The Serious Side of Ceres…

Before I begin today I would like to thank everyone who has taken the trouble to comment or send an email over these last few days, it has been very sincerely appreciated.

The Jupiter effect is a well-known shortcut to experiencing any given planetary contact; the theory being that as the expanding power of Jupiter contacts a specific point in your nativity, it begins to make itself felt. I myself discovered this principle in a less pleasant manner as Orcus transited across my Jupiter a few months back and my dreams became a frightful flight from an ursine monstrosity through a forest of obsidian trees. Less apprehensible, except by the keenness of its absence however, is the Saturn effect: as the constriction of Saturn applies to a point in your astrology you might become aware of the effect and influence of that particular force in your nativity too as the difficulty and restriction of the archetypal principles become increasingly onerous.

Ceres is not a study to which I have been especially predisposed in the past, not least because it felt somewhat of a halfway house between Hygeia and the Moon, seeming to allude to already catered for principles, thus, its superfluosity, on casual inspection, made it a poor candidate for investigation. As Saturn approached 19 degrees of Virgo however, I began to wonder at it and so, in keeping with my usual methodology, began to investigate the underpinning mythology, for therein lie the deeper clues to any astrological probability. Ceres is, of course, the Roman facsimile for Demeter, and there is little question that the myth of Demeter and Persephone is among the most persistent, profound and intriguing of all the Greek tales.

The Homeric Hymn to Demeter (which is a reference to style and not authorship incidentally) is certainly one of the most complete and influential of all the original sources. Demeter, an older sister – and consort – of Zeus was also a sister to Hades (Pluto) and Poseidon (Neptune). Her power and influence ought not be easily discounted therefore and certainly, her ability to control the seasons of the earth is extremely potent: without her consent, the grain would not ripen; this observation is of profound relevance in the development of her story. Zeus fathered by her a daughter, Persephone, who was her mother’s joy, but as the only child of Zeus and Demeter, Persephone was Epikleros, a sole heir to her parents’ estate. In keeping with the social mores of Athens therefore, the marriage of an Epikleros was frequently constrained by expedience, the father would very often marry his daughter to an uncle in order to keep the wealth in the family and since a woman’s consent was neither required nor much valued in the arrangement of marriages, Zeus would have felt no need to tell either Demeter or Persephone of his plan to wed Persephone to his brother Hades.

As the myth goes, Persephone was picking flowers in a meadow when Hades, wearing a mask of invisibility, rose up from out of the earth and dragged her down to Tartarus. The ‘rape of Persephone’ as it became known was not so much descriptive of a physical assault  as it is resonant with a somewhat brutal and insensitive wrench from innocence (picking flowers in a meadow) and a descent into – literal – darkness. There are so many archetypal themes connected with this story, and so much Plutonic material too, that it is a rich vein of insight for the astrologer into themes of Pluto, Scorpio and the 8th house too.

The point though in this context, is that Demeter – Ceres – was utterly distraught. At first, not knowing what had happened to her beloved daughter she wandered the earth “making a desert at every step.” Eventually she found a shepherd who had witnessed the abduction and immediately confronted Zeus on Olympus and demanded that he restore her daughter to her. Zeus however was constrained by another attendant reality: any soul, once conveyed down to Tartarus was not allowed to return, it was sacrosanct and designed that way to ensure that the dead stayed dead. Demeter, in her anger and rage, threatened to make an eternal winter on earth so that nothing might grow and all life would end and through this grave threat Zeus was finally forced to broker a deal whereby Persephone would be allowed to return to Demeter’s side for 6 months of the year. Our seasons are thus characterised by 6 months of fertility – where Ceres in her joy promulgates abundance, and 6 months wherein she mourns the absence of Persephone (or Proserpina in the Roman) and nothing will grow.

One of the most key themes of Ceres therefore, is concerned with the abduction or loss of one’s children.

A Saturn contact of course creates a burden and a test, so it is not entirely a surprise to find that my children are being kept from me at this time, and certainly, with Saturn transiting Ceres at 19 degrees of Virgo and fast approaching Pluto at 21 Virgo, these are dark days in prospect. If Ceres (the loss of one’s children) becomes burdensome enough through the attentions of Saturn then the promise of Saturn conjunct Pluto (Ebertin’s aptly named hard-labour), which promises extreme anguish and cruelty seems to loom large. Indeed, with Saturn Pluto going near partile on Christmas Day it appears to be a profound hardship indeed: to be living apart from your children is hard enough, but to be denied even the ability to speak to them will no doubt be very hard to bear, most especially at Christmas.

I hold out little hope for progress. I have taken to writing to my children at their schools in hope of establishing some sort of a reasoned dialogue. Yesterday I received a solicitor’s letter from my wife threatening to take out an injunction preventing me from even being allowed that much contact. My own solicitor has told me that it is laughable in the extreme, certainly without grounds, but it does demonstrate the mindset of my wife, who incidentally has Libra Sun conjunct Virgo Mercury conjunct Pluto. I need say no more really.

If I stand far enough back from the situation I glean some hope from the passing influence of transits, My Saturn transit of Ceres/Pluto has a year in it at best, but within that time frame there are some powerful subsidiary contacts to consider which might give me pause, but beyond this, the key themes of Ceres do include the promise of a reconciliation whereby Zeus (Jupiter, thus commonsense and goodwill) reaches a compromise with Pluto. I pray for that very possibility, without expecting it to happen any day soon.

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  2. Transiting Ceres recently stirred up my natal Leo Moon. I became overwhelmingly concerned that I would never have children of my own. I even researched egg donation (and discovered I didn’t meet the preferred criteria). Ceres has moved on, along with the immediacy of my worries…

    Blessings to you and your children.

