The Chirotic journey continues…

This is a housekeeping post!

I have determined to stop posting articles on Tuesdays for the forseeable future: I am currently writing a book based entirely on Chiron in the astrology. Whilst I very much enjoy writing my twice-weekly articles on this journal it is often extremely time-consuming and therefore, expediently I will post new articles only on Fridays. This will allow me to focus on writing (which I enjoy immensely) about a subject other than Chiron at least one day out of the working week and will also make space in my schedule for me to work with other astrologers and students and to devote more time to the actual job of astrology: I have quite a backlog of clients to catch up on after the difficult Christmas break. I feel very positive about the challenge of writing an astrology text and it will allow me the opportunity to explore the Chirotic principle in depth.

My regular readers will know that I have written several articles on Chiron, namely:

I will (almost certainly) resume my twice-weekly posts once the book is complete.

Please remember that I am currently available to look at your astrology, please email me in the first instance if you are interested.

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