The Problem with Mars

In a life without trines, everything is hard work. Is that how it should be? I wanted to read my book but that feels like slacking. “Self-improvement is work too!” I hear myself cry, but it won’t change my inner perspective. I find myself looking forward to waiting rooms because at least then I won’t have to wrangle with literary escapism guilt. I used to meditate in waiting rooms, and quite successfully. Once I meditated in the bank and I was jolted back into my surroundings by an old man who began shouting at the cashier about overdraft charges. It was awful; you’re just so open when you’ve been in that quiet zone and any negativity is instantaneously poisoning. Negativity always makes me sick.

No trines – and one sextile, Neptune-Pluto! skews one’s perspective. I believe that nobody will help me, so I never ask for help, so nobody helps me; irrefutable logic, self-defeating, the law of manifestation. I have no expectation other than to manage, no matter the odds, and I have always been that way. I help others, every day I try to help others and I don’t expect anything in return. Well, of course, people pay me for my expertise, but a great many are in dire difficulty and have no resources. Because of astrology, I could work every hour of the rest of my life if I were able to do it for no reward; many, many people ask for help and I can only help a small fraction of them. Alice is not made in the way that I am. She will receive help from others. She has trines, I mused that this might explain it, but actually, I think it’s a gender thing.

Mars is the culprit here I’m sure. A woman experiences Mars for sure, but she doesn’t have to identify with it. It’s always intriguing to get back to those archetypical basics: Mars – Jupiter, interminable argumentativeness! Mars – Saturn, fear of violence, frigidity. Mars – Pluto – survival anxiety! If you have Mars – Pluto, that’s where it manifests. If you don’t rely on anyone else then you’ll survive more easily, they won’t let you down. So, you never ask for help.  Survive at all costs. Keep your head down. Don’t rely on anyone else, because nobody is going to help you. My experience of this was at school, even my best friends were my bullies. I ended up becoming addicted to nicotine because it meant that the people who hit me would accept me instead. I continued to smoke until I was in my 30s. I hated relying on it when life got stressful. When the going gets tough, the tough start smoking.

It’s okay to have an open relationship with Mars – Pluto. If you  see him and you’ve walked this peculiar axis, from aggression to passivity.

One day, the world will wake up and realise that astrology is the only unifying theory of any value. It explains everything. Astrology only falls down through the inelegancy of those that explain it, but it’s not their fault. It’s the lazy theoreticians who demand that you justify your ‘belief’. I don’t believe in astrology, I understand it. That’s very different. I wonder at that too. So many people I know are concerned to ‘prove’ astrology. I say turn it on its head. Have the naysayers disprove it. Not one of them, brittly empowered Dawkins-disciples that they are could manage it. Isaac Newton, lauded for being the finest scientific mind the world has ever seen was convinced  – through his own study – of astrology’s validity. Of course, in that, world’s finest mind or not, he must have been feeble minded. There is no astrology! Well in that case (I had this conversation a while back) there is no psychology. But (the naysayer protested) of course there is psychology! Everyone has behaviour! Confusing cause and effect is easy for those who are ignorant. I mean ignorant in the fundamental sense that they deny the validity of a theory that they do not understand. People do not deny psychology because they make a connection beyween the cause (psychology) and the effect (behaviour). And they’ve heard other people, scientific types talk about it, so there’s no need to be any kind of layman psychologist here. They do not claim to understand the psychology, but they accept it. Of course, psychology is rife with interdisiplinary division: nature or nurture, behaviourism or psychoanalysis, Freud or Jung. The list goes on, rather like religion, they can’t all be right! But regardless, something causes behaviour. Psychology or astrology? Well, not astrology, they say, despite not possessing a single cogent thought on the subject. Empty heads powering empty opinions. I pay them no attention. Ironically their astrology circumscribes both their scepticism and their empty opinion-mongering. I used to be quite opinionated myself too, once, don’t get me wrong. Then I began to work out just how hermetically the seal was formed between the empty jar of opinion and the crowning lid of nativity. And I have Mars in Sagittarius, so I can espouse. I’m good at espousing, but I draw the line at pontificating, having neglectfully sacrificed too many hours to hearing out pontificators.

