Don’t Jump In! Moon conjunct Neptune.

Moon conjunct Neptune is dreamy, refined and often misunderstood.
Moon conjunct Neptune is dreamy, refined and often misunderstood.

Imagine this scenario: someone you know has come to see you and on their way over they have got stuck in traffic, had an argument with a co-worker on the phone and discovered that their husband spent the housekeeping on a hooker, then they call in at your house, and actually, they like you very much and just want to hang out for a while so they don’t mention any of that bad stuff, but inside they are angry, upset, hurt and frustrated, as would only be natural for anyone who had experienced such a frustrating and upsetting set of circumstances. For most, this visitor would appear agitated perhaps, maybe a little off and flat and for anyone without Moon conjunct Neptune it wouldn’t represent much of a blip on their personal radar, off their friend would toddle, and they might think to themselves “hmm, they seemed a little odd today, no matter”, and they would carry on about their business and probably forget all about it.

Not so for Moon conjunct Neptune. Not by a long chalk.

For anyone with Moon conjunct Neptune, they can feel the anger, resentment and frustration from their friend almost as a physical force in the room. The hostility would be profoundly uncomfortable, they feel so uncomfortable in fact that they may even begin to physically sweat, or shake, or feel a little wan and pale. And even before their friend was out the door they will already be running through the list of all possible misdemeanours they could possibly have committed to have caused such an upset, because it is entirely possible that their friend is angry because of something they have done, or said, or not said, or not done, or implied, or inferred or failed to anticipate.

Moon conjunct Neptune is sensitive.

So sensitive in fact that they can walk into a room and feel something in the walls. Moon conjunct Neptune doesn’t like hospitals, or asylums, or even places where somebody else has been in a bad mood in the last hour; and they really absorb the ambient and prevailing feel of people and places; they’re so sensitive in fact that you might even consider it a kind of social disability, because people who don’t have Moon conjunct Neptune simply have no clue how to behave around this person. Moon conjunct Neptune often wants to simply shut herself away if only to feel normal…

It’s not all bad though. There is no more refined possibility of feeling than that which exists as a potential within this aspect. It is entirely possible indeed to experience a sense of near-rapture when the conditions are just right. There is a deep well of feeling and compassion possible within this blend that probably exists nowhere else in the astrology, it creates many difficulties, peculiar ideas and strange notions, a feeling of being unsatisfied and misunderstood, a very difficult level of sensitivity to people and events, but by that same token it creates a sensitivity that when tweaked positively can open up a wide and verdant vista of communion with life that is truly rich and rewarding.

The most difficult consideration of Moon Neptune conjunctions however is found within this very deep pool of feeling that is created within the psyche, because all too often, and most especially in times of adversity, it is all to easy for them to simply “jump in”. It becomes something of a siren call for the native, not so much to wallow in their sense of being misunderstood, but actually to dive head-first into it and actually revel in it just a little. The most important advice I can possibly offer to anyone with Moon conjunct Neptune is to learn to recognise this tendency and when they hear that seductive song, to resist: “don’t jump in!” Skirt around the edge if you have to, paddle a little if you want, but keep your head above water: self awareness is the key, and the eternal refrain: “don’t jump in!” Make it your mantra.

The sense of Moon conjunct Neptune through the signs can be easily delineated by studying some examples.

Moon conjunct Neptune in Leo
Moon conjunct Neptune in Leo

Moon conjunct Neptune in Leo works rather well, because Leo is among the most naturally affectionate of the signs, so there is a route out of the adversity of this aspect through allowing that natural predilection to feeling human warmth shine through. At its worst Moon in Leo can tend to the vain and snobbish, but wherever Neptune is configured there is created a predilection to the immaterial. Those with this aspect who pursue the inclination to love of luxury found in the Moon placement will invariably experience disappointment as a result. Neptune in Leo though is profoundly melancholic too, so the tendency to jumping in to the lake of sorrow is decidedly exaggerated here. Jack Lemmon, Anne Frank and Peter Ustinov all demonstrate the gentle and kindly warmth of the conjunction in the eternal flame of the sign Leo: consider Nancy Reagan, Queen Elizabeth II and George C. Scott, all of whom evinced both Moon and Neptune in Leo, but without the conjunction, the quality of the blend when viewed in this context, is unmistakable.

