Pluto’s Wealth

A seemingly vast number of people have presented me with the question: can Pluto be a good thing? I approached this question in my last article and made the seemingly unequivocal answer of ‘no’. Whilst, upon initial examination, this is as much as the topic needs, there are of course other nuances to consider.

The fact is, we all have Pluto. This isn’t to say that all Plutos are created equal, or even that Pluto remains quantitively static throughout a human life, because the level of Plutonic force varies, and massively, from one person to the next, and even from one life passage to the next. If you measure planetary strength using the Hindu Shadbalas, for example, it is possible to see that each placement has a certain power, and indeed that power can vary over a lifetime. Some are born with formidable Plutonic force only to have it dissipate over the long years, while for others the reverse is true.

Astrology does not occur in a vacuum. This means that outer events stoke the internal fires which in turn create anxiety upon which Plutonic force is predicated. The purpose of your life is to experience that anxiety and to experience the helplessness of it and, as a result of that painful alchemy, to become less attached to outcomes. The key spiritual truth of human life is that we cannot control anyone or anything beyond ourselves. That simple realisation, apprehended at a visceral level, and at the cost of astonishing levels of conflict, compulsion and control, is Pluto’s greatest gift.

So it is very much unavoidable to have Pluto. This means that Pluto is part of our reality, even if we would prefer to leave him, and his infernal terrors, buried for eternity.  So it is not therefore necessarily helpful to simply say that Pluto is a problem and can do us no good, especially for those who are forced, by dint of his great influence in their nativities, to cope with him… somehow. But the trick is to see that it is in his propensity for causing difficulty that his gift is realised. Seeing Pluto as evil is senseless, because in the same way that if there were no conflict then peace would be a meaningless concept, so it is that if there were no powerlessness then we could not experience the true and exalting power of self-control. And all because we would never be given the opportunity to learn the futility of attempting to control the world.

We journey from the solar moment of birth into the oblivion of our lunar cradle and on and on, through the lessons that are offered us as we grow and mature until we find ourselves scrabbling in a tailor-made Plutonic murk, living in a hostile world, full of manipulative, shadowy arch-controllers and from there, the only viable choice is up into the light. The single, hateful alternative is a final, piteous collapse into living death accompanied by the cry of “poor me!”

For the few who are able to let go and accept that everything is as it should be, Pluto remains, but now his power is transformed, through this crucible of powerlessness, into a pure and radiant self-awareness and a sense of pervading lovingness for the world.

Even this, a state of grace for sure, is a spectrum, but like the dawning of a new day, it is still a blessing and worth all the pain and struggle.

This is the way in which Pluto is ‘good’, so if you have Pluto strong, then a benevolent universe has given you a great gift, but one which will take courage, suffering and dedication to realise.

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  1. I have a Sun-Mercury conjunction in Taurus opposite Pluto in Scorpio. I remember how someone told me I could have great power, if only I could harness Pluto’s power. I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing that that spoke to me.

  2. 8th house pluto natally, now it’s transting my 1st. next new moon 23degree virgo right on my pluto degree. I hope it means some sort of healing. I’ve done my homework pluto honest!!!

  3. Care to comment on transiting Pluto square the Sun? Or the current transiting Pluto square transiting Uranus? Confession: I’m an 8th H Aries with Mars in Cap so greatly interested in this one.

  4. From a cardinal angular G.Cross Capricorn-4 54′(Sun con IC),i really enjoyed your article.So well balanced in your perspective and perception.My Moon is conjunct DC-1 08’Aries & traveling with the Pluto/Uranus Odyssey,of which i feel has only just begun though the initial conjunctions/awakenings have passed.


  5. When transiting Pluto was conjunct my midheaven I divorced my husband of 25 years, left my job of 18 years and moved to another city.

    My natal Pluto is in late Leo and my midheaven is Sag 22.

  6. It is hard to think of his energy as being neutral or indeed anything other than malefic but as usual you are correct and scrupulous in making the attempt to define what is so difficult; Desires that we fail to recognise, fears that we fail to address are grist to his mill so we are ground small, refined in the fires of his passions and thus learn integrity if we dare…or there’s Hades…

  7. Hi Jem, I wanted to comment on your last Pluto article but resisted – I’m glad you refined your viewpoint. Pluto sits on my Moon and squares my Venus so I have become intimately familiar with his realm. Over the years I have come to view Pluto as the “Will of the Higher Self” (as opposed to Mars which is the will of the personality). When we look back at Plutonian times, if we are honest with ourselves, we can see that our highest self was operating the controls and that whatever occurred during those times were for our highest good. But to get there does require a high degree of surrender!

    1. Thank you Lynn, I was concerned that the last article may have seemed final. An honour to see you here, much love.

    2. Whoa!! I also have Pluto conjunct Moon by less than a degree and they both are square Venus! I know that this has led me to a deeper life but childhood left scars. Of course that is such a human experience.

  8. Thanks Jeremy !
    With my Gemini sun square pluto I love multiple perspectives.
    With the above you connect pluto with neptunian surrender and true empowerment in this temporary earthly existence. So called ego strength (Loevinger).
    Joy is in sharing!

  9. Superb post Jem! Ive been musing on pluto deeply for many years. i have pluto.uranus/.mars all rx in he 4th in virgo. it is no exaggeration to say that i nearly dies a few years back while having a heavy pluto/sun transit.

    Yesterday i ended the most passionate and extraordinary love affair i have ever had – i walked a way from a man i love more than life itself. And who loves me back equally ( long story dont ask!) The reason i mention it is that when i first got together with him all i saw in our sybastry was VIOLENCE and s shed load of pluto. his pluto was oposit my sun and his pluto was conjunct my mars when i looked at the chart thought ‘ this man is going to rape and murder me. * Hs is an ex soldier and has killed many people – a sniper – taking them out n cold blood, he is a country man who continues to kill for fun – shooting deer etc….

    He is also a pisces. What transpired was that as he is well he was able to harness and take responsibility for his plutonian energy. i was amazed in the end at the transformative power of the synestry. Rather than murdering me – what actualy transpired was that he killed in me the darkness that had been quietly killing me from inside this life time. it wasnt me he murdered it was my darkness. Beacuse of a degree of consiousness we are both able to use Plutos light side and be transformed – all be it excrutiatingly painfully – into something better and new.

    I know i have found a light side of pluto and about to embrak on a novel about the experience. Thanks for your thoughtful thought provoking gentle clever posts – they are always valuable and timeless.

  10. Yes – thank you for the reminder that Pluto is the higher octave because going through the pain feels a lot better with a good reason to do so. This square to T Uranus conj 8th H Sun has been a time that has and will continue to change my life. I just hope its transit through the 5th conj Sun’s ruler Mars will not destroy my relationship with daughter. I think it will continue to be greatly revised to say the least. Knowing that it can end on such a rewarding and life giving note is comforting.

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