And of course, Mars is the chief culprit in the business of impressing your views upon others, and most especially when you’re not actually qualified to have an opinion. Venus is the moderator. Mars is only genuinely interested in being on top.

I think this about the ancient world too. The rather naked aspect of Roman ambition seems somehow rude, pastorally rude, from a contemporary perspective. Not petty and yet unsophisticated. There was no Pluto then, not in the psyche at least. Mars was king in the Roman world. Great Romans never asked for help, they coerced it! Mars is still doing that to this day, and it troubles me no end.

I have a Mars problem.

So do you.

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  1. I have Mars on 29 Taurus in the third, 2 degrees away from my SN. It opposes my Moon and Mercury and is quincunx my 29 Libra Uranus. Solar Fire is not showing them, but there is a square to the 21 Leo Sun and a sextile to the 26 Cancer Saturn.

    I identify with Mars a lot. I used to protect my younger brother from bullies. I am also bad-tempered and easily irritated: but I’m trying to direct this energy in healthier ways. Also now I avoid people who irritate me. I still stand up to bullies. Not physically, but verbally.

    But I am blessed (really sometimes it feels like someone blessed my soul, they loved it so much in some other life) with a Sun-Jupiter trine. I give easily and with love; and when I need, I ask. I feel no shame about asking. I guess I think that’s how it should be, we give when we can and ask when we need. And both are good and right.

    On another note, it’s so very good to have you writing again, Jeremy! Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Jeremy
    Remember my chart?!
    (Sq)Pl/Ur -Mars in Sadge -(Sq)Sat/Chi/Ceres
    (Sq)Pl/Ur -Venus in Sagde -(Sq)Sat/Chi/Ceres.
    Wait..Venus & Mars in Sadge (1st) opposite Jupiter in Cancer (7th)!
    Scorpio stellium of Sun, Nep, Merc, Moon

    One easy trine between Sun, Jupiter, Saturn
    … phew! 🙂

  3. Hi Jeremy,

    I have a Mars-Pluto square also. 7th-10th Houses, respectively, involved. I am actually not aggressive or irritable or expressive of anger much at all. In fact, I deny this energy so much that I instead end up attracting this energy as Shadow Energy— in the form of others, usually in close personal relationships. My ex-husband comes to mind. But, I also have Venus conjunct Mars (very close!) and so it’s also involved in the square. I’ve often wondered what the Venus/Mars conjunction brings me? Both these planets are also in close midpoint pictures involving the MC/ASC. The closest is Venus… MC=Venus/ASC. I think it is nearly exact. Mars has a two degree orb so, not as intense.

    I wonder about your statements you made wherein you said you often felt that you were meant to help others, don’t expect help from others and therefore don’t receive it. I feel the same way but, I just thought it was because of my 6th House Sun, Mercury, Saturn stellium with Neptune on my ASC and my NN in Pisces conjunct the IC? Obviously, I am here to serve.

  4. Well yes, but I’ve found Mars/Pluto makes a man very sexy too 🙂 these things all have their upsides….

    1. That’s an interesting thought, I imagine it operates in the same way as Venus-Pluto does for a woman. Gandhi had the Mars-Pluto opposition, I wonder if he was attractive to women too?

  5. Whoops! hope I didn’t pontificate too much in my comment on your previous post. Mars in Sagittarius here too, conjunct Moon and trine Pluto and Venus. I really just wanted to say how lovely to be reading your glorious prose again Jeremy, it’s a joy, Thank you.

  6. “If I don’t rely on anyone else then I’ll survive more easily.” OMG. This is so me. One, I have mars in the 11th and pluto in the 3rd. After I saved myself from drowning I knew I could not depend on anyone. BTW, your perspective was awesome.

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