Pluto through the signs: what’s your obsession?


Today, I wanted to make a study of the various effects experienced under the transits of Pluto, but I would like to make a few remarks before I attempt that article about the particular ambience of Pluto in the signs, from Cancer through to the present time. The two themes cannot be treated entirely separately, a Pluto transit will inevitably take on the character of its natal expression and we ought always to consider it in this way. For this reason I will begin with an analysis of Pluto’s various manifestations through the signs.

I have written about outer planet transits before, specifically in relation to their purpose in the ongoing process of soul-purification. This is the existential expression of Plutonic pressure in the arc of a human life. You may wish to read that article before proceeding here.

Bernard Manning: Pluto in Cancer and felt the word "wog" was "a horrible, insulting word I've never used in my life" but defended use of the words "nigger" and "coon" as historical terms with respectable roots.
Bernard Manning: with Pluto in Cancer he claimed that “wog” was “a horrible, insulting word I’ve never used in my life” but defended use of the words “nigger” and “coon” as historical terms with respectable roots.

Thus, Pluto in Cancer (1914-1939) creates a focus on traditional, territorial and inherited values. It contains the essence of the Moon-Pluto contact but writ large across an entire generation. Pluto made his first serious foray into the sign of Cancer on June 27th 1914 and within a month Franz Ferdinand was dead and the first world war had effectively begun. Pluto’s final days in that sign occurred in June 1939, just 3 months before the start of the second world war. Cancer of course rules the homeland, those inherited clannish values of belonging, of our family, our home, our country and our heritage, so inevitably, the extreme nationalism, indeed jingoism of the period was a direct manifestation of these lunar and 4th house qualities negatively supercharged by the Lord Hades. Consider all the many innovations related to domestic science: the refrigerator was invented during this period which created a death and rebirth of family values: Pluto very often creates this dichotomy, the labour-saving innovations of this time actually freed women from the home and the drudgery of the kitchen which in itself sounded the death-knell for the old order of traditional tribal gender roles. It is this falling away of an outdated paradigm which is required to be taken up by the subsequent generation thus Pluto in Leo was required to redefine the role of women in society, but crucially, they inherited this necessity, even if they would actually like to claim it as their doing.

Obsessed with: Tradition, family, the home country.
Responsible for:
the refrigerator, the BNP, the KKK and women’s lib.
At best: thrifty and supportive.
At worst: racist and cranky.

Janice Dickinson: this is how Pluto in Leo wants to look: age 55!
Janice Dickinson: this is how Pluto in Leo wants to look: age 55!

Pluto in Leo (1939-1958) has problems all its own – every Hadean generation does without doubt – and here the themes of the Sun and the 5th house are given especial focus. Status, egotism, self-centredness and pride are the most difficult facets of these years and the broadly narcissistic focus of Leo is given a difficult dose of Plutonic force. The characteristics of this generation are more in keeping with the 5th house and solar principles: being the centre of attention, enjoying life, music (Elvis was 3 when Pluto crossed into Leo), rock and roll lifestyles became the order of the day and the need to be loved because one is a person of importance in the world; this is the royal persona writ large. More difficultly, there is the underlying quality of Sun-Pluto to consider which is the classic indication of megalomania. Hitler’s blitzkrieg was unleashed on Poland within 3 months of Pluto crossing into Leo and his attempt to manifest a glorious Germanic empire, a third Reich (kingdom), echoed the dreams of dominion of the European kings of old. Consider too that when the Pluto in Leo generation was at its zenith it voted an actor into the White House and a woman (newly liberated by Pluto in Cancer) with a Sun – Pluto square into Downing Street. This generation has been dubbed the “Me Generation” and they created the phenomenon of personal psychotherapy to feed the great appetite of their own self-interest. Leo is also the sign of the child, and this for me strikes to the core of the Pluto in Leo condition. Here is a generation that didn’t want to grow old (plastic surgery is their invention too), who wanted to remain eternally youthful which fundamentally shifted the attitude to childhood. In the same way that Pluto in Cancer ‘killed’ the role of women in the home, requiring it to be redefined by the next generation, Pluto in Leo killed the role of the child. Pluto in Leo, needing to be the centre of attention the whole time, raised an entire generation of children that felt they did not matter, that was forced to play second-fiddle to their dramatic, showy, self-obsessed Mum or Dad. The result? A generation of parents who are determined to let their children be the centre of attention and who have subsequently made out of their children’s early lives a fiercely idealistic and protected idyll, where their little ones cannot be exposed to any manner of hardship, unpleasantness or harsh reality. Pluto in Virgo then has been tasked with recreating childhood, and they have done it in a typically Virgoan manner: for the children of this generation, everything must be perfect.
Obsessed with: status, appearances and youth.
Favourite things: Hair-dos, sports cars, diamonds and sunbathing.
Responsible for: plastic surgery, psychotherapy, rock n’ roll, Hollywood and the stock market.
At best: warm and generous.
At worst: self-obsessed and hysterical.