Moon conjunct Neptune in Virgo.
Moon conjunct Neptune in Virgo.

In Virgo then, compare the three examples above: the Dalai Lama, Dustin Hoffman and Marvin gaye with any three other natives born with both Moon and Neptune in Virgo but out of the conjunction: so, for example, Sean Connery, Jack Nicholson and Lou Reed. Immediately you will get a sense of the conjunction, the blend, which sensitises, softens and creates an often difficult vulnerability in the manner. Moon in Virgo alone is not the greatest placement for Selene, since it creates an incompatible practicality where the head rules the heart, a love of tidiness, method and order but also, in its best manifestation a tendency to simplicity and frugal habits. At its worst, Neptune in Virgo is pedantic, fault-finding and difficult to work with (which is a criticism very much associated with Dustin Hoffman for example), but it also gives an intuitive understanding of others and a profound interest in natural health. When these influences are brought into the conjunctive blend then we have a potential for great sensitivity to environments, especially cluttered, chaotic spaces. It makes one hyper-sensitive to working relationships (which explains Dustin Hoffman’s reputation almost perfectly) and gives a profound interest in simple, healthy lifestyles and philosophies: which rather gels with the Dalai Lama’s admirable message of compassionate simplicity. Any Moon – Neptune contact speaks volumes about the relationship with the mother too, perhaps she was fault-finding and practical but in some other sense vague or hard to understand or especially sensitive herself. Maybe she was a clean and tidy drunk. Possibly she was profoundly spiritual and methodical in her habits too; the blend always plays out through the maternal experience in one way or other.

Moon conjunct Neptune in Libra
Moon conjunct Neptune in Libra

Libra creates a subtle leaning toward the Other, thus any configuration in the sign of the scales profoundly affects the entire process and approach to relating, and the Moon – Neptune blend is no exception. Neith put it this way, which speaks to this exact potential:

Having spent many years dealing with a Moon-Neptune conjunction in Libra making it very difficult for me to see the reality of what was going on in my relationships, I have some experience and a few thoughts on coping with Mr. Fogbank.

All of that innate sensitivity and confusion is experienced through close relationships, and nowhere more so than in the marriage, although it can potentially create a similar ambience in business or creative partnerships too. Moon in Libra alone creates a need for love and affection as well as a measure of dependence on the partner for security and comfort and when Neptune in Libra is configured there is a genuine requirement for friendship with the partner too, so all of that sensitivity that is implied by the conjunction must in some sense be played out through the partner, who must be a friend of the most supportive kind otherwise the native will tend to become melancholic and confused and – as ever with Libran concerns – slightly off-balance. Sting, David Essex and Benazir Bhutto all shared this conjunction.

Moon conjunct Neptune in Scorpio
Moon conjunct Neptune in Scorpio

Moon conjunct Neptune in Scorpio creates a very different ambience to Libra, although the vulnerability and sensitivity engendered by the aspect is still its standout feature. Consider the three examples of John Cusack, David Schwimmer and Greta Scaachi and contrast them with three natives having both Moon and Neptune in Scorpio but without the conjunction of the two in force: Will Smith, Liz Hurley and Jennifer Lopez. The softening and emotionally refining influence of the blend in these latter cases is absolutely conspicuous by its absence. Moon in Scorpio alone creates a tough, resilient, emotionally tenacious and frank impetus, while Neptune in this most emotionally intense of signs creates a very peculiar disposition, one that is rather difficult to fathom which simply increases the potential for being misunderstood that is already inherent in the aspect itself. Scorpio is of course deeply compassionate when evolved, and this aspect certainly encourages that outcome in those affected; this set of circumstances makes the Moon – Neptune in Scorpio native most likely to withdraw from the world – a fairly natural condition for the Scorpio in any case – since the sensitivity is increasingly tweaked by the experiential incomprehension which is the result of this blending. Neptune in Scorpio creates a tendency to soul-sickness and states of low level melancholy too and often this, when integrated into the emotionality of the Moon, creates a soft but world-weary ambience. When all is said and done however, Scorpio on the Moon is required to survive on meagre resources, they can nurture themselves on Spartan rations, emotionally as much as anywhere else, so there is at least an intimation of balance in the equation.

