saturn Return, I got it, so to speak, and I am so grateful for it. Anyhoo, I blog as well and I wanted to get your opinion on transiting Pluto in the natal chart, specifically transiting to a personal planet. I feel transiting Pluto is also hidden and does not tend to actually cause any physical explosions unless the transit is activated by Saturn, Mars, the Moon, or a combo of aspects that like to manifest. I feel transiting Pluto increases compulsions around the nature of the planet affected, while providing a theme of sorts….something psychological you need to work on. I went to my local NCGR chapter meeting and was almost accosted for having this viewpoint! One lady equated transiting Pluto to Saturn! Another guy said it acted just like Mars, except ‘covert’ instead of ‘overt.’ I was floored! I’ve been reading articles about Pluto ever since and even went back to Forrest’s “Book of Pluto,” but I felt supported by these. I do have a fact-checking compulsion lol but this is important to me. Pluto is one guy I need to know!

    Many Thanks

  25. Hi,
    I’ve been dealing with Pluto/Uranus energies for about the last fifteen years.
    Born early July, 1965
    Aries Ascendant (12 degrees)
    Pluto/Uranus conjunction in Virgo, 5th house, which seems to be a focal point for a Kite configuration.
    Pluto/Uranus Virgo H5, opposite Saturn (R) Pisces H12
    Pluto/Uranus : sextile Sun Cancer H4 (conjunct IC) – Sextile Neptune (R) Scorpio H8
    Jupiter Gemini H3 forms a T-square to Pluto/Uranus – Saturn
    I also endured those 7 transits of the Pluto/Uranus squares, which formed T-squares to my natal Sun – Asc – MC.
    I’m still struggling….

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