Johnny Depp has apparently become a health freak. The Sweeney Todd star - once famous for his wild, hard partying lifestyle - is shooting a new movie in Vancouver where he has requested his trailer be equipped with a treadmill, weights and a stability ball, according to Star magazine. The 44-year-old father-of-two also reportedly asked for his fridge to be stocked with blueberries, strawberries, pineapple, kiwi and soy milk. Johnny is also said to have requested throughly cooked chicken, tuna in water and hard boiled eggs to snack on during filming. It seems that a source told the celebrity magazine: "No wonder he looks so good for his age." Johnny is filming Michael Mann's new movie Public Enemies, alongside Christian Bale, Channing Tatum and Oscar-winning French actress Marion Cotillard. The gangster movie is set in the 1930s and Johnny plays notorious criminal John Dillinger.
Johnny Depp – poster boy for Pluto in Virgo has apparently become a health freak. The Sweeney Todd star – once famous for his wild, hard partying lifestyle – is shooting a new movie in Vancouver where he has requested his trailer be equipped with a treadmill, weights and a stability ball, according to Star magazine. The 44-year-old father-of-two also reportedly asked for his fridge to be stocked with blueberries, strawberries, pineapple, kiwi and soy milk. Johnny is also said to have requested thoroughly cooked chicken, tuna in water and hard boiled eggs to snack on during filming. It seems that a source told the celebrity magazine: “No wonder he looks so good for his age.” Johnny is filming Michael Mann’s new movie Public Enemies.

So, what of Pluto in Virgo? This generation (1959-1972) has struggled to emerge from the great fixity of its forbears, and with parents demanding to be in the spotlight until their last breath, it is no surprise; an unhappy collusion which is simply exacerbated by the Virgoan’s regard for the qualities of simplicity, modesty and humility. This generation – possibly in part due to the perceived selfishness and narcissism of the generation that has gone before has learned to abhor self-promotion and ostentation. Even the great celebrities and rock-stars of this generation cannot get away with the over-the-top hotel trashings of those of previous decades; such behaviour is deemed to be rather embarrassingly brash and brassy. If Pluto in Virgo does have a vice, it is intellectual hubris, albeit one that manifests as a fierce propensity to pedantry and criticism. This generation loves nothing more than to deconstruct, and witheringly, the perceived flaws of those who raise themselves up onto a pedestal; the fascination with celebrity culture with all its attendant vicarious and voyeuristic sneering is a direct consequence of this Plutonic pressure across the generation. Even more direct is this placement’s obsession with work: Pluto in Virgo works all hours and struggles to maintain any sort of balance between home and career: and weekends are invariably spent mowing the lawns, polishing the car and pressure-washing the patio, so-called leisure activities which to every other generation seem more akin to drudgery than relaxation. It might well be that Pluto in Virgo turns out to be the generation that kills work, in the same way that Pluto in Cancer killed the family and Pluto in Leo bumped off childhood. Pluto in Libra will no doubt be required to reinvent the concept of employment in years to come as a result.
Obsessed with: health, work and being clever.
Favourite things: Health and fitness clubs, reality TV, gadgets, Ikea and dietary supplements.
Responsible for: the end of trade-unionism, environmentalism, recycling and nutritional information labels on food.
At best: meticulous and modest.
At worst: carping and finicky (to the point of OCD).