At its very best, in whatever sign it is found, the contact of Moon and Neptune of any type creates a great sympathetic ability in the astrology, a person who can understand and empathise with the difficulties of others, but the conjunction feels those self-same difficulties more directly and immediately than any other type of contact, and very often the sense is entirely involuntary. Vivid dreams are another factor in any of Moon’s applications to Neptune. At worst, the contact creates a tendency to fantasy, delusion and dishonesty, most especially with the square or the opposition, but even in such difficult cases, the overriding impression is one of profound sensitivity.

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  1. wow, this must be my lucky week, you hit two of my natal aspects: mars sq pluto and moon conj neptune (in sag though). as a person who does a fair amount of public speaking, it’s an ongoing effort for me to build better boundaries — to not soak up the energies of the people in the room and be jittered by them. but on a personal level i have experienced the sort of high flying, deep interactions you describe with a number of people…sometimes without much of a real basis for any kind of relationship underneath…but nonetheless something very true.

  2. I am a big fan of Moon conjunct Neptune people: my Dad, my older sister, and they both have it in the 8th. My friend Silke has it too, also in Scorpio and takes care of it by writing novels and creating characters with other worlds. In fact all 3 of the above are writers.

    p.s. jeremy
    Something simliar happened to my computer… so saying hello in a big psychic way

  3. I love Moon conjunct Neptune people. My boyfriend (Scorpio), my mom (Scorpio) and several of my good friends (more Scorpio, and Sag)have this aspect. I think they resonate with my Pisces Descendant. Some of my friends with the Sag conjunction hit my IC.

    I agree with venusflytrap- this must be my lucky week too!

  4. Thanks for a great post. I have a fouth house moon in Pisces square Neptune. I appreciate the don’t jump in advice, and it’s so hard. Most of the time I want to drown in the feelings and the inner ocean. And trying to distinguish between fantasy and whatever else there is is so challenging, especially when my feelings are what lead me through the world!

  5. After reading your post, I came across another astrology blog that looked at writer David Sedaris’ natal chart (

    He’s one of my favorite authors so I thought this was a neat coincidence. The post highlights Sedaris’ Moon conjunct Neptune — here’s an excerpt:

    “Sedaris has Moon in either Libra or Scorpio. A noontime birth places his Moon in Scorpio conjunct Neptune which would explain his references to much drug taking and dealing with addiction problems in general. He also has Pluto square Scorpio North Node and trining his Sun. That adds up to a very sensitive, psychic character but a need for control (and self improvement/transformation) which isn’t natural for addiction.”

    Jeremy, not sure if you are familiar with David Sedaris? He performs monologues on tour and for National Public Radio, in addition to writing books of essays. But thought I’d add this to the mix for you and others to check out. Thanks!

  6. So this is why I have spent most of my life feeling like I have no skin, just exposed nerve endings. Moon conjunct Neptune in Sag, sextile Pluto, trine Chiron, square midheaven. The only pleasant places to go as a child was the library and movie theaters. The first was peace. The second would have me giggling like a mad thing before the previews were halfway over.

  7. Heh, mine is in capricorn but it seems to me as if i had a mixture of pisces and capricorn moon :S also i’m just going through pluto-moon transit and it sucks -.-

    any thoughts on moon-nep conj. in capricorn? How is that suppose to play out?

  8. ….. I used to be in the dream .. all of this is a dream .. & then I awoke & saw the matrix .. this is how I escaped this aspect .. instead of it using me .. I’m learning (.. slowly ..) to use it .. life is but a dream .. awaken ..

    ….. peace, love & abundance,


    1. Hey Vandalay….glad to hear us Neptunians are waking up (I have Pisces Asc as well)… I had a big epiphany about the mechanics of the physical reality around us when transit Neptune hit my Asc… like you, I saw it for what it is…. it’s all a dream, a hologram, a filler to distract us from the void we see in the blacks of our pupils when we stare into each other’s eyes…. there is only the void… and everything else around it is just a product of our imagination…… and now I get so tired hearing this planet is about “illusion” and “escape from reality”, that always sounds like the writers are unhappy nitpicky Virgos, who only care about keeping the books organised 🙂 and of course they have no idea that this planet holds the keys to the secrets of the universe….. love and light, take care, and dare to dream big… play and enjoy…. Loving the article by the way…. liina xx

  9. A superb article. It describes my Moon Neptune in Libra conjunction perfectly.
    Confusion reigns….. A battle to understand and be understood. Confusion reigns….
    The temptation to escape from confusion in sleep and or drink/drugs is ever present

  10. This is so right on! I am moon conjunct neptune in scorpio and it is hard. I feel other’s vibes so strongly that I can’t bear to be around people I know are negative. Don’t jump in is a great mantra for me.