  3. Dear Jeremy,
    as a triple cancerean I feel very sorry for you, for you all I must say. There is a website,
    where you can/could light a candle. My personal experience with this kind of mojo is very wonder-ful. It helps to give away the burden.
    All the best from

  4. Dear Jeremy,
    Your wife is in extreme pain. Pain is not a function of logic but of pure emotion. You have to take 50% of the responsibility for whatever is occurring as you are in a marital contract – a ‘union’ At some level you must feel you deserve what is happening or it simply would not be happening as it is but try not to point fingers of blame at the very primal emotions your wife is expressing in response to her pain. Instead, talk, talk and talk some more with her. Even if she initially resists, or it is sheer hell, it is your commitment as the one who left to showing that you do care for the emotional wellbeing of her, the mother of your children, that she wants to see. That is only demonstrated by your persistence to helping you both understand where it all went wrong. To your wife if she reads these replies I would say, channel this unbearable emotional energy into creating rather then destroying. One way to transmute the pain, that I read about just this weekend and thought of you, was a woman who started an anonymous (must be anonymous) blog about her situation and how she was feeling. This channels your energy but allows you to express it openly and can help other people see that they are not alone or ‘wrong’ to be acting badly to betrayal etc. You are presently ‘out of your mind’ but that simply means you are out of logic and acting from raw emotions. My sympathy goes to anyone caught up in the flip side of love and I feel for you both. The children deserve a father but more than that they deserve to see how both parents deal responsibly with the vicissitudes of life and love.

    I know because I have been there

  5. Wow,……..I empathize greatly for your journey, Chirotic. I, too, experienced something akin to what you speak of many years ago because I wanted a divorce and the other party did not(Pisces Moon/Gemini Sun person). He decided that he would not pay child support for our four children and being the “sucker” that I am/was decided that I could be bullied into self sabatoge.

    At least you have no compulsion to self sabatoge and therefore your recovery will be all that more forthcoming.

    After the numerous visitations to the concepts of destitution, prostitution, institutions, and anything else that ended with a ‘tion’, I came to the realization that this thing called “my life” is nothing more than my Star Map/Birth Chart/Journey/Karma in action.

    It hurts, it just hurts.

    You’re not alone. You are never alone.

    Peace and love be with you always, Chirotic.

  6. Jeremy

    Loads of stuff going on here and i’m really sorry you are having such a crazy time.. However take responsibility my friend and don’t lash out publicly here man – that aint gonna help her or your kids – that increases her/their pain and upset. Be the bigger guy yeah..Just spread peace and love not anguish and hurt man. She can’t be having an easy time and neither can they with their mom so upset – don’t add to it man.

    I feel your pain man, but self-pity aint gonna get you nowhere dude and i speak from experience having learnt that the hard way leaving my Mrs for someone who i thought understood me and regretting it like hell a few years later and yeah their were kids involved and yeah it still hurts. Her world is upside down man – 20 years is a real long time. She clearly loved you and is distressed – go easy on her man and trust the planets.

    Peace and love.

  7. I understand all the views expressed here, even the very subjective ones. All I can really say is that if I sound upset it is only a function of my not having seen my children for almost 2 months and the facing of the bleak possibility that because of the poison involved, I may have to accept that I will never see them again. Most of my disappointment in the previous post incidentally was directed at my wife’s and partner’s families, not at her at all, of course I appreciate the great hurt I have done to her and I certainly would never have wished it on her as I care about her deeply and would not ever wish to cause her unnecessary pain. I absolutely take responsibility for the anguish I have caused and I do not expect concessions or even much consideration, I only hope that everyone involved can move on somehow.

  8. I read the first paragraph, and it about destroyed what few braincells i have.
    So I looked at the picture for a while instead, which is awesome.

  9. Wow. I know you are focused on Ceres – but the following might be said. You were given some good advice about responsibility – that is a place to start. Make sure you hire a good lawyer – no one will be thinking straight – and you need an advocate to protect you. If she has sun conjunct pluto I say at somepoint she will have the experience of what feels like betrayal – and that is probably what is going on with her – so it is the primal reaction. Remember the story of Medea and Jason and the Argonauts? Worth reading. Your kids are going to be fine – but you just need to be sure that your lawyer helps you with that as that is his job to get your visitations in order. People are nutty after divorces.

    Also – not sure how old you are – but I do know that Barbara Hand Clow talks a lot about Uranus and the midlife opposition occuring from ages 38 to 42 – where people go awol, have affairs, leave spouses – Uranus is about freedom. Sometimes things calm down after the transit passes – so you might want to look at it as well. (in her book “The Liquid Light of Sex”) because although I know you are focused on Pluto – this sounds an awful lot like Uranus to me. Uranus is sudden, without warning, and merciless. Also – what house is pluto in – and how did that eclipse last august affect you – as the last few months since the eclipse have been the very worst in my entire life – but I have been forced to face some things and grow up. It has affected a lot of people this way.

    The clouds will clear. When scorpio types feel betrayed you will get this type of reaction.

  10. Thanks Venusian, although my Uranus half-return doesn’t begin until next year. Of course, I am quite aware of the nature of the Uranus opposition and have read the book you mention too, my explanation of the situation leaves out a great deal of background, so it is entirely understandable that what I say might take on a certain appearance, I fully understand your logic, although it doesn’t especially apply in this situation. Thanks for your comment and insight.

  11. I just recently stumbled upon this blog, and am so completely impressed with your word choice and writing style. Very appealing and amazingly informative.

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