Jordan: too much make-up, big, fake boobs and one half of a celebrity couple: how much more Pluto in Libra do you need?
Jordan: too much make-up, big, fake boobs and one half of a celebrity couple: how much more Pluto in Libra do you need?

Pluto in Libra conversely doesn’t have much time for being meticulous about work, they simply want to be appreciated and appear attractive. While Pluto in Leo resorted to cosmetic surgery to fend off the horrors of aging, Pluto in Libra has utilised the same facility to get themselves a bigger pair of boobs and a nicer looking nose. Here, Venusian themes are at the forefront, so this generation wants to present a flawless visage: girls with this placement very often wear so much make-up that their skin appears utterly blemishless. The Pluto in Virgo generation, who are the employers of this age-group are quite often shocked by how poor Pluto in Libra’s attention span is when it comes to the workplace; they’re too busy flirting via text and updating their Facebook profile to care too much about scrubbing the company database. Of course, it is no surprise therefore that Facebook is a uniquely Pluto in Libra phenomenon, as are texting, Myspace and so forth: social networking is a chance to interact on a scale hitherto undreamed of and enormous entourages of admirers can be accumulated to sate Pluto in Libra’s obsession with being socially desirable and – at least superficially – attractive. Relationship will no doubt be the Achilles’ Heel for this generation, they’ll be so busy with trying to be universally appealing that their flailing sense of commitment might destabilise the institution of marriage once and for all, which leaves a fair amount of work for fanatically loyal and committed Pluto in Scorpio to do.
Obsessed with: attractiveness, flirting and popularity.
Favourite things: Networking, cellphones, boob-jobs, style (over substance) and celebrity couples.
Responsible for: Facebook, Extreme Makeover, Trinny & Susannah and What Not to Wear, botox, crop-tops and Ecstasy.
At best: poised and charming.
At worst: vain and superficial.

The Pluto in Scorpio generation are still young, so it will not be so easy to observe their predilections and in any case, here in its own sign, it’s likely that all bets are off. Pluto in Scorpio’s fixations and obsessions are likely to be based around sex, non-materialism and commitment. Watch this space.

Next week I shall begin an exploration of the transits of Pluto in the context of the radix placement and I have some exciting observations to share. In the meatime, if you require my professional insights into the meaning and purpose of your Pluto, then please visit Astrology Hour.

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  1. I just love these posts; it gives me a chance to learn more about both the Pluto influence and each of the signs it flavors.

    And I had to laugh because the caption for Johnny Depp, with the list of requested items for his working trailer, could have come from me! As a fellow Pluto in Virgo, I have the same preoccupation with my health, healthy foods, exercise, etc. This has been true since I was a child; I remember trying to ‘educate’ my parents on our diet, saying we should avoid things like white bread and fried foods. I tried an all-protein diet similar to Atkins (but YEARS before Atkins came along) when I was about 14 or 15 years old. And also various exercise routines, including a total obsession with swimming one year that included lessons for diving, CPR, and swim team practice all at the same time.

    My 2 youngest sisters are the Pluto in Libra generation and this rings so true for them, too!

    Thanks again for the interesting analysis ….