  11. Moon Neptune exact conjunction in the minute off…only. at 15 degrees 20 minutes Libra…and 15 degrees 21 minutes Libra respectively.

  12. Very true.. having moon conjunct neptune in the 8th house in Sagittarius and being very sensitive to other people’s suffering, it’s just hard not to jump in.. I am who I am.. 🙂

  13. Scorp. Moon conjunct Neptune/Jupiter in 7th. I’m just learning at 51 how to not jump in, because I sense the depths of partners and waste YEARS trying to bring it out. Now I try to own my own 7th house, and become the Scorp myself. Dancing is a passion. The hardest thing I’ve ever done is to let myself be loved. Trust. I remember the first time I realized I like my current b-f. Instead of feeling *good*, it felt like fight-or-flight adrenaline pumping through my system. Made me sick to my stomach, we ain’t talking butterflies! But, I stick with it, and sloooowly move forward. Communication is essential.

    1. Omg! You are so right!! I have moon conj neptune in scorpio 3rd house cusp… Pisces descendant. I got into a relationship last year (still in it) but around the 2 month mark… Freaked out!! Ran to my favorite astrologer scared to death… (still am)… Once I start really falling for someone it’s soooo scary. I try hard to trust but I feel vibes every where and it’s so heavy… I want to be in a relationship but I truly wonder if it’s too much for me. When I’m free… no worries. Vibes can come and go…. but when Scorpio Moon loves they want to possess and they read every blip on the radar screen.
      It doesn’t help that his Mars conjuncts my Moon/Neptune. I love him…he loves me but he doesn’t know the intensity of my fear. I totally agree…. it’s not butterflies… it’s more like a tsunami… and yes communication and going slowly is key. Pluto is also transiting right on my Saturn now…. I really have to deal with this trust issue…. Trust myself and NOT jump in…. but maybe put one foot in at a time.

      1. I look at John Cusak, single and gorgeous, and know that he must have a h-u-g-e trust issue, underneath those unfathomable Scorpionic eyes. Maybe one of the hardest things for any Moon/Neptune person is to feel MISUNDERSTOOD, which frequently happens, because we can feel all sides of an equation and tend to withhold our own emotional reaction out of fear of losing the symbiotic attachment to others. This is why the advice “don’t jump in!” is so important, and is probably “the work” of a Moon/Neptune person. Not “jumping in” is tantamount to saying “I don’t care” for a Moon/Neptune person, and of course we DO care, probably too much. We are easily manipulated by guilt – you want to tear me down, just tell me I’m SELFISH or JUDGMENTAL and I am completely flummoxed and begging for understanding. Often at the mercy of those who smell weakness and prey upon it, the advice “don’t jump in!” can be read as saying “know your boundaries and don’t waver!” It’s essential for any Moon/Neptune person (whether conjunction, square, opposition, etc.) to have bottom line moral, ethical and personal boundaries, and then try not to become intimately involved with those whose have radically different ethics, because over time, we can be worn down. Martyrdom isn’t a pretty thing, and when I’ve sacrificed myself at the altar of another, it’s always ME I’m ultimately pissed at.

  14. I have moon-conjunct-nep in scorpio in my fifth house….I am sympathetic, sensitive …and have a vivid imagination…this conjunction also is aspected by saturn from taurus….hence I guess I can pull the reins when I need to…but I love to be in my own world…world of fantasy…but most of the fantasy is like a child….I abhor alcohol and drugs….I am spiritual and love delving into the mysteries of the Self….