  2. As somebody of the Pluto-in-Scorpio generation, I can think of quite a few distinguishing characteristics. Like, hello, emergence of AIDS? Pluto-in-Scorpio kids grew up with FAR more open knowledge of sex than previous generations, especially a sense of the connection between sex and death- way more so than the Pluto-in-Libras, who were born out of the sexual revolution, where people were simply careless. Not to mention that we Pluto-in-Scorpios were very little when the Gulf War happened, when Chernobyl happened, when the Crown Heights and Los Angeles riots happened, when the first attack on the World Trade Center happened… shall I go on? Most of us didn’t even realize it, but the world was kind of falling to pieces all around us, in a lot of ways MUCH more so than our parents had experienced, because now it was happening closer and closer to home. That is a LOT of traumatic stuff to watch when you’re a kid. And as young adults, I think what we’re finding is that so much of what our Pluto-in-Leo and Pluto-in-Virgo parents have to tell us is simply not true anymore. The world is profoundly different from when they were our age, in everything from how much we pay for rent, to jobs we can expect to get, to tools we have at our disposal, to how we have come to perceive ourselves and our connection to the world around us. It’s pretty huge, actually. I would argue that we actually have a lot more of a daunting task going forward; the Pluto-in-Libras are just watching us to see what they can copy.

  3. Lucy, I agree with much of what you say, each generation has its own unique challenges, and each subsequent generation has a legacy of failure to attend to. That will be as true for the Pluto in Scorpio generation as it will be for the generations which follow.
    Undoubtedly, it is an intriguing placement, and I think its keynote will be making do with minimal resources, out of necessity.

  4. “I think its keynote will be making do with minimal resources, out of necessity.”

    That’s what she said.

    (eats ramen.)

  5. I’m assuming most of these interpretations are based upon the superficial shadow side of each sign instead of the positive manifestations, which I find humorous since pluto in general is about depth and transformation.

    I’m going to have to disagree with Pluto in Libra, to me this seems like a very superficial interpretation that doesn’t go into the depth of transformation that this generation can also engender. Libra is just not about superficial acrroutements and flirting and texting and being obsessed with looks, it’s also about transforming relating, art, the public, etc. It’s about creating a diplomatic bridge to help engage dialogue on sensitive tender issues, something that is necessary so the pluto in scorpio generation can make the changes within the “gap” via the libran pluto created bridge without plummeting into the shadow of the collective.

    Don’t forget, a lot of us have Uranus in Scorpio also and are having a lot of breakthroughs in these darker realms.

    P.S. – sent by a sun conjunct jupiter in gemini trine pluto in libra, who has NEVER engaged in plastic surgery or had shallow relationships, and has had to let her ego die and be reborn and go through emotional alchemy over and over.

    1. Thank you for this, I should make it clear that I am referring in this article to the generational influence of Pluto, not a blanket potential that acts as a kind of straightjacket for every human soul born under this influence. Don’t worry, I am sure you’re not remotely shallow or egotistical and it’s nothing personal ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. lucywatchthesky –

    I see it a little like this.. Each one was essential – Pluto in Leo cultivated enough love of self (leo) so that Virgo could cultivate and refine self (virgo) so that Libra could in turn relate to the partner (Libra) so that Scorpio can transform and merge (Scorpio) so that the new truth can be revealed (Sagittarius) so that new structures in society can be built upon that truth (Capricorn) and so on and so forth.

    So in turn to your last comment, I would say that the Pluto In Librans created the bridge your Pluto in scorpio self will stand on that will enable you to deal with the tougher issues. You’re welcome.

  7. chirotic,

    Thank you for your response. In retrospect I suppose I came across a little harsh, I was just a little irked. I know the base level of each generation can act those energies out. I really enjoy your writings and get a lot out of them. I just wanted you to know that as well!

  8. Neon Artemis,

    Ideally that arrangement would be great, if each generation could give something productive to the subsequent one and it would all have a bow on it, but I don’t think that’s what’s happened in real life. For the most part, Pluto has dealt with shadow, and is not that neat and organized.