  15. scorpio moon conj neptune in 4th trine 12th house cancer sun/merc… need LOTS of space alone to keep myself sane. Terrified of relationships (married a scorpio moon but aquarius sun, didn’t work out). TRUST is so difficult. Only those with scorpio stick it out and understand the slow pace needed to get to know me. hopefully one day, i’ll met a man who will understand my extreme sensitivity and be trustworthy, then i’ll be sick to my stomach until i really know he loves me. i do have lots of compassion and empathy. Spirituality has saved me.

  16. I have moon conjunction neptune both conjunction my ascendant in libra in the first house, and I am very codependent with everything and everybody, I MUST please the people in the room, most of the time I don´t know who I am but know very well who they are! – – and I am one of the best poets in my country!

  17. Very interesting article. I am reading this for my friend, who is a very sensitive Cancer with moon/Neptune conjunct in Scorpio. It explains much. I also have a strong emotional sponge-like sensitivity with both Cancer rising and Mars conjunct Neptune in Libra.

  18. I can fully empathise with all of this. I have Neptune conjunct moon Conjunct Jupiter in 3,5,7 degrees Scorpio, with Jupiter on 12th house cusp, I have Sagitarius Ascendant, so Jupiter Rules.

  19. I have the moon conj nept in scorp – conjunct my IC. Always hated my sensitivity … slowly learning to embrace it. Helpful, is the fact that it squares Uranus in my chart, so I can sometimes disguise my thin-skin by seeming cool & detached. Leo rising helps too (I prefer to lick my wounds in private.)

    Totally relate to the comment about being easily manipulated by guilt! Also, at times I feel upset but unable to figure out exactly what’s bothering me. Talking with trusted loved ones helps enormously, as does having many creative outlets such as poetry, journal-writing & music. An active imagination? Tell me about it!

  20. Venus conjunct Neptune and MOON in Scorpio (1st House ) ….. Trine Pluto in Virgo and Juptier(conjunct Chiron) in Pisces. Having this configuration is a balance between being both emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally raw and seeing others in this condition as well. While I continually experience death, destruction and turmoil in my own personal world I am completely aware that other souls are having this profound experience as well. I have always had a burning desire to prevent others from experiencing what I have in my life (so far) but am coming to terms with the fact that our spiritual evolution depends on such events to inspire emotional growth.

  21. i have moon conjunct neptune at 0 deg capricorn. conjunct mc in 10th house………and as if thats not enough – i have pisces rising…..moon squares the sun… sometime it feels like trying to break the ice from the waters below it…..i remember reading this post a few years back and i am still stunned today at the same level, luckily astrology helped me get at least some focus…….but finding refuge for these neptunian energies is quite problematic

  22. I have Moon conjunct Neptune in Sagittarius in the 7th house, directly opposite my first house Gemini sun. This article helped me sooo much, as have your comments. I was laughing so much at your description of the interaction with the friend who’d had a hard day: for the Moon-Neptune person, they are feeling and feeling into ALL of it and can’t help but imagine all the possible scenarios of doing something wrong or something wrong by omission. Story of my life. I’m slowly getting better at being with others who are in emotionally tumultuous states without thinking that it’s about me. Having my conjunction in the 7th house means that the Libra description resonates… it all becomes activated, confused, hypersensitive and painfully vulnerable when in the presence of the beloved other. And throw in my sun, opposite Neptune to within one degree, and I feel like I lose myself entirely. Ah. Here we go. Love to you all.

  23. Well confused with moon/neptune is an understatement. This conjunction is so tight that it;s spooky 00 00 06′ but the trick is that it’s in capricorn,1st house. (throwing uranus into the mix at 1dg). So many conflicting energies crowded in one place..

  24. Haha I have my moon and Neptune sitting in Capricorn, yay for depression and on top of that moon is sitting in between Uranus and Neptune in the 6th, sextile Pluto and square Taurus mars yay

  25. Thank you for so clearly illustrating the difference between the conjunction and merely having the moon and neptune in that particular sign with the use of famous people, it makes a lot of sense.
    I was wondering what the difference is between the conjunction and the opposition. I have moon opposite neptune and I take on board the feelings of those around me – feeling tired around a tired person, confused around a confused person, feeling aches and pains in the same places as those around me who are suffering, and I am hyper aware and vigilant about the feelings of others and do see meeting their needs as more important than my own feelings (which I don’t have anyway when I am around other people). I absolutely related to the point about needing to get away from others in order to feel normal, however I have neptune on the IC, square my ASC & DESC and pisces on the 7th house cusp, so do you think my experience is due to having neptune opposite the moon or these other factors. How would neptune opposite the moon work in the absence of these other neptunian/piscean factors?

  26. On my solar return for last year my natal Sagitarius neptune was conjunct the transiting moon. Can you tell me the meaning of that?

  27. Will you expan this? I have this aspect in Capricorn and it’s so hard for me to wrap my head around it. I feel like my sense of boundaries is very confusing and I don’t understand. My Cap moon is also conjunction Uranus.

    1. I also have cap moon conjunct Neptune and Uranus! And it is hard!! Uranus makes it hard for us to even understand that we do have emotions, sort of xD I used to think i have ADD and all kinds of diagnoses but turns out it has got more with my emotions than with the mind. Capricorn moon is also like the stiffest moon sign you could ever have.we do feel things intensely but i think the capricorn energy doesnt really wanna know about it. IM AWAKENING WITH NEPTUNE DIRECT IN PISCES and ive had the sextile for quite a long time… It means money is not really a thing, im just working towards fulfilling my spiritual goals in life… and that is so true…

  28. I had a Moon Neptune conjunct transit last night… I felt my whole body shake and tremble. Very frightening! I feel so much for those who have this as a Natal Conjunction… I feel I need to cry for your pain now. Wish I could hug those who have this placement…

  29. i have M co N, moon and nep in capri, both in 5th house, also sun, venus, saturn and uranus in 5th and in sag all, dom uranus and pluton, all text is true for me

  30. The Moon conjunct Neptune in Aquarius was a prominent influence on my wedding day – the same day, it turned out, that a friend of mine committed suicide by drug and alcohol overdose. The Sun at the time was in Libra, and the Moon and Neptune were opposing Venus that day.

    She was a Pisces and deeply brooding. I can see that she “jumped in”. It had occurred in the early dark hours, with the opposing Venus ascending. The mood later on, that bright Fall afternoon for the wedding, was much different, with a Libra and Aquarius taking their vows, under a Sun and Moon in our respective signs, and Sagittarius on the rise (my own Ascendant). By then, the opposing Venus came through more as an affirmation than a challenge. But in essence, we too jumped in. It lasted eleven years.

  31. Moon conjunct Neptune in Scorpio, trine Mercury in Cancer, and trine Amor and Chiron in Pisces to complete the grand trine. The article is incredibly validating, helpful, and at times funny, in the gently sardonic and humbling way of all deep self-knowledge. May I offer this poem in honor of those of us who have managed to find a way to express our profound capacity for love in this world? I don’t think it has to be about romantic love, because ultimately it reaches beyond romance into the profound mysteries of deeper realities, but this poem of cummings is as close as I’ve ever found to expressing the depth of connection of which we’re capable, and the tendency of conventional culture to overlook or marginalize folks with Moon-Neptune.

    by e. e. cummings
    anyone lived in a pretty how town
    (with up so floating many bells down)
    spring summer autumn winter
    he sang his didn’t he danced his did.

    Women and men(both little and small)
    cared for anyone not at all
    they sowed their isn’t they reaped their same
    sun moon stars rain

    children guessed(but only a few
    and down they forgot as up they grew
    autumn winter spring summer)
    that noone loved him more by more

    when by now and tree by leaf
    she laughed his joy she cried his grief
    bird by snow and stir by still
    anyone’s any was all to her

    someones married their everyones
    laughed their cryings and did their dance
    (sleep wake hope and then)they
    said their nevers they slept their dream

    stars rain sun moon
    (and only the snow can begin to explain
    how children are apt to forget to remember
    with up so floating many bells down)

    one day anyone died i guess
    (and noone stooped to kiss his face)
    busy folk buried them side by side
    little by little and was by was

    all by all and deep by deep
    and more by more they dream their sleep
    noone and anyone earth by april
    wish by spirit and if by yes.

    Women and men(both dong and ding)
    summer autumn winter spring
    reaped their sowing and went their came
    sun moon stars rain

    1. E.E. Cummings is a great choice. Thanks for reminding me that I need to read more of his poems.

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