    And while you’re apologizing to Jeremy for coming across a little harsh, you can apologize to me too for projecting your internalizing of the article onto me, and for that unnecessary “you’re welcome.” I certainly didn’t take an article on generational influences of Pluto as an assault on my character the way you did, so don’t address me personally (“your Pluto in Scorpio self”) as if your generation is doing me some kind of favor. You may not be superficial, but you are damn smarmy and patronizing.

  9. Gotta love how shadowy, subterranean, demoted-planet Pluto makes people misunderstand one another and fight…any Pluto in Leos reading this care to rumble with my Pluto in Virgo self? (Since Pluto’s on my Ascendant, I do take Pluto very personally!).

    Really, I think Jeremy was relatively easy on a generation that proved “hippie” was short for “hypocrite.” (Yes, I’m overgeneralizing, but that’s what happens when you talk about generations…there are ALWAYS exceptions, black sheep, contrarians who go against the grain…but THE GRAIN EXISTS.)

    Also, I disagree that Ecstasy is a Pluto in Libra phenomenon; Pluto in Virgo took it at clubs and raves back in the ’80s and early ’90s while their younger brothers and sisters were still in diapers. But this was before the advent of Facebook and texting and all the scary articles being published about Ecstasy Infiltrating Suburbia.

  10. My bet is that the Pluto in Scorpio generation is the one that destroys human intimacy. Can’t quite tell how. But it seems to be the generation that might destabilise concepts and expectations of privacy, for one. And it’s the generation enamored of vampire/zombie/undead love stories.

  11. Lol so Cool I love your generation Leo Pluto’s, even though you have probably the worst of duties in my opinion, you seem to hate dwelling in the dark and you’re pretty stuck and fearful like we could try to help but, you fear my fuking generation, and I say why? Man, it’s not that horrible, you even tried to fool us by saying you were covering the whole generations, we see yo little devil trying to come out, enough for the warm Pluto Leo to try, pshh don’t worry. Leave that to Scorpio Pluto’s, or your grandsons sagg and cap Pluto’s , damn even to your Gemini Pluto’s grandparents, not you. Btw i loved your article, one of the best pluto-in-the-generations by far. Although even though you make the worst parents, lol, we really need and needed you as we grew up, cmon “the world of beakman?!?” There wouldn’t be other generation that would have showed us we could have an inner world. That we could create a virtual reality, you let us see that and if it wasn’t because of you, we would make the most depressed top ten suicide generation, I know the majority has Virgo Pluto parents but still some kids had their leo Pluto parent and so we all lived it and fck it was fun. You’re truly away now, old, but we will always remember you as the guys who really gave us meaning to our life’s , Scorpionic Pluto life’s who only seem to care about the soul instead of the material like most everyone.. Being such immaterial, deep , soulful guys along with our sagg Pluto spiritual guys we are gona change the world and you Leo Pluto’s deserve all the credits, Amen,

    you just created (raised) the most perfect beings, thank you all

  12. Interesting to read this 8 years later. It’s May 2017, a good portion of Pluto in Libra over here are Awakening. Including me. At 38. ๐Ÿ™‚ Some of us have hit or are hitting our MCs and going through and realizing the true manifestation of our chart energies. Pluto in Scorp seem to be in hiding? Or just waiting their turn. They’re doing a lot in the background to make positive changes. Our generation realizes we are next to step up, WITH Virgo and take the reigns, we’re ready and willing to cooperate. We’re all about cooperation. And have been since the get go, but as John Mayer sang way back in 2007, defining the Pluto in Libra generation for a long time, we’ve been “waiting on the world to change.” I know, does that make us lazy or “sleeping,” or have we truly just been patiently waiting our turn?
    Pluto in Libra…? I’m talking to you…right here and right now. Guess what? Time to stop sleeping, our time is on the horizon. Get up and get going. We have work to do and friends to make. I grew up with Pluto in Leo parents, and that makes me a Virgoan person at the core, if you know what I mean, you know how to get along with Pluto in Virgo folk and you know how to work hard, so let’s team up and get things done.

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